What to Wear Deep Sea Fishing

Perhaps it’s your first time being invited to go deep-sea fishing. Maybe you’re just curious about the topic.

Either way, you’re here because you’ve asked yourself what to wear while deep-sea fishing.

The short answer is to wear clothes that help against slime, water, and the sun.

That isn’t all there is to it, so let’s dive into this article to tackle the rest!

Tops And Bottoms

Choose a comfortable pair of shorts or pants to start putting together your deep-sea fishing gear.

Usually, shorts are the best choice when it’s warm, but pants are the best choice when it’s cool.

You should also wear pants if your skin is sun-sensitive.

No matter what bottoms you choose, try to get ones that dry quickly when they get wet.

Choose a shirt for fishing that is right for the weather.

Short-sleeved shirts are great for trips when it’s warm, but long-sleeved shirts are better when it’s windy or cold.

Make sure to choose a shirt that will protect you from the sun’s UV rays in either case.

Water resistance is also a plus so that you won’t get wet from rain or splashes from the ocean.

Pieces that are antimicrobial and don’t hold stains are also great since fishing is a dirty job.

Water-prepared Suits

During your deep-sea fishing trip, you will be on the water, so be ready for splashes and drops of water.

Most charter boats have cabins, so you should never have to run inside during a rainstorm to avoid getting wet.

A small amount of water shouldn’t mean that you have to change your clothes.

Dress right for this experience, and don’t mind the saltwater as you look at the sea on the best deep-sea fishing Myrtle Beach trip.

If you worry about how to stay dry, it could ruin your trip.

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Head Protection

For years, doctors have told people to use sunblock every day and to stay out of the sun by wearing hats or SPF 50+.

But bringing sunblock isn’t the only way to protect yourself from UV rays.

Anglers who fish in the deep sea spend hours on the water.

Most people will cover themselves from the sun, but not many think about the glare that comes off the water.

A wide-brimmed hat can help, but the sun’s reflection on the water can also permanently burn skin and damage it.

You can pull a gaiter around your neck, chin, and mouth to block UV radiation from the water.

They come in fashionable colors for men, women, and teens.

If gaiters aren’t your thing, a hoodie can keep you warm and protect you from the sun.

Many of these hoodies from Huk are lined with fleece, so you’ll be ready for any weather.


You might forget about your hands when considering protecting yourself from the sun.

When you’re deep-sea fishing, your hands are constantly out in the sun and saltwater spray, handling rough and sharp materials.

Putting on fishing gloves is a great way to protect your hands from UV rays.

They also keep your hands safe, dry, and out of the sun because they are antimicrobial and wick away moisture.


Many fishermen jump around their boats without shoes on, which is fine.

But nothing is worse than getting a bad sunburn on the top of your foot or hurting your foot while deep sea fishing.

Consider rubber-soled, breathable shoes if you’re going deep-sea fishing and don’t know what to wear on your feet.

This is so your feet won’t get too hot or cold.

Even if the deck is non-slip, dampness and fish slime could cause you to slip and fall if you’re not wearing anti-slide shoes.

You should be fine if the bottom has a good rubber sole.

Remember that you can take off slip-on shoes quickly, so don’t wear anything that can’t protect your feet.


Others What to Wear Deep Sea Fishing

Sun-blocking Gear

Be ready to protect your skin from getting burned.

In the Intercoastal Waterways, the sun shines brighter, and the ultraviolet (UV) rays can go right through the clouds.

Wearing hats, sunglasses, and UV-blocking clothing are excellent additional methods for shielding your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

People who prepare for the sun’s strength before deep sea fishing have a better time.


Make sure you always bring a good pair of polarized, UV-resistant sunglasses when you open water.

These will help protect your eyes and reduce the glare from the water. 

They will also make it easier for you to see what’s below the surface.


Offshore, the sun and strong winds can dry out your lips quickly, so bring your favorite lip balm.

If you can, choose one that also works as a sunscreen to protect your lips from the sun.


UV-resistant clothing will help keep the sun’s rays from hurting your skin, but you can’t cover all of your skin.

This is especially the case when the temperature is quite high.

Just make sure to choose a waterproof sunscreen and reapply it as often as the manufacturer says.

Parka Or a Raincoat

A little rain won’t stop you. Just pick a coat that fits you well so it doesn’t get caught on your fishing gear.

Bring a light parka if it’s warm, but if you want to stay warm and dry in the winter, choose one with insulation.

New Underwear and Socks

During a day of deep-sea fishing, getting soaked to the skin is not unusual.

Even if you wear an outer layer that keeps the rain away, water often gets under it and soaks your socks and underwear.

If you bring an extra set, you can change it when you’re done fishing and heading back to shore.

After a long day of fishing, having dry socks and underwear can improve your mood.

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Final Thoughts

Constantly watch out for sunburn and slipping from the slime.

Besides this, always expect you will get wet, one way or another.

Once you’ve got these down, you’ll have a smooth deep-sea fishing experience.

Always stay safe, though!