How To Treat Paintball Welts And Bruises

Paintball players know how physical a game can get, especially if it’s an intense one. They can’t help but get welts and bruises, but these injuries are typical for severe players. 

If you are new to paintball, there’s a chance that you may not have experienced having welts and bruises. Of course, let’s not hope for you to have that because they don’t feel good at all. 

Despite being a common injury in the sport, it is not something to seriously worry about because you can avoid getting one. If, in any case, you’ll get one, there are various ways to treat them.

This article will tackle the differences between welts and bruises, how you can get them, treatment, and prevention. 

By the end of this post, expect to throw the concern away so you can peacefully enjoy playing a safe paintball game. 

What Are Paintball Welts and Bruises?

paintball welts and bruises

Welts and bruises are two common injuries you may sustain while playing paintball. It is not as painful as you may think it is, but they are usually the “worst” ones you can get from a casual game. 


Welts are the raised area of the skin caused by the pellet hitting the bare skin. They come in various sizes, basing it on the bullet sizes and the impact.

In typical cases, welts turn red, but it is purplish when it is a severe one. You may want to avoid touching them because it can be painful.

However, welts heal quicker than paintball bruises, so don’t be scared. 


While welt is an apparent injury because the skin somehow swells, bruises remain under the skin’s surface. Bruises are common even outside the paintball scene, and they are purplish, green, or black. 

You’ll know when a bruise is fully well when the colors have faded, but it takes time. 

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How Does One Get Paintball Welts And Bruises?

You can tell how bad a welt or bruise depends on how hard the player shot it and how far they are; if the gun is powerful or exceeds the standard feet per second rate, the worse welts and bruises. 

You’ll less likely get welts and bruises if the shooter is far. Also, the spot where you’ll get shot is vital because they can be sensitive to bruising. 

If you are wearing protective gear, then you can lower the chances of getting injuries while in the game. 

For situations where you get welts or bruises, you should expect it to hurt. The pain varies on the impact and where you got hit, so if you don’t want to feel the pain, it is best to protect your body. 

When you sustain a pretty bad injury, you should immediately see a doctor. But if you believe that it is not severe and can still handle the pain, there are treatments for welts and bruises that you can do. 

Treatment For Paintball Bruises

Treatment For Bruises

The quicker you treat your injuries, the quicker your recovery time is. Upon sustaining a bruise, immediately apply a cold compress. If there are no ice packs, a Ziploc bag will do. 

You don’t just leave the cold compress on the bruise. Instead, you leave it for at least fifteen minutes, then remove it for at least an hour, then repeat. 

Home Remedies

At home, you can find the most unexpected ingredients that can help with your bruises. Also, home remedies usually use natural ingredients, so you’re going to save a lot. 

Potato and banana peels can be effective in reducing the pain of your bruises. It would be best if you rub the peels on the bruised area. 

The explanation behind this method is that bananas and potatoes are high in potassium levels, speeding up the recovery period. 

Warm Compress

The day you get the bruises is the day you apply the cold compress. But after one day, you need to switch to a warm compress. 

There are hot packs available, but you can also dip a towel in warm water, squeeze the excess water, then dab it to the bruised area.

Like a cold compress, you need to put an interval between the application and removal because keeping it on the bruised area will worsen the condition for a long time.

Warm temperature can help the bruises improve blood circulation so they can heal faster. Soon, the color will be back to normal.

Epsom Salt Baths

You may not be familiar with Epsom salt, but it is an old way to treat body paints. You can enjoy an Epsom salt bath to heal your bruises and other injuries. 

Epsom salts are available in drugstores or groceries, so you can easily use them at home. 

Fill your tub with warm water before adding the Epsom salt. Let it dissolve and distribute evenly in the sub.

Enjoy the salt bath for at least 30 minutes, but you can stay longer if you want and can stand it. Not only will you recover from the bruises, but you can also relax from them.

Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K cream is almost essential for a paintball player. You can get it at your local drug stores or online shops. 

