The Best for Outdoor Skating: Rollerblading vs Roller Skating

If you want to lose some weight, you might have considered getting a pair of skates to exercise. But which is better – rollerblading or roller skating?

According to weight loss experts, skating, including any of its types, is a great way to exercise and tone your body. However, not all skating types have equal fitness benefits.

Rollerblading vs. Roller Skating

Rollerblading vs Roller Skating?

Two of the most common skating types that are efficient in working out are rollerblading and roller skating. 

It is not yet definite to choose which is the better option among the two in general. However, both are excellent choices to start toning your body. 

There are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to some factors to consider when comparing them. 

Now you may be thinking about which of them is the most suitable for you. This article will break down the advantages and disadvantages of rollerblading vs roller skating in specific areas. 

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Roller skating is a safer option to exercise while skating. Specifically, using four wheels in your roller skates makes the sport even safer for beginners because it is more stable.

Also, high-top roller skates allow beginners to have enough ankle support that lessens any injuries while skating.

Although skating generally sounds intimidating, note that skating is still safer among other sports exercises than them. If we are talking about the risk of injuries when skating, it is as safe as playing in a playground.


Rollerblading and roller skating both have different safety concerns. In general, safety is a significant concern for skating regardless of which kind. 

Rollerblades, for example, have faster wheels compared to roller skates, making it more dangerous than roller skating. 

Therefore, when it comes to safety concerns, roller skating is a better option than rollerblading. But it does not mean that rollerblades are not safe at all. 

If you are a beginner, avoid street skating to prevent any severe injuries from skating. Choose quality rollerblades and roller skates that provide excellent balance to the skater while having excellent ankle support. 

Lastly, do not forget to utilize safety gear when practicing and even after moving up from being a beginner. In the end, it is still better to prevent any injuries rather than cure them later. 

Possibility of Wear And Tear


Nowadays, people turned rollerblading and roller skating to be safer sports activities. Similar to other sports, there are several ways to resolve any issues that skating has.  So let’s see about rollerblading vs roller skating

It all starts with the basics, just like any other sport. As for skating, find the right shoes that offer sufficient support on your feet and ankles. 

Also, learning the correct posture makes a big difference in minimizing skating in wear and tear. 

Hence, there isn’t a big concern about the impact skating has on your body. Some studies showed that skating is less harmful on the knees than running. 

If we are going to compare it to other workouts, skating has an advantage. 


Reckless skating without applying the basic skills can cause severe damage to your body, particularly the joints. 

If you don’t know the proper posture or brought the wrong pair of skates to start, then you are highly likely to incur injuries, especially on your ankles, knees, and arms. 

It is essential to skate using good-quality equipment. However, keep in mind that rollerblading is more unsafe than roller skating because the four wheels in roller skates provide more stability. 

Also, the wear and tear factor depends on the type of skating. Usually, vertical skating and roller derby cause long-term injuries in the joints, so you must carefully choose the perfect skating style. 

If your utmost concern is safety, choose a more casual skating activity like strolling in rinks to avoid heavy skating impacts. 

Roller skating is a better option for wear and tear. 

Pain Level in Rollerblading vs Roller Skating


If you plan on losing weight through skating, then roller skating is an excellent way to do so without causing too many injury risks. 

Some exercises leave you sore after doing them. If you’re looking for an alternative to working out with the lasting impact of soreness, then skating may be a good choice. 

To avoid feeling sore after exercising or doing sports, slowly try sports with increasing impact levels. Start with a low-impact sport until you can easily do higher-impact sports. 

For example, start with casual strolling with your skates to minimize soreness later. 


The downside of rollerblading and roller skating is that too much activity from these sports can result in pain later. 

A lot of roller skating activities require a lot of energy and muscle work. For instance, tricks like twists, turns and kicks present in vertical skating need high energy so your blades can glide through the ramps. 

So if you want to try an extreme exercise to shed some fat, artistic roller skating and vertical rollerblading are suitable options. 

Meanwhile, if you want the skating type to cause you minor soreness, then regular roller skating is your option. 

For this round, roller skating, particularly the classic one, wins the less painful workout against rollerblading. 

Weight Loss


Rollerblading and roller skating are helpful activities to lose some of your weight. Any skating style is a great workout. 

