How To Play Cricket Darts

As soon as you hear about darts, cricket is generally the first game that springs to mind.

Cricket darts are a challenging but simple form of darts to learn, and it’s prevalent in pubs throughout the United States.

This post will show you some of cricket darts’ basic rules and techniques. You may wonder how to play cricket darts as a beginner and how long it will take. 

You can learn them in a couple of moments; then, you can go out and have an enjoyable round with your buddies right now.

How To Play Cricket Darts

How Many Players In Crickets Dart 301

It’s common for cricket darts to have a team of two players. However, you can play with three players in “cutthroat” or three-way cricket.

However, this setup is less popular and more technical and tricky since two players might join forces against the third player.

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Strategies In Cricket Darts

A beginner player may often defeat a better player in cricket darts. Still, cricket darts require a considerable amount of practice and strategy to execute.

Cricket darts scoring charts have numbers printed in decreasing sequence from 20 to 15 along either side of the board. Thus, the ideal scoring technique involves “closing” the highest points first and gradually proceeding in declining order.

As a result, you’ll have a leg up on your opponent, who will have to work harder to close the gap if you score many points early.

Always aim for the thin inner circle of the triple ring to ensure that your score is “closed” in one hit.

In addition, if your opponent hasn’t reached that score yet, striving for the triple may swiftly gather your points for you to use against them.

The most challenging element of this game is aiming the bull’s eye. Hence some players choose to worry about it the most. 

Even if you’re leading in total points and have closed all the numbers, leaving the bull’s eye accessible will allow your opponent an opportunity to close the gap.

Scoring In Cricket Darts

Scoring In Cricket Darts

When you close or open a score mark, it indicates that you should hit a single and a double or a triple to claim the point.

If that player “owns” a score before the other player does, they will earn the accumulated scores when they strike the number again.

There is no additional scoring on the same area or point if the opponent has likewise closed on the very same number.

The outside ring is a double, counted as two. Meanwhile, the inner circle is a triple, which counts as three.

Meanwhile, points for the inner bull is a double, which earns you 50 points. That means the outer bull is a single score worth 25 points.

Cricket darts are a fascinating sport since “closing” or marking your numbers, such as the bull’s eye, does not guarantee victory.

If a person has closed all of their numbers but has a lower total score than their rivals, they must toss enough shots to equalize or surpass their total.

If the only number left to “close” is the bull’s eye, the player must throw enough extra bull’s eye hits to close the gap with the opposition’s points.

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Basic Rules In Cricket Darts

You play cricket darts on a standard dartboard at an elevation of 5’8″ from the ground to the center of the inner bull’s eye.

All players throw a dart at the target to determine who goes first. The first thrower will be the player whose dart is nearest the target.

The first thrower will be the player whose dart is nearest the target. Each player needs to throw three darts in sequence, and this action is what they call “turn.”

Furthermore, the darts must be from the same place and distance, ideally 96″ from the dartboard’s surface.

The sequence in which numbers can be “closed,” “marked,” or “owned” is up to the individual player. A player doesn’t need to take a shot call.

Types Of Cricket Dart Games

There are a few ways to spice up a game of cricket darts, depending on how fast you want it to proceed. You can also play it according to the degree of expertise of the individuals involved. 

For example, you can play a cricket dart game that has no point system, the players play sequentially, or you may add more numbers to close. 

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Wrapping Up

A well-played cricket match requires a lot of practice, planning of gameplay, and strategies. It gets better over time, and you’ll learn how to close numbers and earn points quickly. 

If you want an exciting game to play in a laid-back atmosphere, cricket dart is the best way to go. So go out and have some fun playing darts with your friends.