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The goal of Try New Sports is to showcase sports that you might not be familiar with. It will give you the chance to learn and find a new sport to try.

Maybe you’re just now hearing about the rage of Pickleball or Spikeball.

Or you’ve always wanted to try out rollerblading or skating and want to pick out the right equipment.

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Top 27 Best Skateboard Brands In The Industry

best skateboard brands

If we’re honest, there can never be the best skateboard brand. However, many brands offer quality skateboard needs like shoes, wheels, trucks, bearings, and decks. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let’s attempt to show you some of the best skateboard brands out there. The brands included in this list are … Read more

Best Skateboard Tool For Your Breakdown!

Skateboard Tool

You may be too invested in learning how to skate, and it’s understandable because there’s a lot to learn, like basics, tricks, etc. However, you may forget to check on your boards.  Like any other things used in extreme sports, you need to keep a maintenance check even on your boards.  You may have skipped … Read more

How Much Does A Skateboard Cost?

how much does a skateboard cost

Skateboard beginners typically consider two things when they dive into this sport. First, you figure how frequently you’ll be skating. Second, find the skateboard types that you like.  Once you figure these two out, you’re off to building a nice skateboard setup that meets both quality and budget. So how much does a skateboard cost? On … Read more

Top 13 Coolest Skateboard Decks


When skateboards first emerged in 1950, wood planks and metal wheels made up the boards. Since then, the design and materials improved that encouraged more people to try skating. In this article, I’ll show you some of the coolest skateboard decks you can find.  Each year, the number of skaters continues to grow as companies … Read more

Girls Skateboards

girls skateboards

Skateboarding became more popular in 2020. In particular, girls grow fond of trying this active sport, as much as boys do.  Because of the growing interest in skateboarding, I researched different skateboards that girls may prefer to ride. In this post, we will discuss the compilation of the best girl skateboards I found. 7 Best … Read more

7 Best Skate Pants In 2021 – All Time Favorite

In skateboarding, it is a typical scene for skateboarders to flop down or fall. That’s why many skaters wear protective gear to avoid serious injuries. You might as well consider your skate pants as protective gear. It protects your skin from further wounds and also helps you skate comfortably.  With a pair of quality skateboard … Read more

How To Roller Skate?

how to roller skate

Many teenagers take an interest in roller skating even way before. Although adults also enjoy this sport, the number is less than those of teens.  Some key points to remember when you want to roller skate smoothly are control, technique, posture, and movements. To achieve them, you must practice as often as you can.  Any … Read more

The 2 Best Wrist Guards

wrist guards

Accidents are inevitable if you skate. Most of the time, skaters suffer from wrist injuries during these accidents. It’s scary to even think about getting hurt that you need to go to the hospital. It is not an impossible thing, especially if you can get ligament tears or fractures on your wrists.  You know how … Read more