There are specific instructions in the Vitamin K cream that you can follow. In no time, your bruises will heal and go back to normal as nothing happened. 

Treatment For Paintball Welts

Treatment For Paintball Welts

The initial treatment for a paintball welt is to apply a cold compress, how you will use it to a bruise. You may want to reduce the swelling as much as possible, so don’t leave your welts without any first aid remedy. 

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Raise The Area With Welt

If possible, keep your body area with welts elevated to help reduce the swelling. You can raise your arms if they are in your arms, while you can raise your limbs if it is in your limbs. 

After keeping them elevated, the swelling should go down a bit. 


There’s no better treatment than rest itself. If you refrain from any strenuous activities, you can heal faster. 

It is the perfect timing to be a couch potato and binge-watch while taking the time to heal your welts. 

Use Witch Hazel Plant

Witch hazels are plants, but you can see them in a first aid kid. It is usually beside the alcohol and peroxide. 

If you’re wondering its purpose, then it is a remedy for the welts you have. It helps lessen the pain and swelling of the help, so if you haven’t tried it, now’s the time. 

How Long Does It Heal?

There’s no specific healing time for all welts and bruises because there are different circumstances per person. One’s bumps and bruises may be more severe compared to another person. 

However, if it is a usual case, give it around two weeks to heal. Welts heal faster than bruises, but a minor bump heals even quicker. 

A welt can die down within days, while a bruise can last up to weeks before regaining the original skin color. 

Still, some people are sensitive to welts and bruises, making the healing time longer than in typical cases. If you bruise easily or your skin is sensitive, you have to be more careful.

Take all the necessary protective gear to wear before playing in a paintball game.

How To Prevent Getting Paintball Welts And Bruises

How To Prevent Getting Welts And Bruises

You won’t have to treat welts and bruises if you can avoid them in the first place. In a paintball game, you may need strategies to prevent getting them. 

Below are some of the methods to follow so you won’t have to suffer from these injuries:

Follow The Rules

Paintball ranges create rules for a reason: to keep the players safe while letting them enjoy the game. Most regular paintball players already know the basic rules, but beginners need to digest them well. 

Game rules vary from league to league, so the direction you know from one range can be different from the other. You may need to follow these rules to keep yourself from significant injuries. 

It is not only you who has to follow the rules but your co-players and opponents. It will help in making the players safe so if someone is not following, report immediately. 

Even when playing with friends, you shouldn’t cross the line and ignore the rules of the game. Everyone should abide by the game instructions to keep the injuries at minimal to none at all. 

Before joining any game, make sure you know paintball. Don’t go into a war without any preparation. 

Wear Protective Gear

If you’re knowledgeable about paintball, you can move on to finding proper protective gear to use in the match. Before getting excited over paintball guns, protective gear should be your top priority. 

There are different protective gear for the corresponding body parts. You need to understand why you need them and how they can help you in the game. 

Some of the essential protective gear used in paintball are masks, goggles, gloves, vests, and helmets. 

You may be familiar with almost all of them because they protect the sensitive areas of the body. For example, the helmet protects the head, including the eyes, because it can get nasty when hit. 

Add Protective Clothing

You have the choice to wear a shirt and shorts, but that would be a mistake. Your exposed skin may suffer from welts and bruises from the lack of protective clothing.

You can wear thick long sleeve tops and pants to prevent welts and bruises. You are also protecting yourself from scratches. 

Protecting Your Sensitive Parts

Paintball gear can be expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy every piece of equipment for every body part. 

To help you decide which to buy first, focus on those gears to protect the most crucial body parts. Parts without a lot of muscles and fats will hurt more, so it can be your guide. 

Get a full face mask or helmet, goggles, gloves, and pants to ensure that your skin is safe from the harsh impact. 

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Final Thoughts

The tips in this blog will guide you in your future paintball matches. The little knowledge you earned here goes a long way, so you won’t have to deal with welts and bruises. 

If you get a welt or bruise, there are many available treatments out there to help you. Do not be scared of these welts and bruises because they’re not as bad as it seems.