What to Wear Skydiving? Let’s Find Out

Skydiving is an extremely enjoyable sport that lets us experience the vastness of the sky that we normally have no access to on this earth.

Most likely, you are going to try skydiving for the first time.

Maybe you are just curious about how different people should clothe themselves from 14,000 feet in the air.

Either way, the question racing through your mind would still be: “What to wear skydiving?”

The short answer would be that it isn’t so different from what we wear when participating in an active sport.

Though, of course, there are limitations. Let’s get into the details.

What to Wear Skydiving

Suitable Clothing for Skydiving


First things first when putting together a skydiving outfit: your go-to skydiving clothes should fit well, be flexible, and be able to do their job.

Keep in mind that skydiving is a sport, so it’s best to wear clothes that you can move in.

You’ll be comfortable, safe, and able to move around without trouble.

All of these are important for someone who is going to skydive.

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Comfortable Clothing

You have many options when it comes to what you can wear for your tandem skydive.

But you should wear clothes that you can move in.

If you wear active clothes instead of a suit and tie or tight jeans, you will be more comfortable in your harness and have more freedom to arch.

Scientists call the reason for this the “lapse rate.”

Believe it or not, it is 30° cooler at 14,000 ft than on the ground.

Because of this, you should always have thin, light layers or even thermals, depending on how hot the ground is.

Active Clothing

When skydiving, it’s crucial to think about the weather and temperature.

This is because the sky is colder than the ground, so it makes sense that winter should be colder than summer.

Therefore, if you want to stay warm in the sky during the winter, make sure to wear layers of warm clothes. In the summer, you can wear less or thinner clothing.

  • 70° or higher: leggings, knee-length shorts, and athletic wear that wicks away sweat.
  • 60–70°F: Wear athletic clothes plus a layer of thermals or a thin, light layer.
  • 60° or below: comfortable long pants and shirt, plus one or two layers of thermals.
  • A good pair of running shoes

When you skydive, you MUST wear sneakers or shoes with a flat sole.

If you walk into a skydiving office wearing boots with hooked laces, heels, sandals, flip-flops, etc., they will have to ask you to change your shoes.

Most landings with a parachute resemble a baseball player sliding into home base.

Sneakers are the best shoes for landings because they protect your feet and slide easily across the ground.

If you wear flat-soled shoes or sneakers, your feet will be safer when you land.

So, please bring the right kind of shoes for your big day.

Simplicity is Key

Don’t wear garments that are too long or loose or have hoods or other extras.

They move around quickly in freefall, which can be uncomfortable and even dangerous.

The key is simplicity.

Jeans and Skydiving

We’re not putting down denim, but jeans and skydiving just don’t go together.

If you have a pair of well-worn jeans that you like, you should definitely wear them skydiving.

But remember that the best pants for skydiving should have some stretch.

The skydiving harness will be tight, and jeans might not be the best to wear.

When you choose bottoms for skydiving, you should think about how they will move.

If it’s going to be cool when you skydive, you should wear pants that cover your whole leg.

Wear sweatpants or joggers, as we suggest. If the day of your first skydive is warm, you can wear shorts and a t-shirt.

Leggings and Skydiving

The answer is a yes if you want to know if you can skydive in leggings.

Light, stretchy bottoms are a great choice if you want to be comfortable on your skydive, especially in the summer.

A good rule of thumb is to think about whether or not you would wear the bottoms to work out.

If they do, they are a good choice for skydiving.

But if it’s cold outside, you might want to wear a thicker pair of leggings or wear the leggings under a pair of sweats or joggers.

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Can I skydive with my glasses or contacts?


Contacts are a much better choice since customers don’t usually lose them when they’re freefalling.

We do suggest bringing an extra set of cash,

Most places where you can go skydiving have goggles that will fit over your glasses, but you should bring eyewear retainers to ensure they stay on your face.

Wear old glasses just in case you lose your new ones.

Skydiving in Costume

Skydiving in Costume

Skydiving is a special thing to do, so it’s not unusual to want to do something special to mark the event.

It is possible to jump in a costume, and both experienced and new skydivers always do it.

However, some precautions must be taken, mostly the same as the ones listed above.

You should avoid any attachments or parts that are too long and could hit your teacher in the face.

Also, pay attention to the components of your costume and how it is put together. Nobody wants pieces flying into the air.

The best way to know if your planning will work or be accepted is to call ahead and talk about it with the team.

Not Recommended When Skydiving

Accessories and Jewelry 

It is highly recommended to leave any accessories like bracelets, bangles, and necklaces at home.

Aside from these things getting lost during the skydive, necklaces and hoop earrings might get caught in hair or equipment and make the experience uncomfortable.

Skirts and Dresses

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t wear skirts or dresses while skydiving.

One of the main reasons is that it makes it hard for the skydiving harness to do its job.

The harness has to go over the clothes and be pulled tight around each leg.

Also, it’s best for your comfort and safety not to have extra, loose, or freefalling fabric whipping around.

Sandals, Slip-on, Boots, Heels, etc.

Anything that creates a ton of friction during the landing is potentially dangerous.

This is why choosing the right shoes for skydiving is very important.

When a tandem pair lands, they sometimes slide in, and shoes with hooks or spikes can get stuck in the ground and hurt someone.

Heels and tough boots with hooks can put you and your instructor in danger during freefall and when you land.

If you skydive with sandals or slip-on, good luck.

Neither of these is made for a 120 mph freefall, so they will probably fall off as you leave the plane.

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Final Thoughts

Skydiving is a memorable occasion, but you should not get carried away with what you will be wearing, especially your valuables.

Make sure to follow the rules and regulations the skydiving team sets, and you will have a most memorable experience.