How To Choose Skateboards For 6 Year Olds

There’s no age requirement to learn how to skate. Even six-year-olds can get into this exciting sport. 

As early as possible, kids can ride a skateboard to have more time to progress and overcome hardships. However, it takes proper research and plan before handing a six-year-old their skateboards. 

It is not the most trouble-free task to do. You want to make sure that you get the right size and outstanding quality of the skateboard.

Preferably, complete skateboard setups are the best for six-year-olds. They are easy to use, straightforward, and cost-effective. 

Using these skateboards allows kids to have consistency in performance and design. Even older skaters prefer completes because of their simplicity. 

In this article, you’ll see more information on choosing the proper skateboard for six-year-olds. It includes the quality, size, and risk factors too. 

skateboards for 6 year olds

Skateboards For 6 Years Olds

One of the essential things to look at when buying a skateboard for a six-year-old is the size. It includes the deck’s length and width, the concave wheelbase, and deck ends. 

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Is It Safe For 6-Year-Olds To Skateboard?

You may be wondering if the age of six is old enough to skate. Skateboarding has no age restrictions because it is open to anyone. 

Doubts over it may slow down your child’s progress in skateboarding if they are interested in the sport. Of course, parents still need to supervise and guide their children when skateboarding. 

As most of us know, even older skateboarders tend to fall from their boards. Therefore, despite the sport being open to six-year-olds, you still need to watch out for risks like that. 

Suppose the kid is not wearing any protective gear, the risk of getting an injury increases. For example, they can scrape their knees, palms, and elbows and bump their head. 

Falling does not only happen in skateboarding but also in biking, roller skating, and other sports. The best way to recover from that is to stand up straight and move on. 

Six years old is an ideal age to start learning how to skateboard. You can enroll the kids in a skateboard lesson so it is easier and they can be more productive around their similar age. 

This sport will help your child have more self-esteem and feel rewarded after accomplishing beginner tasks. 

If your child prefers to practice skateboarding in your garage or driveway, let them and maybe even join them so you can bond.

What Skateboard Size Is The Best?

For six-year-olds or beginners, for that matter, a 7.5 inches board width is the ideal size for them. The size is enough for those just starting to familiarize themselves with the board and do tricks. 

Notably, this skateboard size is best for those who have feet that are still not yet growing. When the kids start to grow, they can later switch to 8 inches and above skateboard. 

As for the length, it is not as significant as the width. Most skateboards are the same, and the width will be proportional to the size anyways.

When your six-year-olds finish learning the basics, they may want to assemble their boards. 

It is an indicator that they are getting better at skateboarding and have their specific preferences already. 


Completes can make the kids happy already. They are more budget-friendly with a brand for deck, wheels, bearings, and other hardware.

It is not just convenient to buy because it is already in its assembled form; you can also buy one under $100. 

For beginners, you do not have to overthink about your boards. A basic setup is enough for the learning stages in skateboarding. 

If you’re not yet willing to shell out a lot on a professional completes, there are still other choices available. Now you have a lot of options and less struggle in putting every skateboard part together. 

When you’re opting for online shopping, you need to be thorough with your purchases. Online shops and auction sites offer various brands and skateboard styles. 

A good review is vital, but it does not always satisfy your expectations. Most of the time completes under $60 may have a cheap quality base and mediocre performance. 

Of course, under any circumstances, you don’t want to receive a parcel with missing parts and a dented board. 

It would be best if you know what to look at in an online shop. There are many brands available, but you may not know which one offers the best quality. 

To help you have an idea, here are some of the brands I recommend. 


The Anti-Hero is a crowd’s favorite when it comes to skateboarding. One of the brand’s best offers is the Team Eagle which has a great style and quality. 

Under this line, there are sizes available for kids. The design of the board is also exciting but straightforward. 

The wheels they use for their Team Eagle boards are the standard 53mm ideal for beginners. It also has a 99a durometer that makes the board usable in parks and streets. 

Meanwhile, the trucks are also standard, perfect for those who are still testing the waters. It is heavy duty with the right weight and made of aluminum. 

Lastly, the board’s bearings are Amphetamine which is enough for learning the basics. They are not the best option for speed skating, but they are fine for starting skaters. 



CCS is another skateboard brand that has a lot to offer for beginners. They have a pre-assembled setup that is affordable. 

The boards and their prices are great. You can’t ask for more, especially if you are a beginner, because this brand gives you what you need. 

They offer boards in different sizes and colors, all available for even six-year-olds. 

CCS utilizes standard raw trucks, which are still stable and light to use. The wheels are 52mm with a 100a durometer which is complex and has an excellent quality.  

