9 Of The Best Paintball Hoppers

best paintball hoppers - G.I. Sportz Paintball Pulse RDR Loader

Competence is essential in paintball; you must have excellent equipment and skills to win. The correct loader, or hopper, is critical to maximizing performance. There are a wide variety of hoppers on the market, with varying levels of quality and value. In contrast to paintball guns, loaders have the advantage of being more general, meaning … Read more

The Complete History of Paintball Sport

when was the first paintball game

Want to know more about the history of Paintball??Read along!Nelson Paint Company created the first paintball gun in the 1960s, and the sport has been around ever since. The earliest paintballs used oil. The paintball gun was not for shooting human beings, but loggers and cattle ranchers were the planned users. Loggers and cattle ranchers … Read more

How To Clean A Paintball Gun? A Complete Manual

paintball vs. airsoft

Like Paintball? Wondering how to clean a paintball gun? You are at the right place,,,,,,, Paintball is fun butthe most time-consuming and challenging task is to clean your paintball gun. However, you must not overlook this chore if you are an avid paintball player. Performance on the range and its longevity depends on how well … Read more

Paintball vs. Airsoft – Which is the Best?

Paintball vs. Airsoft

When friends look for a team sport that they can try out, paintball and airsoft may cross their minds. Meanwhile, some individuals seek a competitive team sport to enter.  But what is Paintball vs. Airsoft? Paintball and airsoft are fun and challenging sports, to begin with, and while both have similarities, you may struggle picking … Read more

In Paintball Painful? Let’s Find Out.

paintball vs. airsoft

Before people get into playing paintball, they specifically ask if paintball hurts. There are many things to consider in this sport before answering “Does paintball hurt?” but to put it simply, yes. YES! 🙂 However, people get hurt when playing paintball, depending on how much they tolerate pain. Sometimes, it is as painful as an … Read more

Best Things To Wear While Paintballing

what to wear paintballing

You may be the most excited about buying your paintball kit, but you may have overlooked the most significant thing to consider: the clothes. What exactly should you wear to play paintball? In paintball, you don’t just wear any outfit to stand out from the crowd because you have to think through your safety. Before jumping … Read more