Pickleball Shirts — Fashion and Function for Men and Women

With the rise of the popularity of pickleball, it is no surprise that companies have begun making Pickleball apparel.

And as brands continue producing clothes, they will continuously improve their form and function. 

Now you’re curious about what Pickleball shirts look like and their functionality for the sport.

Continue reading, as this article describes pickleball shirts and provides a few examples.

Black Pickleball Shirts For Both Men and Women.

Men’s Pickleball Shirts

In recent years, there has been a meteoric rise in the popularity of Pickleball as a sport.

As a result, fewer and fewer men go to the Pickleball court wearing any old shirt they can find in their closet. 

The most popular Pickleball shirts for men are ones that wick away sweat and keep them cool as they move around the court.

Men’s pickleball shirts should fit perfectly, allow enough airflow, and be breathable. 

Polyester or cotton are the most common materials for men’s Pickleball shirts.

Because cotton tends to sop up sweat and make it challenging to move around the court, polyester is the better option.

Some have fabric that soaks up moisture or anti-odor technology that kills bacteria.

Some shirts are made with mesh making them breathable. 

Other shirts are made of materials that protect against UV rays.

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BloqUV has a smooth BloqTeq SPF performance fabric and four buttons on the front.

The fabric helps get rid of sweat and smells and kills bacteria. It doesn’t shrink, either.

Essentials Heathered Mesh Crew from FILA

This Fila Mesh Crew shirt has anti-odor technology that stops bacteria from growing and causing smells.

This fabric also pulls moisture away from your skin. 

The mesh fabric on the back yoke and sleeve inserts blocks 30+ UV rays.

A polo shirt is excellent if you want to look nice on the tennis court.

Polos can have either short or long sleeves. 

Like short-sleeved t-shirts, polo shirts can be made of fabric that wicks away sweat and blocks UV rays.

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Women’s Pickleball Shirts

Women who play pickleball must choose their clothes carefully, just like their male counterparts.

The women’s Pickleball shirts need to keep players cool and remove sweat. 

Pickleball requires a lot of movement around the court, making you sweat.

Most women who play pickleball wear short-sleeved shirts, sleeveless tops, or tank tops, depending on the weather. 

However, there are great long-sleeved shirts that fit all tastes.

Polyester and spandex are the most common materials for women’s Pickleball shirts because they are the most comfortable and easy to move in. 

If you want to wear cotton Pickleball shirts, a good cotton tank top is what we’d suggest.


Faye + Florie Tie-Back Tank

A women’s tie-back tank is a new style for pickleball.

Tanks with ties in the back keep you cool on the court. 

They feel good and are airy. From the front, it looks like a tank top with an open back.

This is from the line The Waters.

100% of it is polyester. It fits true to size and has a stylish tie-back that lets you make changes.

On the pickleball court, short-sleeved t-shirts are also great to wear.

They are easy to wear and useful.

The soft fabric helps get rid of moisture. It has a scoop neck and cap sleeves.

FILA Essentials Full Coverage Tank

When you play, you look great! Tank tops are handy and are great to wear when playing outside when it’s warm.

The tank fabric is a mixture of polyester and spandex.

There is bias binding on the armholes and neckline, and a seam runs down the center back.

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Well-known Brands For Pickleball Shirts

Women Wearing Pickleball Shirts Playing in an Indoor Court.


Brooks Proctor started the Los Angeles-based brand PKLR in 2019.

He came up with the idea after shopping for pickleball-themed items and saw a lot of “crazy” designs of “cartoon pickles.”

Recess Pickleball

The Sports & Fitness Industry Association says that almost 5 million people play pickleball in the United States, up from 2.5 million in 2015.

This means that the sport is quickly becoming a big business. 

And that means that big names in fashion want to get involved early and make a name for themselves.

The Austin, Texas-based Recess Pickleball caught the fashion world’s attention when they made a small collection of custom paddles with the American brand J. Crew. 

The brand was already well-known for its pickleball paddles, which had dreamy, retro-inspired designs and were well-made for the casual crowd, but didn’t have “the 2004 look.”

Civile is an Italian word that means “be nice.”

It is a brand that a woman in San Diego started during the “darkness” of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns.

Even though founder Aubri Steele and her husband didn’t know much about pickleball, they set up a court in their family’s driveway to stay active.

What started as a way for people who didn’t know each other well to get together and stay active quickly turned into a passion.

Civile’s main message is one of positivity and, of course, civility.

Slogans like “don’t be a dink” and “play nicely” on pickleball-themed clothing help spread the sport’s reputation for being community-based.

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Final Thoughts

Pickleball has started becoming more famous.

As the sport’s popularity rises, so will it level up its fashion. 

Clothing companies have begun to create clothes for the sport and will continue to do so while riding the rise in popularity.