Best Skateboard Tool For Your Breakdown!

You may be too invested in learning how to skate, and it’s understandable because there’s a lot to learn, like basics, tricks, etc. However, you may forget to check on your boards.  Like any other things used in extreme sports, you need to keep a maintenance check even on your boards.  You may have skipped checking it a couple of times, so the moment you finally take a thorough look at it, there may be a lot of things to fix and now you need to find the best skateboard tool.

So if you’re reading this post, it’s a sign for you to take a look at your skateboard and check its condition.

Skateboarding is both fun and extreme: therefore, your skateboard also needs extreme care to continue to perform in its best condition. To do so, you’ll need an excellent skateboard tool to help you.

Skateboard tools can be your best company in times of need. It will help you improve your board’s so you can continue riding safely. 

One skateboard tool can serve a lot of purposes for your skateboard. So if you have issues with your wheels, bearings, etc., you can quickly fix them.

The best part about skateboard tools is that they are handy, so you can bring them anywhere if you need them at the most inconvenient time. 

If you don’t have a skateboard tool, you might find it challenging to repair your board’s minor problems. You may also end up spending more to let professionals fix any issues regularly.

There are many available skateboard tools, varying in shapes, sizes, and colors, which you can buy. Below are some of the best tools that can help you with your skateboard maintenance:

Zeato All-in-One Skateboard Tool

Skateboard Tool

Zeato provides a multi-purpose skateboard tool for general repairs. You can use it to tighten or assemble any boards from a mini-cruiser to a longboard. 

You can find almost everything in just one piece of tool. It can help you in taking care of your skateboard, including assembling, fixing, and maintaining. 

The Zeato All-in-One Skateboard tool is T-shaped where you can pull out a Phillips head screwdriver. It easily fits the head of the handle when you’re not using it. 

There are also three sizes available for this tool. The small one is your advantage because it is light and easy to carry without consuming too much storage space.

You can even keep it in your pocket and pull it out whenever you need it. When you buy this tool, you’ll get a bag that you can use to store it.  

Some of the highlights of it are the multi-purpose feature and its innovative design. The various sizes allow you to choose the perfect tool to use.

Essentially, this skateboard tool is lightweight and functions well according to its purpose. The pullover Phillips screwdriver is a big bonus to this one. 

However, one notable weak point of this product is that it easily breaks, so be careful when using it.

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M Merkapa Ratchet Skateboard T Tools All-in-One Tool

M Merkapa skateboard tool

M Merkapa Ratchet Skateboard tool is another multi-purpose tool that can cater to all your skateboard maintenance needs. Not only can it fit all the components in your board, but it also works in other board models.

It is one of the most potent skateboard tools available in the market. You’re looking at one tool that functions as nine.

Their skate tool is also great in quality because its materials are steel and ABS plastic. It also has a rethreading axle that can help you better fix screw wires, wheels, bearings, and truck bolts. 

This tool fits best on longboards and even other skateboard types. You can also choose your preferred color as they have a lot of options available.

The main feature that this tool is proud of is that it is multi-purpose and the 30-day guarantee they offer. You can get a replacement within 30 days in case there are problems. 

There are also an Alley key, bearing remover, T-toll, and a screwdriver in this all-in-one tool. These specifications allow the device to be practical and easy to use for all needs while being durable.

However, the screwdriver in the tool is removable. It can be a good or bad feature for some skaters.

Silver Premium All-in-One Multi-Function Ratchet Skateboard Tool

Silver skateboard tool

The last multi-purpose skate tool here in the list is the Silver Premium All-in-One Ratchet Skateboard tool. As its name states, it is the perfect tool for all your skateboard repairs and improvement. 

The tool allows you to take the screwdriver out and a precision file with its ratchet hardware. These features are some of the most vital parts of skate tools, so it is a great thing that Silver has it all.

All the necessary repairs for your boards are possible with this tool. It can also help you in assembling and taking care of your longboards and other skateboard types. 

Since you can take out the screwdriver from its place, you may think that it’ll lose its fit anytime. Don’t worry as it stays well in its place because it fits perfectly. The ratchet also works fine as every part of this tool. 

Silver also has Allen and Philips wrench, so it pretty much covers almost any of your needs. The ratchet socket also allows you to adjust trucks easily and quickly. 

As for the tool’s general appearance, there are many colors to choose from, basic to bright, and the handle provides a good grip. 

Overall, the Silver Premium All-in-One Multi-Function Ratchet Skate tool is convenient to use and works well on any of your repairs, improvements, and assembling. 

But keep in mind that the paint and plastic quickly wear out on this one. 

What Are Features To Consider Before Buying?

A skateboard is an investment for those who want to pursue skateboarding as a profession or an activity. Of course, it is the primary tool you need to do such a sport.

However, aside from purchasing a skateboard, you need to invest in something that’ll make your board last longer. That is where buying a skateboard tool comes into the picture.

If you get a skateboard, you might as well get a skateboard tool to help you in any improvements and repairs on your board. It will ensure that you get the best experience in riding.

