Is Racquetball In the Olympics? 04 Solid Reasons It Is Not!

Is Racquetball In the Olympics?

The Olympics have historically been the most famous and well-known sporting event globally.

Participants from across the globe compete in prominent games at the Olympics. 

Since the birth of Racquetball, there have hardly been Olympic events held. It may be a question: is racquetball part of the Olympics?

Racquetball is still not part of the Olympic Games for various reasons, the most evident of which is the sport’s limited scope. 

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) assesses a wide variety of mainstream sports for inclusion.

Racquetball’s exclusion from the Olympics in the past does not imply it won’t be in the future.

For now, this potential will likely necessitate time and a wider spread of interest in the sport worldwide.

It is due to a range of causes that have resulted in its exclusion.

is raquetball in the olympics

Is Racquetball in the Olympics? Why It Is Not…

Not Well-Known

Racquetball is not an Olympic sport because of its lack of popularity.

There is no rationale for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to include this sport in the Summer Games, given the many American athletes participating.

In addition, most of the world’s best racquetball athletes are from the United States.

As a result, the IOC declined to include this sport in the Olympics because it is not well-known worldwide.

Despite its popularity, Racquetball is exclusive primarily to the United States. It remains more popular in the United States than anywhere else.

Ignoring the fact that there are no racquetball tournaments in Asia or Europe, they are frequently on television in the United States.

Olympic qualification requires a sport to satisfy several criteria.

Competition is Low

The level of competition in Racquetball also affects its selection. Tennis, badminton, and Squash are among the world’s most popular racquet sports.

However, Squash is the only sport on the list which is not part of the Olympics. Tennis, unlike Racquetball, is played by people of all ages and genders.

However, neither has ever had Squash. 

If the Olympics takes place in a hosting country with widespread participation in a particular sport, then that sport may be considered for inclusion in the Olympic program.

If the Summer Olympics is in the United States, Racquetball may have a chance to compete.

Racquetball has a higher chance of making the Olympics if it becomes more well known.

Lack of Facilities

Racquetball’s participation is also because of its competition from other sports.

Tennis and badminton, two other racquetball-like games, are hugely famous worldwide.

Greater competition worldwide has led to tennis and badminton inclusion in the Olympics.

Compared to other courts, a racquetball court is greater in size and costly to construct.

Rinks need many workers to build, whereas nets are a basic for badminton courts.

As a result, host countries have been reluctant to commit to having the sport in their plans.

Racquetball’s prominence and status are rising, but not to the point where it may be part of Olympic participation.

Despite its prominence in the United States and Canada, Racquetball has never been as popular as tennis today.

Bothersome for Spectators

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has also said that Racquetball is difficult for viewers to follow. 

Many people believe that the frantic pace and limited watching options will not garner large crowds like other sports have.

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How Can Racquetball Join the Olympics?

How Can Racquetball Join the Olympics

Below are some of the things that might help Racquetball make it to the Olympics:


Also, organizations need to guarantee the sport’s financial viability.

Ticket sales, television advertisements, and event expenses for sporting events are all intimately linked.

Constructing a racquetball court is a costly endeavor.

Tournaments can build Racquetball courts in the host country, but that won’t bring in more spectators due to the sport’s unpopularity.


If this sport were much more famous, more opportunities for sponsors and advertising would be available throughout its broadcast hours.

Because Racquetball fails to gather the interest of more viewers, the Olympics may not be able to include it.

Racquetball’s inclusion in the qualifying requirements would be problematic for many reasons.


Because Racquetball is a newer sport, the International Olympic Committee does not necessarily see it as a need.

From a nation’s budget perspective, the most expensive Olympic games are hosting games.

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Can Racquetball Be in the Olympics?

Racquetball is most likely to be in the Olympics if a host country nominates it.

The host country makes nominations for Olympic sports.

The sport should happen in the Americas, where Racquetball is prevalent. It doesn’t change that other countries have to vote on it. 

Its long-term survival is at risk because of its lack of international recognition.

USA Racquetball has included the sport for years without much luck. 

This process has taken a lot of time and money to complete, yet it was ultimately a failure.

Many individuals feel that this money could go to increase local engagement.

It is more likely that a sport will be in the Olympics if more people participate and publicize it.

Racquetball is tougher since tennis is an Olympic sport and is exceptionally close.

Racquetball may become a prominent sport and be in the next Olympic games.  

The International Racquetball Association attempts to elevate its profile and bring it to the Olympics.

Because of this, you may have to wait for another few times if you are a Racquetball enthusiast and would like to see your favorite sport at the Olympics.

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Final Thoughts

Racquetball will have a great shot at making the Olympics if it expands its reach further than America.

Beginning with the main aspects is an excellent place to start.

The sport’s popularity will rise if institutions can spread the game to other countries and present it to a younger age group.

Sport inclusion is because of popular appeal, and Racquetball can only prosper if its fan base expands. 

The competition only rises as a result of more people participating.

The sport would be considerably more fascinating to watch and join in if there were more players.