A Detailed Comparison of Pickleball vs. Racquetball

Pickleball vs Racquetball Differences

You’ve probably heard or have been part of the ongoing debate of pickleball vs. racquetball. You may also be having difficulty differentiating the two.  Either way, you’re here seeking answers regarding the “Pickleball vs. racquetball” conundrum. Don’t worry; continue reading as this article will go through each similarity and difference to eliminate confusion. Pickleball Pickleball … Read more

Is Racquetball In the Olympics? 04 Solid Reasons It Is Not!

How Can Racquetball Join the Olympics

Is Racquetball In the Olympics? The Olympics have historically been the most famous and well-known sporting event globally. Participants from across the globe compete in prominent games at the Olympics.  Since the birth of Racquetball, there have hardly been Olympic events held. It may be a question: is racquetball part of the Olympics? Racquetball is … Read more

Rules For Singles Pickleball

rules for singles pickleball

According to the Economist, pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. Its backyard game-like nature contributed to its increasing popularity. And with a lot of players around the country, the United States annually holds tournaments to cater to the best players of the nation. The rules for singles pickleball differs only … Read more