Best Things To Wear While Paintballing

You may be the most excited about buying your paintball kit, but you may have overlooked the most significant thing to consider: the clothes. What exactly should you wear to play paintball?

In paintball, you don’t just wear any outfit to stand out from the crowd because you have to think through your safety. Before jumping on the battlefield, you need to know the proper clothes to bring. 

It doesn’t matter if you are new or a regular paintball player because you still need to know the essential clothing in paintball. Even professional players still look for clothing and gear options. 

First, you need to see how much protection the clothes can give you if it fits you comfortably and adequately. 

This article will guide you on choosing your next paintball outfit not to have to struggle preparing. There are a lot of options so you can enjoy your game while keeping yourself safe. 

What To Wear To Paintballing?

what to wear paintballing

You can’t just wear whatever in a paintball game because it will affect your overall performance and safety. 

Some paintball ranges will allow you to wear skin-showing clothes, but you need to expect that it’s going to be painful once the pellets hit you. 

To avoid such injuries, you can follow these clothing suggestions. They will help you battle better and safer.

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Long Sleeve Tops

Let’s start with upper body clothing down. Long sleeve tops are the best option to wear in the field to keep your skin covered.

In paintball, it is desirable to cover almost all your skin because the hits will hurt less. Avoid wearing a t-shirt because your arms are out and bare, even when you’re wearing a vest. 

You can opt for a thick and loose sweatshirt, preferably in a dark color, with a long sleeve shirt underneath. If it is still comfortable, add a jacket to thicken your protective layers. 

Wearing loose clothes can help avoid the paint capsules from breaking once they hit you. It is an advantage not only because it will hurt less but also prevents you from being out of the game. 


It’s not just your arms that need protection but also your legs. You’ll be running around the course and may encounter dirt, rocks, woods, and other objects. 

These objects may hurt your legs resulting in a minor scratch to a whole wound. So if you want to keep your legs unscathed, it would be best if you wear pants during a paintball game. 

You can wear loose sweatpants to pair with your sweatshirts and in dark color too. Other pants to wear are cargo pants, jeans, jumpsuits, and pants designed for paintball. Pants are uber important to wear while paintballing.

You can add a knee pad to make yourself more comfortable when you have to kneel or crawl. The goal of wearing long and thick pants is to protect your legs from scraping objects and being shot. 

If you can wear two layers of pants, then the better. It lessens the chance of the shots being painful.

Also, you’re not just running and shooting in a paintball game. You can crawl or kneel, depending on the location, so you’ll see why covering the legs is vital. 

As mentioned, you’re not only after protection, so while you think the pants are keeping you safe, make sure that they are also comfortable. Heavy clothes may limit your movements while in the game. 



The hands are one of the most common targets during a paintball game. So if you finished covering your upper and lower body, focus on your hands next. Gloves are optional, but a smart item to wear while paintballing.

They are the standard body part to get shot during a game, so it is another spot to protect. You use it to hold your gun and aim at your opponents, which makes them exposed. 

You should invest in a decent pair of gloves to keep your hands protected because it tends to be sensitive. You can get bruises or welts if you don’t cover them well. 

There are gloves for paintball, but you can use gardening, gold, or weight lifting gloves if you’re looking for alternatives. 

Also, you don’t just wear whatever gloves are available in the store or at home. Latex and winter gloves won’t help much in protecting your hands from pellets. 

Body Vest

A paintball vest can be helpful to add more protection to your body. It is essential because the padding allows shots to be less painful. 

The body vest is one of your best protective gear because it takes the blow of the pellets, so you’ll have to deal with a slight nudge.

There are paintball vests with pockets so you can keep other items while in the field. For example, you can keep your water bottle, map, wallet, or radio in these pockets. 

Head Gear

Aside from the hands, the face, including the eyes, is one of the critical points you should protect in a battle. Paintball players usually buy goggles or full face masks to keep their heads safe.

Paintball ranges are strict about your eye protection, so it is a requirement for you to wear one. You can rent one from them, but it is still better to buy your goggles or mask. 

These goggles and masks come in different designs, sizes, and shapes to fit your style. The most comfortable ones are those with a comfortable lining that does not fog. 

Some goggles and masks tend to be tight and uncomfortable in the face because they don’t have a soft lining. Also, fog is an enemy to the eye because it hinders you from seeing clearly.

Another headgear to invest your money in are paintball hats. It is not a requirement, but you don’t want to see your head end up with welts, right? You can wear a baseball cap or winter hat to keep your head safe. 

