Best Skateboard Grip Tape That Won’t Destroy Your Shoes

Skateboard grip tapes

Skateboarding became one of the fast-growing hobbies and stunts that many teens, and even adults, adapted. However, skating comes at a cost as it can likely rip the shoe of the skater.  People with nice looking and even an expensive pair of shoes find this to be very inconvenient. To help you with that, this … Read more

How Much Does A Skateboard Cost?

how much does a skateboard cost

Skateboard beginners typically consider two things when they dive into this sport. First, you figure how frequently you’ll be skating. Second, find the skateboard types that you like.  Once you figure these two out, you’re off to building a nice skateboard setup that meets both quality and budget. So how much does a skateboard cost? On … Read more

Top 13 Coolest Skateboard Decks


When skateboards first emerged in 1950, wood planks and metal wheels made up the boards. Since then, the design and materials improved that encouraged more people to try skating. In this article, I’ll show you some of the coolest skateboard decks you can find.  Each year, the number of skaters continues to grow as companies … Read more