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The goal of Try New Sports is to showcase sports that you might not be familiar with. It will give you the chance to learn and find a new sport to try.

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Or you’ve always wanted to try out rollerblading or skating and want to pick out the right equipment.

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Best Things To Wear While Paintballing

what to wear paintballing

You may be the most excited about buying your paintball kit, but you may have overlooked the most significant thing to consider: the clothes. What exactly should you wear to play paintball? In paintball, you don’t just wear any outfit to stand out from the crowd because you have to think through your safety. Before jumping … Read more

How To Choose Skateboards For 6 Year Olds

skateboards for 6 year olds

There’s no age requirement to learn how to skate. Even six-year-olds can get into this exciting sport.  As early as possible, kids can ride a skateboard to have more time to progress and overcome hardships. However, it takes proper research and plan before handing a six-year-old their skateboards.  It is not the most trouble-free task … Read more

Best Pickleball Gifts For Pickleball Lovers

Wood Pallet - pickleball gifts

For over 50 years since pickleball came into existence to provide entertainment and sportsmanship, the sport is still significant and fun.  Many people enjoy playing pickleball because of the learning process and making new friends from playing.  And speaking of making acquaintances in pickleball, you may find yourself wanting to express affection and bond to … Read more

Best Inline Skates

In this blog, you’ll see some of the best inline skate brands in the world. Of course, they are not the only brand you’ll ever find, but these are the most recommended ones.  These brands quality skates that support the skating industry alive. Most of them started as skaters themselves, so they know the best … Read more

Best Portable Basketball Hoops For Your Game

Advantages Of Portable Basketball Hoop

Going back and forth from the gym can be tiring, but you want to play basketball. Worry not because you can enjoy basketball anytime and anywhere without the hassle. You just need to find the best portable basketball hoops to work on your game! You can get a portable basketball hoop for your yard or … Read more

The Best Pickleball Bags Reviewed

E-Force medium bag

You may already have a complete set of equipment to use in playing pickleball, but you have another concern: how to organize your paddles, gear, and other things.  This article will help you find the perfect pickleball bag depending on your needs. Some bags differ in their shapes and sizes according to their purpose. Sometimes, … Read more

How To Play Pickleball?

How To Play Pickleball?

The game pickleball started in the 1960s, and it’s becoming more popular. Despite the pandemic, the sport didn’t lose its appeal to people. Pickleball is similar to tennis, badminton, and table tennis, but many features distinguish it from them. It has unique differences that are unique from other paddle sports. Want to learn how to … Read more

Pickleball Rules: General Rules of the Game of Pickleball

pickleball rules

Some of you may or may not be familiar with the paddle sport called “pickleball.” It started way back in 1965, but it is booming now during the pandemic. There are different theories on how the sport got its name. Some said it is from the phrase “pickle boat,” a mix of other teams in … Read more

Pickleball Scoring Basics: The Ultimate Scoring Guide

pickleball scoring

Beginners may get mixed up with the scoring system in pickleball. Even non-beginners get confused, too, because there’s a lot to remember from the rules. Usually, they are the position changes during service; those who score during a rally or call the score before service puzzles them.  Honestly, it’s quite a handful to memorize all … Read more