Best Short Longboards To Buy

Recently, skateboarding using short longboards rose in popularity due to the sudden interest of people in the hobby.

Many started learning how to skate, while the other half picked up their skateboard again. 

With lots of exciting activities to do such as gliding and tricks, new people spend their time skateboarding.

If you are a beginner skater, choosing the right skateboard will probably give you a hard time. Picking the nicest skateboard for you takes more than just appearance to decide. 

With many types of skateboards out there, this article talks about short longboards specifically.

You might find the term short longboards as something oxymoronic, don’t worry, many people do. 

Since longboards come in various ranges of sizes, shorter versions of the type gained short longboards. 

Many short longboards follow the size that goes from 25 inches to 33 inches in length.

Although it stays true that short longboards are the shorter version of longboards, it still contains qualities that separate them.

What Are Short Longboards?

Unlike traditional longboards, most short longboards have more giant reverse kingpin trucks. The reason why it uses taller tracks is to make it ideal for cruising purposes.

Since it has more extensive and taller trucks, it also uses larger wheels. If you are worried about wheel bite, then the deck got you covered as well. 

You need to choose the right design and height of trucks to minimize the occurrence of wheel bites when gliding.

If you want to use short longboards, you must choose the right one befitting your style.

This article includes the eight short longboards you can find in the market to help you choose the right board.

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Best Short Longboards To Buy

1- Landyachtz Drop Cat 33in

short longboards - Landyachtz Drop Cat 33in

Founded last 1997, Landyachtz continues serving skaters with their top-notch decks. Until now, they remain a famous brand, especially for beginner skaters.

Landyachtz has various options like Drop Cat, one of their products that many beginners like to buy. So if you are new to short longboards, you might want to opt for this brand.

Drop Cat has a length of 33 inches and a width of 9.6 inches, with a wheelbase that has a distance of 23 inches.

Their mounted drop-through comes with Hawgs wheels and Bear trucks that bring out the best in your short longboard.

These equipment and features make Drop Cat an excellent pick among short longboards.

Skaters can easily glide and skate away with its size since they get complete board control.

In addition, since wheel bite does not often occur when using Drop Cat, skaters can pull off quick turns with ease. 

The drop-through mounting also helps achieve stability because the center of gravity is lower than usual.

Also, you can skate for a long time using this short longboard since it does not wear quickly.

If you want a smooth ride, then Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 is an excellent choice for this experience.

The only con that it has is its price which is around $200.

However, although it comes at such a high price, it can prove worthwhile since it is a top-notch short longboard.

2- Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo Longboard 34 inch.

Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo Longboard 34 inch

Most short longboards come with an utmost 33 inches, so Poke Bamboo Longboard is unique with its 34 inches length. 

This size is not too short but also not too long for a high-quality deck. Also, its wheelbase has a length of 20.75 inches, which is 2.25 inches times larger than Drop Cat.

The company designed a Poke Bamboo Longboard to maneuver during skating sessions easily. It helps in pulling big yet fast turns in the corners. 

With this board, you can pump and accelerate with ease compared to other short longboards. These functions make it one of the best short longboards to rip through the city.

Poke Bamboo Longboard has an overloaded package with top-notch parts, including the Paris Trucks and Orangatang wheels.

These two brands are the best in providing a smooth skating experience. Additionally, this longboard uses original bearings from Loaded Bearings.

Other than the well-packed component, people consider its deck as high quality as well.

The materials used, laminated bamboo and fiberglass, make the deck top-tier. 

It provides a light feeling for the skater without sacrificing its durability. Moreover, its structure contains a rocker and a slight concave. 

This design gives the skater an easier pump and a more comfortable platform since it lowered its altitude.

Overall, Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo Longboard remains one of the best short longboards for freeriding with all the qualities mentioned. 

You can still pull off tricks by optimizing the excellent kicktails it has, but you need to prepare because it comes at a cost.

3- Landyachtz Dinghy 28in

short longboards - Landyachtz Dinghy 28in

Among the cruises out there, Dinghy remains one of the most popular of them all. This other product from Landyachtz comes in the size of 28 inches by 8 inches. 

This short longboard might seem incompatible or complicated to skate, but that does not seem to be the case.

It is excellent for cruising around the city as it provides good stability and maneuver.

Dinghy uses Hawgs wheels as well with the Bear trucks. Both components occupy the high-quality list for skaters since it provides a stable ride. 

With such excellent parts, it helps smoothen your turns while avoiding the occurrence of wheel bite.

Dinghy remains suitable for cruising and ripping around the city. However, skaters advise not to use this short longboard for pulling off tricks. 

If you want to do fancy tricks, you should put Dinghy out of your radar.

Meanwhile, if you want a smooth ride with the squad, you should opt for this short longboard.

Dinghy works best for kids, but adults or teens with tiny feet can also use this board.

