Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis: 7 Aspects Compared!

Playing pickleball is an excellent option for those who enjoy the concept of tennis or another court and racquet-based activity but feel that other sports are a bit too hard on their bodies. 

Pickleball’s success is on the rise, and one of the reasons is that people find it to be less challenging to learn than tennis.

However, is pickleball easier than tennis?

Over the recent years, pickleball’s popularity has steadily risen.

It’s a fantastic social and enjoyable activity, but it also has the potential to be highly competitive. 

Although it borrows a lot of aspects from several racquet sports, pickleball is also distinct in its way. 

Which is Easier Pickleball or Tennis

Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis – Rules

There are a few notable distinctions from tennis, but the rules are primarily the same.

A most striking feature is the size of the court.

To play doubles in pickleball, the court must be 44 feet long and 20 feet broad, compared to 78 feet for tennis.

Like tennis, pickleball requires players to let their ball on the court to serve.

The point of contact when doing underhand must be below the hip. 

Another thing to know is that pickleball has an entirely different scoring system.

It does not have a game set. 

The first team to reach 11 points claims the win, but you have to be ahead by two points to win.

The game will not end until one team wins by having two points or more.

You can score in pickleball when your team is serving, unlike tennis. 

The team needs to let the ball bounce once on each team’s side before volleying is one of the most challenging rules for beginners to grasp.

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While pickleball may seem to be a more basic game than tennis, the fact that the unforced errors decide the most wins in the match is the most challenging aspect.

Tennis players must avoid double faults, but pickleball players also need to know the no volley zone or the kitchen.

It means that you must refrain from volleying within that zone.

Intensity and Injuries

This aspect may be the simplest way to tell the difference between pickleball and tennis.

Pickleball is less physically demanding than tennis; therefore, you’re less likely to be injured while playing it.

It is good because most games have the same tempo and less mobility.

Tennis players have to run in almost every way they can and overextend their reach to attempt to hit the ball. 

However, does it mean that one is superior because of the intensity? 

Other sports are more physically and mentally taxing, but tennis is the only one that comes close in terms of the fundamentals and structure of pickleball.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer here, as there is in every sport.


Some people believe that pickleball is all about having a lot of power to hit and score.

It isn’t the case at all when playing pickleball. 

Because the pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court, where you land the ball is more critical than in tennis.

There are fewer rallies in pickleball, but the proper placement of the shot will let you win.

You can have more chances of winning the game with your shot instead of the unforced errors expected in the game. 


Some people may see pickleball as less physically demanding than other games because of the reduced amount of movement required.

However, tennis and pickleball players have to compete at the same level of flexibility and quickness, whether they are playing either sport.

As established, pickleball courts are smaller, and there is minimal running all around the court.

Therefore, you won’t be using your muscles as hard as you would if you were playing tennis. 

However, it does not mean that you should not be in good shape when playing.

Pickleball may be challenging for shot placement and serving when considering the overall technique required.


Pickleball strokes resemble some tennis strokes.

However, it’s more of the ball placement rather than the power-hitting. 

Whereas in tennis, you must find the perfect mix between power and control, in pickleball, you can almost always rely on your placement to complete the trick.

Pickleball players who wish to improve their tennis skills will love it.

You’ll be in complete command of your shot placement, giving you the edge you need to win after victory.


The drop shot is the most famous in pickleball because it’s visually appealing and capable of boosting your score.

Your tennis drop shots will dramatically improve if you play pickleball, especially if you play singles.

The court is smaller for pickleball; thus, the shots must be more precise and accurate.

Pickleball is a more complex game to execute angled shots than tennis, so you’ll enjoy pickleball if you like angled shots in tennis.

Tennis lob shots are fun to hit in pickleball, and the same is true if you’re used to them from tennis.

You have to be accurate and clever because the pickleball court is tiny, and a mistimed lob may lose points far more frequently than in tennis.

Finally, low shots are another area where you’ll have a big hurdle.

Getting beneath the ball and completing a shot is easier in tennis because tennis balls bounce higher than pickleball balls. 

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Can You Play Pickleball if You Play Tennis Before?

Is Pickleball easier than tennis

Yes is the most straightforward response to that question.

Because pickleball is less physically taxing than tennis, many intermediate to advanced tennis players have reaped the benefits nearing the end of their careers.

On the other hand, pickleball is a comparatively easy transition from tennis.

Pickleball uses the same fundamentals as tennis despite the smaller paddles, lower bounces, and reduced court size.

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Conclusion – Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis

The most accessible approach to determine which sport is more manageable is to check the various characteristics of both games, regardless of their resemblance.

Whether you find pickleball or tennis easier, may this article help you better understand the critical distinctions between the two sports. 

If you’ve never played pickleball before and want to brush up on the basics, you can look for more pickleball articles here.