In burning calories, rollerblading and roller skating are great choices. Rather than taking a walk in the park or streets, you’ll lose more weight through skating. 

For an hour of moderate roller skating, you can even lose approximately 500 calories. Meanwhile, you can lose more than 500 calories with rollerblading for an hour. 

We can say that rollerblading is a better workout to lose weight than roller skating but just on a small margin. 


In general, skating can be a tiresome activity for some people. Rollerblading vs Roller Skating – it’s a tough call for this one.

For people who don’t enjoy putting too much effort into doing a weight loss exercise, skating may not be for you. Also, if you’re not a fan of shedding fat swiftly, then keeping up with your skating activity may be difficult.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do it anymore. You have to start from the slowest pace and gradually work your way up to a fast pace. 

Sometimes, the exhaustiveness you feel after exercising becomes a factor why you feel unmotivated to continue skating anymore. Maybe, you’ll even consider quitting the whole thing. 

If you want to steer away from activities that will cause you more tiredness, you may opt for roller skating. 

Though it may not immediately give you a quick weight loss compared to rollerblading, you’re still exercising with a lesser possibility of getting tired immediately. 

Toning of Muscles


Similar to other categories, both rollerblading and roller skating are equally great sports for this aspect. 

If you want to do an activity that can tone your entire body, skating is a great option to start. Both provide full-body workouts because, contrary to the idea that you’re only using your feet, you are using your whole body.

So while you enjoy skating as a sport or hobby, you’re also enjoying the benefit of having a more toned body. 

Of course, it all depends on how often you’ll skate and how much effort you’re going to exert. If you can maintain a skating routine for a month, you’ll immediately notice changes in your body. 

As expected, the common parts where toning is visible are on your legs, thighs, and backside. 


Most of the toned muscles are in the lower half of the body. 

I mentioned that skating is a whole body workout; however, you need to consider that the legs will get more toning than the other parts.  

If you’re looking for leg exercises, then rollerblading and roller skating are both good for you. But if you’re specifically looking for a workout to tone your upper body, then another sport may be better.

Rollerblading and roller skating may still work for you. However, you may need more time to see the difference. 

So for muscle toning in the whole body, rollerblading and roller skating have similar benefits.



Rollerblading and roller skating are both affordable sports. The only equipment you need to start skating is the skates and your protective gear. 

For both activities, the estimated cost for you to have a pair of skates, padding, and helmets is around $150. After all, it still depends on how grand you’d want your equipment to be, but this is the standard. 

Also, there are cheaper alternatives for your skate shoes that can go down to $50 per pair. However, if you also consider the skates’ design and fashionability, $150 may not be enough. 

Aside from the skates, you may also want your protective gear to be fashionable, so you’ll spend more than the average cost of starting skating equipment.

Therefore, the budget in terms of rollerblading and roller skating is not a big problem. They are equally affordable but still depend on how you expect your equipment to look aesthetically. 

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Can You Lose Weight Through Skating?

Can You Lose Weight Through Skating? rollerblading vs rollerskating

Generally, almost any sport or exercise is effective in shedding those unwanted body fats. Depending on the level of exertion, you’ll achieve your weight loss goal. 

But if you are serious about the whole weight loss plan, start with a healthy diet first. It will be the stepping stone to your weight loss success. 

Exercising and eating a healthy diet can help you burn calories while toning your body. To achieve a physique that is not too skinny looking, a good exercise routine along with diet is essential.

Can You Exercise Through Skating?

Skating is one of the most efficient sports to exercise your whole body. It specializes in burning the extra calories you have.

Rollerblading and roller skating are exercises suitable for the heart and burning calories, so you may want to consider skating as a part of your routine. 

Aside from being aerobic, skating is also an excellent exercise for muscle toning. Many people have great experiences in toning their bodies by rollerblading and roller skating. 

So don’t be surprised to see people with improved buttocks and toned legs who enjoy skating as an exercise. 

Final Thoughts: Rollerblading vs Rollerskating

Overall, roller skating is a better choice compared to rollerblading. It is enjoyable with a low risk of getting injuries while toning your body and burning calories. 

Additionally, it is a safer way to lose weight and less painful on the body while keeping the activity affordable for anyone.