If your long sleeve top has a hoodie, flip it up to add more protection. It can help protect your head from receiving a massive blow from the pellets.

Always remember that it is vital to cover and protect your face whenever you go paintballing. Ensure that it fits you comfortably and does not affect your line of vision. 

There may be times where the headgear is a little big or too small for you, so choose one that fits you perfectly. Remember that you’ll be moving around a lot so make sure it stays firmly on the head. 


Paintball has two types: speedball and woodsball. These types will help you determine which shoes to buy because they need special features to fit the nature of the game. 

Woodsball takes place in nature, generally with trees, rocks, land, and other outdoor things. Meanwhile, speedball usually occurs in a field with inflatable obstacles. 

If you know which paintball type you’re getting into, the following parts should be easier to understand. 

Regardless of which type you’re playing, it would be best if you had a pair of shoes that can protect and support your ankle. 

For woodsball, you can opt for hiking boots or running shoes so you can move steadily in a forest setup. Meanwhile, shoes with cleats are best for speedball setup. 

Cleats will help your feet grasp the field better if you’re running around. However, they won’t work effectively in nature. 

There will be a different feel when using cleats to walk on tree branches, rocks, mud, and other objects in nature. So if you’re sticking to speedball, you can get a pair of soccer cleats. 

When choosing cleats, choose the rubber ones, so they are safe for you and other players. Metal cleats tend to be harsh when it hits other players and can also pop the inflatable bunkers.

For paintball shoes in general, it would be best to avoid open-toe shoes, sandals, or slippers. It exposes more skin which means you’re prone to injuries. 

They are never advisable in rough places like the forest because your feet will incur a lot of injury during the game. 

You can also save money by buying hand-me-down shoes or your old ones because they can get nasty in the field. New shoes are fine, but you need time to adjust while wearing them. 

Paintball Jersey

If you want a paintball-specific outfit to wear, there are paintball jerseys available to buy. You can customize it with your name, color, or team name. 

Usually, regular players get paintball jerseys to distinguish the teams and provide a breathable piece of clothing. 

Speedball players wear paintball jerseys because they feel light to wear and enough air can pass through the clothes. It can also absorb shock and impact while letting pellets bounce rather than pop. 

Paintball jerseys are not fitting but loose enough to fit any protective pads. It comes in bright colors and wild patterns to make them stand out from the surroundings. 

Meanwhile, woodsball players don’t usually wear these bright jerseys in the game. They wear more camouflage and muted-colored clothes to blend in the background. 

Woodsball jerseys also have cuffs at the wrist to prevent dirt from coming in contact with your arms. It is also comfortable enough to fit in a vest for additional protection. 

Paintball Harness

Another paintball item to wear with your paintball fit is the harness or pod packs. You can wear them around your waist to carry other items like extra paintballs, a wallet, etc. 

You can wear paintball harnesses either vertically or horizontally. It gives you a choice which is better to reach when playing.

Vertical harnesses have to be close to the body. It can be a little challenging to return the pods in place because of their position. 

On the other hand, you can wear horizontal harnesses by strapping them around the waist, making it easier to reach them.

It is a safe and comfortable option because they are accessible. However, these pods are obvious to wear in the waist so that they stand out from your sides. 

What Are Other Basic Items To Bring?

Clothes and safety gears are a must in your gym bag, but you also need a couple of items to bring along to complete your paintball experience.

Some of these items include towels or tags to wipe off sweat and to clean your paintball equipment. You’ll also need a drinking bottle to keep you hydrated before, during, and after the game. 

You can also keep a garbage bag where you can throw away your dirty clothes if you are not a fan of washing off the stains. A raincoat or water-resistant jacket is optional, depending on the weather and location. 

In some cases, you can immediately take a bath in the paintball field, so you may need spare clothes to change into before going home. 

Lastly, don’t forget your essentials: keys, wallet, cash, or card. 

What To Remember When Dressing Up For Paintball?

What To Remember When Dressing Up For Paintball? what to wear paintballing

The list above provided what to wear during a paintball game, but in this segment, you’ll know some essential tips or reminders in dressing up for a paintball game. 

Reuse Old Clothes

It will save you a lot if you opt to wear old clothes when playing paintball. You don’t have to wear new clothes during a match because it is not practical. 

Paintball involves getting dirty from crawling and kneeling, so reusing old clothes will help you save money. It would be best if you verify that the old clothes you’re using are not too valuable to you. 

Most paintball pellets are water-soluble so that you can wash them off, but still, you don’t want to risk getting your clothes dirty. There are times where the paint is hard to remove. 

