Pickleball For Beginners – An Ultimate Guide (2023)

Looking for a guide for pickleball for beginners??

It is easy to get overwhelmed when just starting with a new pastime.

There are times when your head spins, and your hands bulge with money impulsively. 

However, you don’t have to be impulsive when trying a new hobby due to the low cost and ease of learning pickleball.

Pickleball is a great sport for beginners, and this post will help you get started.

pickleball for beginners

Pickleball For Beginners – Basic Items You Need

Discovering pickleball is best when you have someone who knows it and can help you learn. 

If you cannot find a person who can help you start, let this article be your guide.

Here’s everything you’ll need to begin your pickleball journey as a beginner.

Pickleball Paddle

The pickleball paddle is the primary tool you use when playing the game.

It’s the most essential piece of pickleball gear you’ll ever possess. 

Different companies use many materials to make pickleball paddles, much like other athletic gear. 

Some paddles use metal or plastic for their cores, while some use fiberglass or graphite for their paddle surface.

You may select from a variety of paddles on the market.

Depending on the brand and quality, they may cost anything from $15 to $150.

Of course, each paddle has its specialization, and the quality of the craft varies greatly.

Wooden paddles are famous for being bulky and heavy but highly affordable.

They may weigh up to 20 ounces, which is a significant amount.

The weight of a composite paddle is around 7.5 ounces. 

As a suggestion, you should not opt for wooden paddles, especially if you have the budget to spend.

But if you badly need the cheapest option, you can choose to use it temporarily.

Meanwhile, a composite paddle is a combination of many diverse parts.

It has three essential features: the core, the face, and the edge guard.

You call the head of the paddle the head, and it is usually in a honeycomb shape.

It is sturdy and lightweight, which is the best for playing pickleball.

When purchasing a paddle for the first time, choosing a lightweight or mid-weight paddle is vital. 

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It is pretty easy to find a local pickleball spot in your area.

Aside from recommendations, you can always go out and discover them yourself.

There are many alternatives accessible to you, and most of them are reasonably priced.

Using the USAPA website, you can look for sites if you don’t know anyone.

It is the best way to locate new spots to play pickleball.

Pickleball courts often fall into two categories: tennis courts and gyms. 

Whether indoors or outdoors, tennis courts are the best places to play pickleball.

Another alternative is to play on a gym’s hardwood floor. 

There isn’t much difference between pickleball and basketball or volleyball when played inside the gym if you go to a pickleball court with lines marked for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball. 


Basic Items You Need

When playing pickleball, the shoes you put on are crucial.

Pickleball can lead to severe injuries and other medical problems, considering things to consider when purchasing shoes.

You cannot play pickleball in open-toed shoes, hiking boots, swim shoes, or running shoes. 

Because running shoes are the most frequent type of sports footwear worn and are the handiest, many people will begin playing pickleball in their running shoes. 

However, running shoes might be a horrible idea in the long run.

Sturdier shoes are better for pickleball to avoid injuries.

Sprinting from one side to the other with your body is also lateral movement, and pickleball has a lot of it.

As a result, running in the wrong shoes might cause an ankle sprain, knee pain, and even fractures.

Court shoes are an excellent recommendation for pickleball use because the bottoms are flat and have little or no treading.

They aren’t as sturdy as tennis shoes, but they get the job done.

Another best purchase is a pair of tennis shoes.

Tennis courts are highly textured and rough, like jogging on sandpaper.

Tennis shoes are your only choice if you plan on playing on a tennis court. 

However, one of the beginner mistakes is starting in running shoes rather than proper court shoes.

Running shoes can only run in a straight path, whereas pickleball requires a lot of movement from side to side.

You are more prone to hurt your ankle when you use running shoes because it is too light.

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Some Skills and Knowledge

If you’ve previously tried any other form of racquet sport, whether it was tennis, table tennis, or badminton, you already have an advantage.

It is not a problem if you haven’t because pickleball is easy to learn and play.

You can learn most of the knowledge and skills while playing.

There are lots of pickleball facilities out there that offer classes so you can master the game.

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How To Learn Pickleball?

Pickleball for beginners

Pickleball isn’t difficult to learn but a matter of patience.

Through time and practice, you can play pickleball better. 

Learning and playing pickleball is all about having fun.

While playing, listen to the suggestions of your fellow players because they will be your best teachers. 

Don’t concentrate too much on the technicalities of the regulations because pickleball can be a lot of fun if you put your mind to it.

However, a few things to keep in mind before you head to court.

First and foremost, always prepare a bottle of water.

Pickleball players should drink enough water to keep healthy.

Also, anyone who has researched pickleball before this post is aware that the sport is gentle on the body.

However, this is only partially accurate, and it does not indicate how exhausted you may become.

Pickleball has just two fundamental rules. You may find it hard to play if you don’t know them.

These rules will aid you when playing on the court. 

It’s good to have them in your brain before going out there.

Do not be alarmed if you break one or more of these guidelines because even the most seasoned players have their share of blunders.

Non-Volley Zone Rule

The Non-Volley Zone or Kitchen Rule is one of the most famous rules in pickleball.

It’s a court region seven feet from the net on either side.

While your feet are within the kitchen, or if your volley momentum causes you to walk into the kitchen, you can’t volley the ball.

A volley is merely striking the ball while it is still in mid-air.

You can hit the ball in the kitchen if it bounces.

However, if you volley it without bouncing while in the kitchen, you get a “fault .”

If the ball has already bounced, you can stay in the kitchen as long as you like.

This rule is because players shouldn’t just stand at the net and bash everything over.

As a general rule, you have to place your feet one to two inches below the kitchen line. 

Don’t get ahead of yourself when it’s time to hit the ball. It may take time to familiarize yourself with this rule.

You’ll inevitably make a mistake in the kitchen, but you’re not the only one. 

Double Bounce Rule

It’s a common mistake for beginners to fall prey to this rule.

Seeing someone break the rule is a hoot since it’s so simple to grasp. 

Double bounce implies that the ball must bounce once after each serving and return.

To put it simply, it says that if someone serves the ball, the return server cannot strike it out of the air when they volley.

It’s also forbidden for the serving team’s return server to strike it mid-air when it’s returned to them. 

Thus, the “double bounce rule” prevents players from hitting the ball without bouncing once on either side.

Because it’s so simple to forget, it may be a bit of a challenge.

In addition, hitting balls in mid-air is a strong temptation. 

You may consciously remind yourself not to step forward when you or your partner serves the ball.

You may avoid volleying the ball by staying in the rear of the court.

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Final Thoughts – Pickleball For Beginners

Hopefully, this pickleball guide has helped you improve your game.

Pickleball is a fun way to socialize and have a good time with new people. 

In time, most of the tiniest things will come to light, and you can handle them one at a time.

And if you are not a beginner, here is a post for an intermediate-level player for pickleball. Enjoy!!!