By providing your boards the necessary check-ups and repairs, you can make sure you are riding safely without worrying about any loose screws. 

Without skateboard tools, you may find it challenging to repair the boards yourself, so if you need to buy one, these are some features you can consider:

How Big Do You Need?

Skateboard tools come in different sizes. Typically, there are a lot of small tools, but there are also bigger ones. 

The small skate tools can easily fit in your pockets, that you can carry them around easily. Skaters find it more convenient and practical to purchase this one because it doesn’t take up much space.

Also, you can take it wherever and whenever you need it. You can never know when a repair is necessary, so it is best to have a small tool ready to make any urgent adjustments. 

Meanwhile, the more extensive skate tools provide a more comprehensive range of tool options with better features. However, since they are big and packed with lots of features, they can be heavy.

You can consider it if you have a backpack to bring because it’ll fit in them.

Is There A Screwdriver?

A screwdriver is an essential tool for almost any repairs in skateboards or the house generally. It is best to check the screwdriver feature of the skateboard tool you are considering buying.

The first one is the Phillips Head which is the most common type of screwdriver. They are convenient to use and easy to look for, so they are present in almost any skate tool. 

Another screwdriver needed in skateboard adjustments is the Allen Head. Some boards use the Allen screw as a unique appeal on the skateboard, so some skate tools offer its screwdriver. 

Some brands offer both Philips and Allen Heads in one, so it is probably the best bet on this one.

Is There A Socket?

If you’re putting your skateboard components together, your best friend is the socket. Sockets come in different sizes depending on their purpose. 

You use the 1 – 2 inches socket for truck axles, 3 – 8 inches socket for lug nuts, and 9 – 16 inches socket for a kingpin.

All of these components need repairs and adjustments so you can enjoy smooth turns and a solid ride.

Is There A Bearing Remover?

You can use a bearing remover to tighten or loosen the bearings as necessary for your skateboard. 

Some skaters use an axle to do it, but it is not the best choice because it may cause damages. So still, it’s best to buy the appropriate bearing remover tool for it. 

Is There A Grip Tape File

A grip tape file helps you to make edges smooth and safe for skating. It gives a clean finish to your boards, so it will look excellent and, of course, lessen any safety risk.

Most skateboard tools have a grip tape file present in the set, convenient when you’re buying a skate tool. It saves your time and life. 

Is There An Axle Rethreader?

Keeping your axle nuts rethreaded makes a big difference for your safety. Every fall and ride with your board causes minor damages on your board that you’ll only notice when checking up on it. 

Sometimes, you’ll see your axle wearing out because of performing tricks. When your axle loosens or wears out, the wheels loosen as well.

To avoid it, you need to rethread your axle to ensure that everything works fine up to the wheels. 

You can rely on it, especially if you are performing tricks or riding longer, which are the common cause of the axle’s wear and tear.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Skateboard Tools For?

Skateboard tools essentially help in almost anything as they can be multi-purpose. However, the primary purpose of skateboard tools is to ensure that your skateboard works well.

It includes checking if the bolts, nuts, wheels, and other parts are well-attached to avoid any inconvenience when riding. 

Can I Use Just One Single Tool?

Most of the time, skateboard tools can function as one because many offer them as multi-purpose. 

You pay for one tool that can do a lot of things for your board. 

Can I Assemble A Skateboard Using These Tools?

You sure can do it. With skateboard tools, you can quickly assemble your skateboard because there’s a tool for every part needed.

Do I Need A Skateboard Tool?

If you are a skater, you’ll need a skateboard tool. If you want to perform a maintenance check on your board, then get a skateboard tool to use accordingly.

In some cases, you use regular screwdrivers as an alternative if you don’t have the right skateboard tool. 

Are All Skateboard Tools The Same?

When it comes to purpose, skateboard tools are all the same. But when we talk about how they look, they are not the same. 

Skateboard tools come in various shapes and sizes that allow them to be portable while some aren’t.

Personal Pick

I recommend the Zeato All-in-One Skate tool from the list. It has an innovative design that looks classy when in use.

Most importantly, it is multi-purpose, helping fix not just one part but almost any skateboard part. There are also different variations to choose from, so you can select a small handy or a bigger version. 

The tool also has a screw that can help you with all the necessary screw repairs. Overall, it is practical to use in adjusting components on your board.

Its lightweight feature allows skaters to carry it effortlessly and solve any board concerns anytime and anywhere.

Final Thoughts

You’ll find skateboard tools to be helpful when it comes to taking care of your skateboard. Not only can you repair possible significant damage, but you can also prevent a disaster from happening. 

You can save yourself from harm if you can tighten that loosened screw. 

These tools are convenient and handy because they come in small sizes. As most of them are multi-purpose, you don’t need to keep a handful of tools for every component. 

You’re saving a lot by buying one tool for many purposes. 

Skateboard tools can help you anytime you need them so you can continue skating safely. Make sure to buy the best one to save money and keep your boards in the best condition.