Wear Dark-colored Clothes

If you’re going to wear old clothes, choose ones in a dark color. Light-colored clothes make stains too visible and expose you to your opponents. 

Remember, when you play woodsball, your goal is to blend in the environment as much as possible, so you should wear dark-colored ones. 

You have the option to wear camouflage or dark clothing to make you more invisible from the enemies. 

Dress According To The Weather

Of course, weather plays a significant part in the things you need to consider before planning a paintball outfit. The cold or hot weather can help determine which clothes fit you. 

We mentioned in this article that thick long sleeves and pants are the advisable outfits for a match, but they can be challenging to wear in hot weather. 

For this case, you can wear just two layers of a loose and light long sleeve top. Also, make sure that you can easily strip them off if the hotness is too unbearable. 

Meanwhile, you can keep thick clothes when playing during the cold weather. You may also add on a beanie, pair of socks, and gloves to warm yourself. 

Cover All Body Parts

Covering your skin and body parts with protective gear is like a rule of the thumb in paintball. Choose clothes that will not expose your skin because they will hurt a lot when the pellets hit you. 

Long sleeve tops and thick pants can prevent you from getting welts and bruises that are a headache to treat. 

As much as you want to enjoy paintball, you should also think about your safety. If you’re going to freely play, cover sensitive areas with pads or thick clothing. 

Protect The Neck And Groin

The neck and the groin area are as vital as the skin, so never forget to provide sufficient protection in these areas. There are neck protectors that can save you from the harsh impact of the pellets. 

Buy neck protectors that effectively guard the sensitive parts of the neck but are also durable and comfortable.

Let’s not also forget the groin area because you may not be able to walk for days if you keep it unprotected. There are cups available to place as a layer of protection. 

You have to bear the uncomfortable feeling because you’ll suffer more if it ever gets shot by a paintball. As long as it is manageable, don’t compromise it for your safety. 

You get not only protection but peace of mind that you won’t have to suffer from a painful shot in the groin.

Put On Additional Layers

In paintball, one is never enough. Players should add extra layers of clothes if possible because it saves you from the pain.

So if you can wear more than one layer of clothing, then throw in whatever old clothes you got. 

As mentioned, the advantage of having additional layers is that they absorb most of the impact from the paintball. It also prevents you from having welts and bruises so you can feel less pain. 

However, additional clothing is not always advisable, especially if the weather is scorching. You don’t want to sweat furiously while running around and shooting because that is too uncomfortable. 

During the hot season, you can keep two layers of clothing that are both breathable and light wear during the hot season. It still protects you from the hits but also allows you to move comfortably. 

Consider Adding Pads

If you are still comfortable after putting on all the final layers of your clothes, maybe you still have room for additional protective pads. 

The pants and shirts may not provide cushioning on your elbows and knees, so add pads if you want to secure them. 

You may need to crawl and kneel; sometimes, you accidentally fall, so you can add pads to keep you from getting any injuries. 

There are pads for the elbow, wrist, knees, and ankles for extra protection and support. It is helpful for players who like to conquer obstacles, especially in woodsball.

These pads lessen the impact when you fall or when your arms get hit. There are also shin guards, which can be helpful, especially if you’re running around. 

Slider shorts are also a good thing to add on because they also protect your groin area downwards.  

Don’t Wear Jewelry

Paintball involves running, jumping, diving, crawling, and almost any extreme movements. It is fun because you get to experience adventure and the adrenaline rush. 

With this excitement comes the risk of missing things in the field, especially if they are detachable or hang easily. For example, Jewelry can get lost when playing paintball due to grand movements. 

If you’re going to a paintball game, do not wear Jewelry or accessories like earrings, rings, watches, or necklaces because you may not notice them falling off in the field. 

You are not only saving your precious gems from missing, but you are also protecting yourself from any injuries. There are instances that your Jewelry can hurt you or can get stuck and pull your skin.

By not wearing Jewelry, you are lessening the risk of losing sentimental items and allocating more focus to the game.

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Conclusion what to wear paintballing

As long as you know what to wear in a paintball game properly, you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Many people get so excited at the thought of the game itself that they ignore their clothes. 

Paintball ranges provide a proper dress code to abide by to keep you safe from danger and your movements free. By wearing the appropriate outfit, you can execute those awesome moves on the battlefield. 

The proper clothes also give you an advantage over the other team. It can help you blend in better with the surroundings and attack better. 

While this post has been extensive, hopefully, it helped you find the right clothes for a paintball game. What you wear is very significant in how well you will do in the game, too.