As for the bearings, CCS offers their ABEC 7 rated bearings for a smooth ride on the board. It allows skaters to speed easier and comfortably.

Personal Choice

If I have to choose between the two, the CCS completes will be my pick. You always need to weigh the quality and price to see if you are getting the worth of the price you paid. 

Some brands are affordable, some brands have excellent quality, and some brands offer both. CCS is one of those skateboard brands.  It’s a good option when looking at skateboards for 6 year olds.

Despite the standard parts, it is still the best quality in its price range. It can help you save money because you know that it will perform well compared to others. 

Sometimes, six-year-olds prefer their boards to look a little creative and exciting. It somehow feels rewarding when they can show it off to their friends. 

The kids can add their favorite stickers in their CCS decks to give their board the vibes they want. Don’t worry; CCS has had an excellent reputation ever since 1985. 

Aside from being one of the brands to offer a beginner setup, their shipping fees are also cheaper than others. You can save at least 10 dollars when you opt for their products. 


Custom-built is another way to have a board based on your preferences. It allows you to choose your preferred brand and style.

If you opt for this way to create your skateboard, I’ll guide you with things you should know when making your custom-built board. 

The cost of building your board with specific accessories of your choice depends on many things. 

The brand name is a huge factor and the materials, promos, recentness of release, shipping, size, and more. 

Picking from various options can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t know skateboarding. 

Don’t worry because I will guide you through the things you need to know about skateboards for 6 year olds. 

You already know that the ideal size for six-year-olds is at least 7.5 inches in width, so take a note of this one. Here are some of the cost-effective options for your kid’s custom-built board:




Baker is one of the most trusted brands in the skateboard industry. Their iconic decks remain in demand for many years. 

The hype about Baker decks is because of their quality and exciting decks. They managed to keep their decks consistent in quality and shape, which makes them last longer. 

Most decks’ shape and concave fade when used for too long. When a deck becomes flat, its performance will not be as excellent as when bought new. 

Because Baker is a reputable skateboard brand, you need to expect its price on the higher ranger. However, you are sure that you get a classic deck with all the great features. 

Other Deck Options

You need to adjust smaller boards to a narrower deck which is a little tricky. There may be large boards with a 7.75 inches width which is still acceptable. 

It is better to source a deck in a local skate shop near you so your child can test out the board. 



When setting up skateboards for 6 year olds, there are different wheel sizes to choose from, so this may get a little confusing. If you already know your child’s height, there’s a standard size that goes well with beginners. 

The recommended size is around 53mm to 54mm, which is ideal for park and street skateboarding. 

Next, you also need to consider the hardness of the wheels, which is the durometer. Choose around 95aa to 99a so you can speed up with an excellent grip on the ground. 

Mini Logo 

Mini Logo - skateboards for 6 year olds

The Mini Logo wheels are 53mm with a 90a durometer. It is another excellent choice for beginners.

If you want something standard, the Mini Logo wheels are good enough. They balance what you need with the price you paid for and the quality you get. 

But if you are willing to spend ten more dollars, you can opt for Ricta Clouds, which is another excellent brand. 


Trucks - skateboards for 6 year olds

Trucks are one of the most underrated parts of a skateboard, but it is the most vital one. It would help if you found the most decent trucks to make sure your skateboard performs in the best condition. This is an important piece of equipment when buying skateboards for 6 year olds.

As for this part, I’ll recommend trucks that do not focus much on grinding instead for more casual ones that can last longer. 

CCS offers standard trucks which are reliable if you need a pair that will last long. It is 122mm and can accommodate boards 7.5 inches in width. 


Bearings - skateboards for 6 year olds

Bones Reds will be the best choice for any brand that offers bearings. It is common among skaters, and these bad boys are worth your money. 

Nuts And Bolts

Nuts And Bolts

Your board has nuts and bolts installed in them to connect the wheels, trucks, and board. Independent offers the proper hardware for your skateboard, so you don’t miss any parts. 

Other Accessories

You can add a riser pad on your board, but it is not a requirement. It gives additional height to your board to avoid experiencing a wheelbite. 

I suggest you get one if your trucks are loose, but of course, get a cheaper one since it is not a necessity. 

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Final Thoughts

Skateboarding is a fantastic sport to get into while your child is still young. They can see it as a challenge, hobby, or a way to bring out their hidden talents. 

Aside from gaining friends who also enjoy skateboarding, your kid can be more confident. 

Hopefully, this article helped you in buying skateboards for 6 year olds. You can now have a better idea of what you are getting into and what to buy. 

Remember, you don’t have to overdo and overthink things. Sometimes, the most expensive and best products are not necessary to do a complicated trick. 

It is essential to look at the quality and history of a brand because they may have a more budget-friendly option for your child’s skateboard.