Racket Sports To Try – How Many Do You Recognize?

With many people playing table tennis and badminton, racket sports grew as the most played in the world.

However, racket sports do not stop in table tennis and badminton as there are 20 more variations.

With the world being round and wide, different racket sports emerged from other places.

That said, the racket sports umbrella has a lot of names that you probably will not recognize.

Despite that, for sure, those sports you don’t remember will still prove worth trying.

Racket Sports: Badminton

Racket Sports Badminton


Speedminton does not use the net in the court. Also, the court is separated into two squares with a large gap between the two.

The rules remain the same, and use shuttlecock as well. However, the rackets resemble the squash rackets.


Badminton uses a lightweight racket with a shuttlecock to act as the ball.

Also, players perform mostly indoor since the shuttlecock is light as well, that wind can easily blow it away.

However, no one restricts players from playing it outside.

Table Tennis

Unlike other racket sports, table tennis uses a hard table as a court. A small net divides it into two sides.

Table tennis uses a small light ball that bounces every time the player hits it with the paddle.

Since it uses a small table to play the game, not a full-sized court, table tennis gained popularity. It is even ranked as one of the ten most-played sports in the world.

Ball Badminton

Ball Badminton uses a ball of wool instead of a shuttlecock. Nonetheless, the ball remains light and can still be easily blown by the wind.

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Racket Sports: Tennis

Racket Sports: Tennis


Tennis swings in as one of the most popular sports in the world. After all, tennis has around 87 million players worldwide – wow.

That number remains impressive considering that tennis is an individual sport. However, people can still play it as duos.

Moreover, People can play tennis outside, more commonly known as lawn tennis. However, people can also bring the court inside the stadium, removing the rocky and sandy texture.

That prevents them from dusting.

Soft Tennis

Popularized mainly in Asian Nation, soft tennis remains not so different from tennis. The only difference between the two is soft tennis uses a soft rubber ball. Because of that, its ball has less mass than the current tennis ball and smoother as well. Thus, people call it soft tennis.

Real Tennis

People believed that real tennis comes from ancient times and has become the source of tennis mechanics nowadays.

Players commonly play real tennis inside a court. The court contains two sides of the same size: the service side and the hazard side. As its names suggest, people serve on the service side, while the receiver position on the hazard side.

Its racket comes in pear shapes, unlike the almost circle of tennis, paired with a cloth ball. Players believe the cloth ball of real tennis to be much harder than the tennis ball.

Platform Tennis

Played on a court that is about one-third of a tennis court, platform tennis is like pickleball and tennis combined. The court usually has a high wire fence, enclosing the players inside.

Platform Tennis utilizes sponge balls the size of the traditional tennis ball. Yet, it uses a racket that remains similar to pickleball paddles.


Like paddle and platform tennis, padel tennis uses a smaller court that is one-third the size of traditional tennis.

Also, the padel has its court enclosed with either fences or walls. However, the big difference it has with the tennis mentioned above is the bouncing on the wall.

It has a similar feature to the squash that allows the ball to touch the wall without losing a point.

The rackets used also resembles the paddle used in pickleball. It also uses a tennis ball with less pressure, just like paddle tennis.

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Paddle Tennis

Established more than a hundred years ago, paddle tennis has the exact nature of platform tennis. Unlike traditional tennis, it uses a smaller court while also not having double lines. People commonly play the game as doubles, yet singles are possible as well.

Paddle tennis uses a racket similar to the paddle of the pickleball, much like platform tennis. Its ball, however, uses the same ball as tennis, but with less air pressure.

Squash Tennis

Combine squash and tennis, and you get squash tennis. Squash tennis uses a court played in squash while utilizing tennis balls and rackets for the gameplay.

Tennis Polo

Tennis polo has a similarity with the sport lacrosse. Because of that nature, people should play it outside.

Playing tennis polo requires players to compose two teams, with both having ten players. Tennis polo contains two goals that have similarities with hockey.

Since it is tennis, people use a tennis ball to play the game, throwing it to score.


Played indoor, sticke contains the same elements that real tennis has. Sticke uses the traditional tennis rackets with the conventional ball with decreased pressure. In sticke, rules allow the ball to bounce to the wall, similar to squash.

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Racket Sports: Squash


Squash remains one of the popular racket sports in the world.

The player far performed squash in a walled court with a small rubber ball. They use a rubber ball as bouncing it to the wall is an integral part of the game. With or without shots from the services can strike any assortment of the wall before they need to hit the front divider before ricocheting.

Hardball Squash

Although its relevance in today’s sports starts to decrease, hardball squash remains popular in North America. As its name suggests, hardball squash uses a ball, harder than the standard squash. Since the ball is harder, it bounces faster and has a higher velocity than a standard squash ball. However, hardball squash adapts the rules of the traditional squash.


Racquetball uses a ball that is usually bigger in volume than traditional squash. The ball travels faster as well. This sport also has more extended than the traditional squash court. Also, Its court has no tin.


The UK made their version of racquetball in the name of Racketball. However, Racketball’s court uses tin.

Racket Sports: Pelota

Basque Pelota

People play basque pelota on a walled court using a rubber ball to strike on a wall. Unlike the sports mentioned above, basque pelota requires people to use the player’s hand to play.

Basque countries established the sports, which involves portions of Spain and France. Because of that, the sports remain popular in Basque, as well as Latin American countries.


Fives has the same mechanics as Basque pelota. Fives uses a walled court with a rubber ball that the player needs to throw using their hands.


Inspired by basque pelota, fontenis uses an enclosed court as well but bigger than ones of squash. Also, fontenis has the singles and doubles variation.

Moreover, fontenis uses a rubber ball like the ones above but utilizes a racket to pass it on the wall.

Jai Alai

Jai Alai requires the player to use Cesta, a basket, to hold and throw the ball. Because of that, it has similarities to lacrosse. However, the gameplay of pelota remains.

Racket Sports: Pickleball


In pickleball, players use a wooden paddle to pass the holed plastic ball to the other side of the court. Its court has a size smaller than average tennis but has the same size as the net. Pickleball has become one of my new favorite sports and is the fastest growing sport in the U.S.


Pitton has the mechanics combines of pickleball and badminton. While playing on a pickleball court, the player uses pickleball paddles to hit the shuttlecock called ‘birdie.’

Other Racket Sports

Paleta Fronton

Players either indoors or outdoors play a paddle to hit the rubber ball to strike the front wall.


Using a wooden racket, players need to prevent the rubber ball from ever touching the ground. Volleying it to pass it to the other side of the court remains the game’s primary mechanic.

Beach Tennis

Beach tennis uses paddles similar to pickleball, with a tennis ball with lower air pressure. Since the ball doesn’t bounce off the sand, players should prevent it from touching the surface.

With all of that said, we can say that racket sports have grown over the years that variation emerged. Since that is the case, part of the list above will probably have fewer players than the mainstreams like table tennis.

As mentioned above, you probably have not heard of some of the sports listed. Nonetheless, if it ever interests you, go check the sports out and enjoy playing.

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