Spikeball Rules – All That You Need To Know

Spikeball is a team effort in which each team consists of two people. This sport follows by United States’ spikeball regulations. Here are some spikeball rules. 

A serve is a hit by the player from the outside of the service line into the net. Then, the ball should cross over the net to the opposing player. 

Once the player releases the ball for service, it is already in action.

To play the ball in spikeball, players may go wherever they choose once the server release the service ball. An essential part of the game is ensuring that your team can’t get their hands on the ball. 

Players can attempt to return the ball up to three times. The game continues when the ball is not back to the other team correctly.

Spikeball Rules


A group of two to four people forms a team in Spikeball. Players can be any mix of male and female players on a team in an “open” league.

Also, there is no restriction on substitutions. However, if there is an injury among players, players must remain in the same position for the game duration.

For some competitions, particularly for universities, you must do so throughout the season to make roster changes. 

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How To Start The Game – Spikeball Rules

The best two games out of three will make an official match. There will be 15-point games in the first and second games. 

If needed, the third game may extend to 11 points. Players can only earn scores if they are from the serving team. Teams need to win at least two points.

To start a Spikeball game, officials can decide the serving team during the first and third rounds through various ways. You may do an odd or even call, a coin flip, or even a rock-paper-scissors game.

During the second round, the team that didn’t serve during the first round serves first.

After the specified start time, teams have at least five minutes to start playing, or officials will forfeit the game. Each group has one 30-second timeout for every game.

Spikeball Rules

Spikeball is a two-player team game between two opposing teams. Players from opposing teams face one another with the net in the middle.

To start counting a point in Spikeball, a player must serve the ball to the opponent’s player facing them from the net. 

The goal of Spikeball is to knock the ball over the net to prevent the opposite side from successfully returning it.

Players may return the ball to the net as long as the team has three touches.

Also, the possession of the ball shifts to the opposite team when the ball reaches outside the net. When one side cannot return the ball correctly, the rally stops. 

As long as the other team’s actions on the ball do not hurt others physically, players are free to roam when trying to score.

Service – Spikeball Rules

  • In Spikeball, you can use the Recreational Serve Rule. It means that the server has to be fair and the ball playable by the recipient.
  • The receiving team may report a service fault if the ball is out of reach, hits the pocket, or targets the rim. 
  • The receiving team positions themselves first, and only the selected receiver takes the serve. The serving player faces the chosen receiver directly facing each other.
  • The server must release the ball from the hands before it hit it. If the server does not want to continue striking it because of a lousy toss, they let the ball fall for another chance.
  • If a server’s feet are outside the service boundary or at least six feet from the net, they may reach over it but not cross the line until they hit the ball. 
  • Also, servers may take an approach step but not pass further than a rotate. They can also do drop shots and serve with any amount of force.
  • Serving players should also remember that the services must be lower than their raised hands. 
  • If the receiving player can catch the ball, then they should play it to proceed with the game.
  • A serve can be a “let” if it is too high for the receiver to catch. The receiver needs to call “let” before the receiving team touches it. 
  • After the “let,” the server has one attempt to serve left. The serving team loses a score if the server doesn’t hit a clean serve; otherwise, the game continues if there’s no “let.”
  • If the ball unexpectedly hits the pocket, the receiver must yell “let” before their team catches it.  
  • The same applies; they lose a point if the serving team doesn’t successfully serve the ball. Play continues if the receiver doesn’t call “let.”
  • The opposite team scores and gains possession of the ball when it bounces on the net or edge.
  • When the serving player earns a point, they shift positions with their teammates. They should remain directly across the opposite team’s receiver.
  • The next assigned player serves when the receiving side gets the score.
  • Re-serves for service errors result in no points. There is no limit to how many calls you can make for service errors unless the ball is playable.
  • The receiving side must report a service error before returning a serve. Players cannot call out a service fault when the receiver has already touched the ball or after the serve.
  • During the match, the servers from each team, four people in total, switch every time the receiving side wins a rally.

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During a rally, teammates should take turns in hitting the ball. The team may lose a point if one player consecutively touches the ball.

Additionally, players cannot catch, throw, or lift the ball. They should also use one hand only and two hands closed together is invalid.

It is possible to use any body part to strike. However, it counts as your valid hit and should not hit another part of your body right after.  

If officials cannot identify if the ball landed on the rim, the player must replay the missed point. 

How To Score In Spikeball – SpikeBall Rules

How To Score In Spikeball

The serving or receiving team may win rally points. Players need to score at least two points ahead to win. 

Usually, the goal scores in a Spikeball match are 11, 15, and 21. Players will swap sides every time a team reaches 11 points.

For a game of first to score 15 points and best two out of three, the first and second games are both 15-point. If required, the third game score goal is 11 points.

For the rally to count points and end, the ball hits the net or rim then bounces off of it. Also, there is a corresponding point when the ball directly lands on edge, even during the service.

The rally also stops when the ball rolls on the net instead of bouncing. It also contains when players fail to return the ball after three touches. 

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Players on the defensive side must avoid getting in the other team’s path when playing the ball. The blocked player must shout “hinder” if the defender gets in the way of a play with the point replayed.

To call “hinder,” the offensive player or team must be attempting to play the ball.

Call “hinder” when a defensive player gets hit by the ball. To “hinder,” the offensive team should have a good play.

Attempting to play the ball, especially when you are a defensive player, against the rules might also cost aside from a point. 

If a player’s shot misses the net and the ball strikes another player or teammate, the player loses a point.

Additionally, players miss the point every time they encounter the Spikeball set, move it or alter its direction. 

You may continue playing if the set does not shift or the ball’s trajectory did not change after the collision.