A Detailed Comparison Of Trek vs. Specialized Mountain Bikes

Whether a newbie cyclist or a veteran, you’ve probably heard of the “Trek vs Specialized Mountain Bikes” debate online.

The short answer depends on your skill level, budget, and preference. 

No worries; continue reading as this article will go through all the differences between the two.

Mountain Bike Leaning On A Guard Rail By the Roadside.

Overview Of Trek

Trek is a big bike company that makes many bikes for mountain bikers who like different styles.

Since its founding in 1976, they’ve consistently been recognized as a top name in its industry. 

Trek bikes are known for being easy to use and lasting long.

They aren’t as light or flashy as other mountain bikes, but they can handle anything from single track to epic rock gardens, so “all-around” riders like them.

Most people think of Lance Armstrong when they think of Trek bikes.

This cycling champion won all his Tour de France titles on these bikes.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Trek’s road bikes are well-known.

Taiwan is where most of its bikes are made.

The brand now has a good selection of bikes for men, women, and children. 

You can also be sure to find Trek bikes for every level of rider and every kind of terrain.

A Brief Look at ‘Specialized’ – The Bike Brand

Thanks mainly to their mountain bike selection, Specialized is among the names of the most recognizable bike manufacturers.

They have been around for almost 30 years and have helped make the sport what it is today. 

Specialized bikes are cheap and can handle the terrain, making them perfect entry-level bikes.

Specialized started making bikes by making their famous road and touring bikes.

Then, in 1995, it got even more praise when it made a line of mountain bikes. 

The name “The Full Force” was a good choice for this line of mountain bikes.

Specialized is now the name most people think of when they think of mountain bikes. 

The company even sponsors Loic Bruni, who is the world champion downhill.

There are many different types of bikes from both Trek and Specialized.

Difference between Trek vs. Specialized Mountain Bikes

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Although Trek and Specialized have many commonalities, they also have vital distinctions.

Here are some considerations you should consider while shopping for a bicycle.


Many of Trek’s bikes have an all-aluminum frame and steel forks, giving them a more classic look.

They are also known for using a wide range of wheel sizes, which is excellent if you want to upgrade your wheels in the future and have a choice of sizes. 

Specialized bikes, on the other hand, have a more modern look.

Their frames are mostly carbon fiber, and the front and back wheels are the same size.


Trek bikes tend to last a little longer, but that’s because they have more parts.

For instance, the drop bars have a lot of metal around the stem and handlebars. 

The frames also have tubes of different sizes, which makes the whole thing stronger.

Still, Trek bikes aren’t as durable as mountain bikes that are made just for that purpose. 

In defense of Specialized, their bikes are made of lighter materials, so they should last longer than other brands.


You might want to look elsewhere if you need a light and speedy bike.

Both Trek and Specialized bikes have relatively hefty frames and respectable parts. 

The heavier frame of Trek mountain bikes provides a more stable and reliable ride.

Most of the time, you don’t need a light bike when you have a Trek. 

Specialized is known for its lightweight bikes, yet they occasionally make a compromise-weight model.

The average Specialized mountain bike weighs roughly 30 pounds, making it one of the more portable choices. 

Trek is usually a bit heavier, but only by a little.

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Both Trek and Specialized make their frames and forks from high-quality materials.

But Trek tends to use more aluminum than Specialized when making mountain bikes. 

The Trek brand is known for producing high-quality mountain bikes but is typically heavier than its competitors.

You may find the same high-quality components on both brands of mountain bikes. 

Because of the high proportion of carbon fiber used in their builds, Specialized bicycles are powerful for their low weight.

Wheel Quality

Trek makes the wheels for many of their mountain bikes, and they are known to be better quality than most other brands. 

But the wheels of your Trek bike are just that—wheels.

You might get lucky and find some great ones, but mountain bikes are more than just their wheels, so it’s best not to judge the whole bike by them. 

Almost all specialized bikes come with wheels that are of high quality.

Many models even come with the very expensive Specialized Roval Control SL disc 26″ XC tubeless-ready wheelset. 

Specialized also has various wheel options for different mountain bike models so that it may be suitable for everyone.


Let’s look at how much Trek and Specialized bikes cost, starting with the basic bikes that cost around $700.

Specialized entry-level mountain bike costs (29″) $710, and Treks entry-level MTB is $760, which is slightly more expensive.

The fork is the main difference between the specialized and other bikes.

It has a more rigid platform that makes it easier to ride. 

People aren’t sure about the fork Trek chose for their bikes.

People who have ridden both bikes say that the Shimano is easier to shift and has a remote lockout.

So, when you look at bikes for beginners, sometimes, Specialized is a better choice.

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Final Thoughts

Trek mountain bikes are great for beginners.

People just starting should look for a model with low gears, so they don’t die on the trail. 

You can choose either an XC or a hardtail bike, depending on how good you are.

All Trek bikes are reliable and don’t need repairs often, but it’s always nice to have extra cash when needed. 

Trek bike parts are cheap compared to other brands, which is always a plus.

Specialized bikes are developed for riders who desire to compete in local races or ride through rough terrain.

Their bikes are very light, which is great for going downhill but makes them hard to ride uphill.

Specialized bike parts are also expensive since they’re made of carbon fiber.

When you ride, keeping your bike in good shape is important because it will cost more to fix than other brands.