Is Skateboarding A Sport? What You Should Know.

It’s almost impossible for everyone not to know what skateboarding is; however, most people are still unsure whether skateboarding is a sport or not. 

Don’t worry because this question has been hanging for years now, and this article will help you figure out the answer.

is skateboarding a sport

What Is Skateboarding?

Before answering if skateboarding is a sport, you first have to know what skateboarding is.

It is a freestyle activity for recreational purposes, which helps riders gain self-esteem and discipline.

You can skateboard at a skatepark, in the streets, or almost any outdoor area without hazards. 

Is Skateboarding Hard?

Skateboarding is either hard or easy because it will depend on how much you practice and your skills.

Falling the first time you try skateboarding is not a great way to know whether you want to skate or not. You can still try a few times after, so don’t give up on your first try. 

Some people may find skateboarding hard, especially if they don’t have any background, but it gets easier once they figure it out. 

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Is Skateboarding A Sport?

Now for the main topic in this article, you may wonder if skateboarding is a sport.

Even professional and beginner skaters encountered this question. 

While some people consider it a sport, some also don’t. So the answer is either yes or no.

Before concluding on this slightly controversial question, you should check out some facts.

They can help you understand why skateboarding is a sport and not a sport simultaneously. 

Is Skateboarding A Sport? Yes.

For most people, skateboarding is a sport because it involves a lot of physical activities and gestures. That is true because marks are any action done for entertainment. 

Therefore, the classic and straightforward definition of sports fits skateboarding characteristics, making people think it is a sport. 

Also, sports have a set of rules and may hold a competition. Skateboarding has a set of rules when there is a competition, but there are no rules to follow when done casually. 

Furthermore, these skateboard rules are not much compared to most sports with a long list of rules.

Some massive skateboarding competitions established, even the Olympics, make people think it is a sport. 

For these types of skateboarding contests, judges decide the winner.

They based it on a set of rules like any other sports out there.

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Is Skateboarding A Sport? No.

Skateboarders focus on their skills instead of competition rules most of the time. It may be because skateboarding was originally for self-satisfaction on the skills they achieved. 

Sports like basketball, volleyball, badminton, or soccer have many rules to decide who will win.

Also, these sports may need to be played by teams with a designated venue and proper criteria to decide winners. On the other hand, skateboarding doesn’t necessarily require all of them.

You don’t have to skateboard in an outdoor or indoor court. You can ride around your neighborhood as an everyday activity. 

There are also no strict directions to use the skateboard. No one will point out the “wrong” use of the board way because there’s no such thing. 

Moreover, you don’t need a pair or a whole team to ride the board. You are free to do whatever you want on a skateboard.

Therefore, skateboarding played in a competition style does not show the essence of skateboarding. The rules present in these contests almost remove the casualness of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from whether skateboarding is a sport, people are also curious if skateboarding is a sport in some cases; what category does it belong to in the list?

There may also be people who are curious if skateboarding is hard. Even if you are a professional or a newbie, these questions can pop into your head. 

Most of the time, non-skateboarders will ask these questions, and the label of a dangerous sport may scare them off from trying. 

However, here are some questions to help feed your curiosity and fuel your interest in skateboarding:

1- Is Skateboarding Dangerous?

Skateboarding could be dangerous, to put it simply. There are a few hazards when skateboarding, like any other sport, but it entirely depends on your skills. 

Some skaters find skateboarding a safe and healthy activity because it keeps the whole body active. 

You may get injuries, but not as much as you would probably get from playing basketball. 

Meanwhile, some professional skateboarders still advise avoiding riding downhill because even experienced skaters find it difficult and dangerous. 

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2- When Did Skateboarding Become A Sport?

Initially, skateboards were for transportation or recreational purposes. But as time went by, the popularity of skateboarding among people made it into a sport. 

Some theories suggest that skateboarding started with two wheels and as a transportation instrument. People mostly used them back in the 1940s on the west coast. 

A few years later, it gained popularity and became a hobby for most. People acquired more skills and tricks when using skateboards than competitions started. 

When it became an activity present in competitions, more people considered it a sport and its popularity. 

3- Can You Consider Skateboarding As A Professional Sport?

Some skateboarders consider skateboarding skills as the professional aspect of this sport. You can most likely consider it as a professional sport only when there is a competition and prize involved.

Most professionals do not consider skateboarding a complete professional sport because aspects don’t fit the “professional” sports criteria. 

Furthermore, many people oppose skateboarding because they consider it a form of art, similar to dance or song. 

Different skateboarding styles depend on what you want to pursue. Some may opt for street, vert, or park skating. 

That makes skateboarders artists rather than players because there are specific crafts that they choose to excel in. 

The difference between sports and arts, you can easily crown the best player, but you cannot call an artist the best one. 

There are different styles in art, just like in skateboarding that it is impossible to call the best artist with no solid criteria. There isn’t the best singer, just like there isn’t the best skateboarder. 

However, you can call a famous skateboarder, but not the best, unlike sports. 

4- Can You Play Skateboarding As An Olympic Sport?

In the Tokyo Olympics, skateboarding debuted as an Olympic sport. It is one of the new ones added to the event, and many people are enthusiastic. 

As it is its first debut in an Olympic event, the participants have a few rules. Men and women can join in the competition and perform either park or street skating. 

Some of the variables included in the criteria for winners are speed, height, and other subjective factors. 

The street skating event laid out a straight street with obstacles like stairs, slopes, handrails, and benches to perform tricks. 

Meanwhile, the park event has complicated curves in the dome-shaped bowl with steep slopes. 

Each performer showcased their skills, which is usually different for some sports. And this detail right here sparks the question of whether skateboarding is a sport or not. 

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Is Skateboarding A Sport? Final Answer

At this point, you may think that skateboarding is a sport. It is already an Olympic event, and competitions are held that make it a sports event. 

However, you cannot deny that even dance, a form of art, has been a part of similar competitions. 

These points do not immediately mean that dance is a sport, so does skateboarding. Skateboarding as a part of the competition does not make it an event and will not represent the overall aspects of sports. 

Like fashion and music, skateboarding has been a part of street culture for the longest time.

Additionally, it also influences art and its other forms. 

Therefore, skateboarding is not a sport. There is so much more to this activity, its styles, and skills that people explore and are willing to explore.