What to Wear Paintballing: Girl Version

The thought of paintballing can be intimidating if you’re a woman.

You’ve probably asked or searched, “What to wear paintballing, girl?” 

No worries; You should not feel intimidated, as the playing field is equally hurtful to all genders.

Though, this is if anyone came paintballing unprepared. 

Continue reading as this article goes through what you should do to prepare yourself once you go paintballing.

A Girl In Paintball Gear, Ready For The Game.

Don’t Stress About How You Look

First, don’t worry about how you look or what’s in style.

A paintball player should be ready for a rough and dirty game and shouldn’t mind getting paint and dirt on their clothes. 

Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or ripped.

Running, falling, slipping, and sliding across the field will splash mud, dirt, grass, and other debris all over your clothes. 

Plus, there’s always a chance you’ll rip through fabrics and loosen seams, too.

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What To Wear Paintballing, Girl.

If you and some friends want to play paintball, you will need unique clothes, so you don’t get hurt or dirty.

Here are some of the best suggestions for what to wear paintballing, girl.

Before going to a paintball game, girls should consider wearing a padded or sports bra.

It can hurt significantly if someone accidentally shoots you in the breast area. 

There must be some kind of safety net there.

For some girls, the best choice is a sports bra with a regular bra under it.

People say to wear a tank top or sleeveless top with a sweatshirt, hoodie, or long-sleeve shirt over it.

This will make you feel safer during the game and lessen your fear of being hurt if you get shot.

Clothes You Can Dirty

This is very important since the whole point of paintball is to get dirty and messy with paint bullets (balls).

So, you should never wear a piece of clothing you love or do not want to ruin with paint.

Clothing With Camouflage

Wearing bright or vibrant clothes won’t help you in this game because the point is not to get shot by another player.

Also, wearing white garments doesn’t work. 

The goal is to wear black or dark-colored clothes that are harder to spot on the field where you will play.

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Sweatpants and Leggings 

Many women wear sweatpants with leggings underneath because sweatpants and leggings are both comfortable.

These two pieces of clothing are highly recommended because they are made of thick materials that are great for paintball.

Flexible and Comfortable Sports Shoes

Tennis shoes are suitable for this game because they can be both comfortable and protective, which is what a girl wants when it comes to this game.

Selecting a pair that doesn’t restrict your motion is the best action.

Gloves, vests, knee guards, helmets, and camouflage outfits:

Most paintball fields have these pieces of protection, which you need to wear to finish your paintball outfit. 

If they don’t have these items already, you can buy them if you plan on playing more than once.

Covering Your Face

The most vital piece of paintball safety gear is a mask.

Don’t play without one; don’t take it off during a game. 

Without a mask, getting hit in the face with a paintball could cause permanent injury or blindness.

Paintballs move between 260 and 270 feet per second, so cover your face. 

The lens should also protect against the sun’s UV rays.

There are many paintball goggles, and it can be hard to choose one.

Before you buy one, consider these:

  • Anti-fog lenses, such as thermal or dual pane lenses, are less likely to fog.
  • The goggles should have protection from UV rays.
  • A lens that you can switch out if it ever gets scratched.
  • Enough room on the inside to wear glasses. This only applies if you wear glasses.
  • Since you will wear it for a long time, it should be light and comfortable.
  • Ear protection with padding that is comfortable.
  • Durable chin strap or back strap for a perfect, snug fit.
  • Visor to cut down on glare from the sun.

Remember that the main goal is to protect your eyes, face, temples, and ears from paintballs and paint splashes so you don’t accidentally swallow or breathe in that stuff.

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Covering Your Head

Most goggles only protect the lower part of the face, the eyes, and the temples.

This leaves your forehead, the top of your head, and the back of your head open to hits. 

Some paintball helmets cover the whole head and protect those areas, but they are not as expected.

Another life hack is to cover the exposed areas with a headband, hat, baseball cap, or beanie.

Many players wear their caps backward and point down to protect their necks from being struck. 

These products may make you hotter and sweat more, but they may also help absorb sweat.

What Not to Wear

A Girl Properly Geared Up For A Paintball Game.

If you’re going to a paintball game, you should avoid these parts:

  • Flip-flops, sandals, and other open shoes are very uncomfortable to run in. Also, if you get hit with a paintball in the foot, it will hurt if you don’t have any shoes on.
  • As a girl, you should never go to a paintball game in skinny jeans: Wearing skinny jeans to a paintball game is a bad idea. They are tight and can be highly uncomfortable if you move, bend, and sweat a lot.

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Final Thoughts

Not much is different when picking clothes for men and women in paintball.

Aside from undergarments, you only need to focus on where to add more padding.