Much like the ones above, though, it remains expensive since it is a high-quality short longboard.

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4- Penny 32in Cruiser Complete – The Best Short Longboard

Penny 32in Cruiser complete

This Penny Cruiser can be a great option for people opting for a Penny classic. It has the classic Penny design but has better durability. 

Also, it can free you from periodical maintenance because of its durability, so you save more money. 

Penny Cruiser has a length of 32 inches and 8.8 inches in width, which is a standard size for a Cruiser.

It is one of the most remarkable boards because classic Penny is often smaller and narrower in scope. 

This Cruiser provides more comfort and space for you while you glide around. Moreover, it also offers great versatility with its size.

Penny Cruiser has 5 inches aluminum trucks with 83a bushings and 90a wheels. The wheels have a more rigid core than the traditional ones. 

If you try to skate on rougher roads, it might give you a lot of shaking when ripping around it. However, it handles fast rotation on smooth roads better than most wheels.

Overall, Penny cruiser is still a good buy if you want the traditional skateboard size but can’t handle rough rides.

In addition, it comes with a reasonable price since it follows the Penny Classic but with better components.

5- Globe Skateboards Sun City Cruiser 30in

Globe Skateboards Sun City Cruiser 30in

People consider Sun City Cruiser, a versatile board for beginners with the traditional pintail shape and fishtail kick. The Sun City is a stylish board with a length of 30 inches and a width of 9 inches. 

The size makes it fit the title of short longboard since it stays in the middle range. Sun City is one of the best picks for college students to glide around the city on regular school days.

Its design and color make the Sun City Cruiser very stylish. It may not come with a robust structure, but it has a chill one called Hawaiian theme. 

Furthermore, its color matches the theme, making the design look better. Also, the contrast between the design on the top of the deck and the bottom makes it stand out.

Also, Sun City Cruiser has a great physical appearance, but it also comes with high-quality parts. It uses the Tensor trucks, which helps in taking deep turns, paired with the 78a wheels suitable for regular rides. 

With that, the Sun City Cruiser is still a great option for cruising. It comes at a high but reasonable cost that even students can afford.

6- Loaded Boards Unlimited

short longboards - Loaded Boards Unlimited

Unlike the short longboards mentioned above, Loaded Boards free you from pumping. You will not need to push anymore when using this board. 

Most electronic skateboards come in such broad and extended sizes. Because of that, skaters find them hard to carry and store since they aren’t primarily portable. 

However, Loaded Boards, fortunately, produce electronic-boards that are the size of regular short longboards.

Loaded Boards have a size of 33 inches in length and 9 inches in width. Since it is smaller than most e-skateboards, it offers better portability than the other products. 

Also, it provides excellent gliding potential with its size, and despite being electronic, it is lightweight.

However, you might face difficulty in riding Loaded Boards at high speed. It has a much shorter wheelbase at 22 inches in length, making it somewhat unstable, especially for deep turns. 

The shorter wheelbase might give beginners a shaky experience when using this short longboard. But still, Loaded Board will work if you want to get from one destination to another without the speed on the line.

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7- Whome Longboards 31in

Whome Longboards 31in

Whome designed the short longboards to have a smaller platform for a skater to stand on. It comes with a length of 31 inches and a width of 8.25 inches.

Therefore, the board has not much space for the feet, making it suitable for kids and adults with tiny feet.

However, the size compensates for a 24-inch long wheelbase that enables better maneuver potential.

Skaters can easily glide through an obstacle with that long wheelbase and do deep turns with low difficulty. 

Additionally, the long-wheelbase makes sure that your ride will remain stable as you rip your way around the town.

While still providing excellent maneuver potential, it assures your safety from wheel bite with its shape. You can adjust its trucks according to your desire, whether you want it loose or tight. 

In addition to changing your trucks, you can replace their wheels with either bigger ones or smaller ones, depending on your preferences.

8- Quest Fishtail Cruiser

Quest Fishtail Cruiser

If you want to buy an affordable shortboard with the same style as Dinghy, look for Quest.

Quest Fishtail Cruiser is one of the smallest short longboards you can find. 

This board has the same shape and style as the Dinghy. It is 27 inches long and 8 inches wide. 

With such a low price, it comes with middle-tier trucks. You can replace it if you find it unsuitable for your experience. 

Also, it uses rugged aluminum wheels that people often consider okay. The aluminum wheels can handle rough roads and easily roll over small rocks and cracks. 

Finally, skaters can still use it the same way they use most short longboards because it has seven-ply of maple material in the deck.

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The aim of the list remains to help you find the perfect board for you. With all the short longboards discussed, may you find the best one with the qualities you prefer? 

Remember that the proper shortboard for you depends on the prices and how it fits you, most importantly. 

If you ever picked up the interest in skateboarding, make sure to ride safely and avoid getting into trouble when skating.