Pickleball Equipment Sets for Both New and Committed Players

Sometimes newer players need help gathering the equipment to begin a proper pickleball match.

More experienced players playing with older or improvised gear may also opt for an upgrade. 

Either way, you can only play with the proper pickleball equipment.

Stick around as we review the bare minimum of what you need and set recommendations for purchasing.

Pickleball Equipment

Pickleball – a Refresher

For those new to the game, pickleball is excellent for getting together with friends; the rules are also straightforward and quick to learn.

Anyone may play pickleball, yet it can quickly develop into a competitive, high-tempo game with practice and skill. 

But what is a game of pickleball?

Pickleball is a paddleball game that combines parts of badminton, tennis, and table tennis to become its own game.

They say Joel Pritchard’s wife came up with the name “pickleball.” 

She said the game was a mix of different sports, like the “pickle boats,” which have a colorful crew of rowers from other crews.

Pickleball Equipment – The Bare Minimum

Two or four people can play pickleball by hitting a perforated ball with a wooden paddle over a net.

Pickleball is also easy to play because you don’t need a lot of gear. 

Though the bare minimum equipment you would need to play pickleball is:

  • A Court
  • A Net
  • Balls
  • Paddles

The Court

The court should be the right size for pickleball.

A standard pickleball court is 20 feet by 44 feet, which is the same size as a double badminton court. 

Also, both net sides have a 7-foot area in the middle of the court. It is known as the “don’t serve” zone.

Yes, you can use a tennis court for pickleball.

Remember that tennis courts are more extensive, so use boundary lines and lower the net to pickleball levels.

The Net

Pickleball nets are different from all the other racketball nets.

The ends of the net are higher than the middle, making it dip down towards the center. 

At one end, the net’s height is 36 inches, and in the middle, it’s only 34 inches.

The Balls

In tennis, the balls are made of felt, but in pickleball, the balls are made of plastic and have holes.

Most people would call a ball like this a “Wiffle ball.” 

Because they are much lighter and have fewer holes, these balls move through the air much more smoothly than a tennis ball.

It’s common for the holes of an indoor pickleball court to be larger than those of an outdoor court.

They are typically manufactured from a softer plastic, making them simpler to handle.

Indoor courts might be more challenging for slam shots because of the softer material and deeper holes.

The outdoor pickleballs are heavier than the indoor ones, so they can handle the wind better when playing outside than the indoor ball can.

Though more durable, they are harder to hit and have less drag than indoor pickleballs because of this.

The Paddles

In pickleball, instead of a stringed racquet like in tennis or badminton, you use a flat paddle.

Pickleball paddles have different sizes and thicknesses, similar to how tennis and badminton racquets differ.

Learn more about pickleball paddles here.

Equipment Sets; Recommendations

Equipment Sets; Recommendations

For those who want to avoid buying the gear piece by piece, stores can offer complete sets.

Here are two set recommendations, one for newbies and one for regulars.

Pickleball Central Rally Meister Portable Light Pickleball Set

For a more newbie-centered set, the Rally Meister Portable Light Pickleball Set is great for getting everything you need to try out pickleball. 

Not to mention it is more affordable than a deluxe set.

The four Rally Meister Wood Paddles are made of wood and are, on average, lighter than most wooden paddles.

Its seven layers make it extra strong and durable.

You also get a Rally Portable Light Net System, four high-visibility yellow balls, two court-line chalk sticks, a rule sheet, and a drawstring bag to carry everything. 

The net is only 16 pounds, making it one of the lightest options for minimalist packers.

It’s effortless to assemble and even comes with its case.

Just remember to keep the net safely stashed away when not in use.

As much as this set is excellent for both indoor and outdoor play, the net might not withstand bad weather.

Head Extreme Elite Deluxe Set

There’s also this set for more experienced players by Pickleball Central.

This set includes four Extreme Elite composite paddles, three Penn 40 Outdoor pickleballs, a portable net, and a duffel bag. 

The paddles have the diamond shape that Head is known for and a composite hitting surface that gives both power and control.

An OTC honeycomb polymer core makes playing feel and even sound better. 

Not to mention ergonomic foam grips that make it more comfortable to hold.

The portable net weighs 32 pounds, goes together quickly, can withstand strong winds, and meets all the sport’s size requirements. 

Included with it is a nylon carrying case for portability.

Combine it with a multi-compartment duffel with room for paddles, balls, and other supplies, and you’re ready to play.

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Final Thoughts

Pickleball is fun to play casually and competitively, and having the proper equipment for this can be beneficial to your enjoyment.

Always keep safe when playing, and take care of your pickleball equipment!