How to Play Darts 301

You may know Darts 301 if you’ve ever seen professional darts or played in a dart competition. This type of dart has basic dart games common among professional dart athletes.

Despite the apparent easiness, winning at darts 301 takes a lot of expertise and practice.

This article will teach you all you must remember to play darts 301, even if you are a complete novice.

how to play darts

Goals In Darts 301 

Each player begins the game with 301 points, and the aim is to be the first one to zero out.

You remove the total of each throw from your total score, and the game continues until one person or team is the first to reach zero.

When it comes to playing darts 301, the most common numbers to target are 20 or 19 since they have an excellent probability of scoring many points and getting you out of the game quickly.

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How To Play Darts 301 – Strategies

When it comes to winning a game in dart 301, skillful players may get away with throwing the most scores and taking the fastest way out, but newbies and average players may need to use a little more plan.

Beginner players should throw a dart that hits the double 16 to get 32 points deducted to their out. 

If you skip the double 16 and hit a single 16, you still have 16 points remaining, which requires striking a double eight as a backup.

Missing the double 8 makes a single 8. It means that you have 8 points remaining with the need to hit a double four until you have 0 points.

Throwing your highest number is also a successful tactic. Many competitors hope to score the most by hitting the triple 20, but not everyone can do it quickly.

Many dart players will shoot one or five points while trying for the 20, getting lower scores. Forget about the 20 and concentrate on other scores you can smoothly hit.

If you hit all three of your darts in the 15 points, you’ll get a more excellent score than if you hit your darts in the 1 and 5 points.

How To Play Darts 301

How To Play Darts 301

To determine who will throw the first dart, each player throws a dart at the bull’s-eye, one at a time.

Whoever throws the dart closest to the bull’s eye target will be the first one to throw darts. The same player also gets to choose their own game.

Either double-in or straight-in is the way the dart 301 games series begins. It also ends in the same way. Double-ins and double-outs are common occurrences on the 301. 

So what do straight-in, straight out, double-in, and double-out mean?

Straight-in means to gain the best point by throwing three darts straight-in by the first dart thrower. You can also call this move the straight-start.

It is possible to get at least 180 as the highest points by striking three of the triple 20.

Meanwhile, to begin counting one’s score in a game of darts by double-in or double-start, the first player must hit a double. It is the thin outside area of the dartboard.

If the player fails to achieve a double, they will not earn any score; therefore, ‘not opening” the scores. 

However, this condition only applies to the first round. Thus, the player does not need to throw a double in the following rounds of the game.

To win in double-out, they must score exactly zero with their first dart.

On the other hand, the gamer must score zero for straight-out, as simple as that. You don’t need any doubles, but this style is not typical in games. 

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How To Score In Darts 301

After the first throw, the score gets taken from the starting score, 301. Then, the score from the future throws gets taken from the accumulated total score.

The personnel keeping the scores should display the number of points earned in a throw and the overall number of points lower. 

The outer bull or target is 25 points, the inner bull or target is 50 points, the narrow outer ring is a double, while the thin inner circle is a triple.

If officials consider you to have “busted” in 301, the dart player’s throw is over, and their throw does not earn any point.

For instance, players cannot do double-outs and single-outs if the player scores less than zero.

For instance, players cannot do double-outs and single-outs if the player scores than zero in the end. 

Also, players who hit zero but their last attempt was not a double during a double-out “failed” the game.

Lastly, if the team has one point left in a double-out, they are out because you cannot hit darts with half of the throw.

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Final Thoughts

People who are just starting in the game of darts like 301 because it allows for quick practice to excel in playing later on.

Although this post provided you with tips and basics, you need to remember that mastering the game’s principles and strategies like doubles and singles requires time, effort, and practice.