Pickleball Gift Recommendations for Women

Pickleball isn’t just for men, and women make up almost half the pickleball players’ population.

Over the years, people have considered ways to appear stylish but still practical while playing the sport. 

Because of this, you’re looking for thoughtful pickleball gifts for her.

No worries, stick around as we go through a list of recommended pickleball gifts they might like!

Couples Playing With Their Pickleball Gifts.

Gamma Two-Toned Pickleballs for Training

Sure, pickleballs that are bright yellow are easy to spot.

The attractive fuchsia and pink ones pair well with your clothes!

Swinton Pickleball Starter Bundle

This beginner set has everything they need to start playing pickleball, which will likely become their new favorite sport.

It comes with a pickleball paddle with green or pink stripes, three pickleballs, and a great-looking bag to carry it all.

Know more about pickleball bags here.

Vera Bradley Pickleball Paddle

The beauty of this paddle may fool you.

This designer paddle has both style and substance, thanks to the latest technology from Baddle.

It has a fiberglass face, a thick polymer core, and a durable, mid-weight design.

Make sure to put it on the right cover.

Ame & Lulu Pickleball Tote

This tie-dyed nylon tote is a stylish way to carry her gear.

It contains a slip pocket for her paddles, two mesh water bottle pockets, and an interior zip compartment for valuables.

Devereux Pickleball Sweatshirt The Burbs

If you are looking for a beautiful throwback crewneck, a Devereux Pickleball sweatshirt would be one to consider.

It is a comfortable soft fleece sweatshirt. Who doesn’t need one more sweatshirt?

Sweaty Betty Swift Running Skort

We want to play any sport where we can wear skorts.

The best qualities of the Sweaty Betty skort are; it is lightweight, dries quickly, and is breathable.

Vera Bradley Pickleball Collection by Baddle

Yes, that famous quilted Vera Bradley design is now available on the pickle courts.

We’re talking about colorful paddle covers and mid-weight paddles with a durable fiberglass and polymer honeycomb core for power and control.

Georgie & Lou Parker Pickleball Bag

A lightweight bag that pickleball players can use to easily carry their paddles, balls, and any other gear to and from the court.

There’s even a carabiner system to hook your bag to the fence and keep it off the ground.

Georgie & Lou Cheetah Bag

It’s fashionable and valuable, with adjustable straps, numerous compartments, and a “carabiner system” that keeps her bag off the floor.

It is a great gift even if she doesn’t play pickleball because it can hold her all gear, making it a win-win situation.

JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa

A vacation at the country’s pickleball resort may be the perfect gift for a player with everything.

The pristine Sonoran Desert surrounds the 316-acre JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa. 

It includes 17 new pickleball courts with professional surfaces where you may receive a massage in the afternoon.

Let’s Get Pickled Let’s Be Civile Sweatshirt

Pickleball Paddle and Ball As Recommended Gifts.

Let her know you “get” her by giving her this super-soft sweatshirt that shows how much she loves the game and will make her smile.

This classic white crew neck has a slim fit for comfort and style on and off the court.

Shadow Ball Pickleballs that Glow in the Dark

This is an excellent choice for people who play outside in the evening when it’s getting dark.

Most unusual balls could be better, but Shadow Ball’s glow-in-the-dark balls impressed us.

They charge very quickly, and you can easily keep your pickleball balls bright by charging the ones you aren’t using in the high-quality box with the set.

The glow-in-the-dark balls are great pickleball Christmas gifts because there isn’t much light in the evenings around that time of year.


Do you know of anyone tired of bending down to pick up pickleballs?

This might be a good purchase for them. 

The PickleUpper fits perfectly on the end of pickleball paddles and saves your knees and back when you have to pick a pickleball.

It’s natural to picture older players using it, but even younger ones will find it helpful and enjoyable.

Tourna Hipster Pickleball Holder

Playing is a nightmare if you don’t have pockets because you have to spend so much time looking for balls, which cuts into your playtime.

The Tourna Hipster ball band comes into play here. 

It’s a band that stretches and goes over your skirt or shorts.

It can hold up to two pickleballs and is easy to put on.

Werena Pleated Skirt

For our guide to pickleball skirts, we scrutinized every skirt in the market and decided that the Werena pleated skirt was the best.

It’s one of the most popular items on Amazon, comes in many different colors, and looks great.

It fits well and looks good on everyone. It’s an excellent choice for all sports, not just pickleball.

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Final Thoughts

These may be excellent recommendations.

Carry out detailed research on more pickleball gifts that could not make it into this list.

Most importantly, consider learning more about the recipient to prepare a more tailor-made gift for them.