Golfing Wear: Women’s Edition

If you’re a woman interested in golfing, you’re probably looking for the recommended golfing wear for women.

You may also want to know if golf has a dress code. 

Yes, golfing establishments have dress codes.

Though it may vary due to changing times, there is still a consensus. 

Continue reading as this article describes what you should and could wear to avoid getting booted from the course.

Golfing Wear: Women’s Edition

A Woman Ready To Play Golf In A Golf Cart.


Tops are the first item on our list of golfing wear for women.

Most courses require women to wear sleeved blouses or sleeveless blouses with collars if they don’t have sleeves. 

Most women golfers like polo-style shirts because they are comfortable and look good.

Various tops are available, each with its own design and color scheme. 

You can get these tops in stripes, flowers, and other patterns in addition to solid colors.

A turtleneck top is another acceptable top to wear.

It is not only formal but also very stylish. 

The golf dress code says you can’t wear halters, T-shirts, or tank tops.

Most golf courses and clubs require women to wear shirts with short or long sleeves or sleeveless blouses.

As a general rule, these tops have to have collars.

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Jackets & Sweaters

Golfers like to wear a sweater/vest, polo shirt, or turtleneck on a fantastic, breezy day. 

This outfit is not only stylish, but it is also very comfortable.

You can wear a wind shirt or a button-down shirt with a collar as an additional layer.

People don’t wear denim jackets or sweatshirts as jackets, as this is considered inappropriate.


Most women who play golf in the early spring or late fall prefer to wear pants.

On days that are a bit warmer, shorter pants like crops, shorts, or capris are a great choice.

Golf dresses, skirts, and shorter pants are also popular options (knee-length or longer).

The golf dress code says casual clothes like jeans, athletic pants, sweatshirts, etc., are prohibited.

Head Covers

When golf courses are open, players can spend hours in the sun, increasing their risk of sunburn and a deep tan.

On sunny days, you must wear a cap or visor to protect your skin and head from this.

There are many different colors, fabrics, and styles of golf hats to choose from.

You can choose crocheted caps, straw caps, designer caps, or even ones with many sparkles.

Socks & Shoes

Most golf clubs require men and women to wear shoes on the course.

Having a solid pair of golf shoes is essential while hitting the links. 

On many golf courses, you must have shoes with non-metal soft spikes.

However, wearing golf-specific footwear is not usually a requirement. 

Thus, you can use other shoes, like sneakers, tennis shoes, and walking shoes.

That said, you should wear golf shoes for the best performance on the course. 

Running shoes don’t give you as much stability as shoes made for grass.

A good pair of socks is just as important as good shoes. 

You can wear shorts, low socks, shorter pants, or golf dresses for the same purpose.

You can also wear colored crew socks that match the color of your long pants.

Golf Gloves

Women golfer’s attire does not require gloves.

You don’t have to wear them to play golf, but you might want to if you want a better grip.

You can also choose to wear only one on your non-dominant hand.

So, if you are starting, you can also use two gloves.

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What You Should Avoid?

A Woman Wearing A Tee Shirt And Leggings In A Golf Course.

Most golf clubs have rules about what men and women must wear on the course.

To avoid embarrassment, it’s best to know the rules of golf dress that you should never break.

But if you are still clueless, no worries!

Here is a brief list of what golfing wear women should avoid when golfing.

T-Shirts & Tank Tops

Women shouldn’t wear t-shirts, tank tops, or other casual clothes when they play golf.

It would also be best to avoid cleavage-baring.

Jeans & Athletic Pants

Jeans, sweatpants, leggings, yoga pants, and other athletic pants are inappropriate for dressy occasions.


Golf clubs don’t let people wear cargo or denim shorts.

And if you’re a woman wearing a skort or golf skirt, ensure the hem isn’t too short. 

It should fall about two inches above the knee, between the middle of the thigh and the knee.

Metal-Pointed Shoes & Sandals

Don’t wear shoes with metal spikes because they can damage the course.

Also, it would be best if you never played golf in flip-flops.

Long Necklaces

Don’t wear long necklaces or earrings that can get tangled when golfing.

Reasons for the Golf Dress Code

For what reason is there a dress code when playing golf?

Most golf clubs require proper dress etiquette to maintain game decorum. 

It has strict rules about how its members should look and act.

So, it shows the history of golf among the rich.

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Final Thoughts

The golfing scene has started becoming more progressive lately.

This is because establishments need more people to play on their courses. 

For this reason, dress codes have started to become less strict.

You must still confirm each establishment’s dress code or what they can allow.