How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall

You can store your skateboard while standing on the ground, or you can have it up on the wall. It keeps you from tripping over it, but it also saves you space. So let’s talk about how to hang a skateboard on the wall.

There are different ways to hang your skateboard on the wall, but if you don’t have the proper equipment and method, then it can be unstable at some point. 

Some skateboards on the wall end up falling, or the process of assembling itself is confusing for some. Don’t worry because this article will help you set up your wall space for the skateboard. 

There is an easy option for you to get your board up in the wall with less hassle and materials to use. Make sure to get a quality wall mount so your board will always stay in place. 

A good skateboard wall mount will not only keep your board safe but also allows you to show off your deck to anyone who can see it.

Hanging your deck is an efficient way to save time and space because it is easy to assemble, and it does not use the floor space where you can place more things. 

Now ready your materials and equipment, and let’s get into the steps!

how to hang skateboard on wall

Secure The Bolts

The skateboard wall mount has a small plywood plate that will serve as the overall base of your deck’s new home. 

You need to insert the two long bolts through the back of the plate and secure them in place with a washer and nut—these two help keep your bolts in place so your board will not move around too much. 

Use a 7mm spanner wrench to tighten the nuts better and secure them in their places. Next, add in nuts, one on each bolt again, about halfway. 

These two additional bolts mark the gap between the base of the mount and the deck itself. It helps your deck avoid contact with the wall, which may cause scratches for both the wall and board. 

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Mark Your Wall

Now you want to mark your wall according to where you want your screw placed. The spot of the screw is in the center of the two bolts and slightly above them. 

You may want to opt for a reachable height but, at the same time, won’t bump someone. Or you may want to place it in a spot where people can see it.

Next, use a drill to screw your plywood plate into the wall. You may use a wall plug to secure the screw tighter and better.


Place Your Decks

The plywood plate and all the screws are now in their respective spots. You may now slide in your decks to the two long bolts horizontally. 

You may wonder where you would insert the bolts in your decks. The holes on your decks where you place your trucks are the place!

The plate has markers that show where the holes are for your deck. Slide your board far back enough where you left the additional nuts. 

Ensure the distance is safe enough that it will not let your deck fall or tilt in an awkward position. 

Secure The Bolts

Finally, you can secure the board in place by screwing dome nuts at the ends of the bolts. You’re going to sandwich the board using the nuts behind and the dome nuts in front. 

You can keep them tight and nice by using the same 7mm spanner wrench. 

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Finishing Touches

You don’t need a fifth step because setting up the wall mount is very easy! All you need to do is appreciate your deck while displayed on the wall. 

The best deck to display is something with a graphic that’s eye-catching or suited to the room where it is. 

These steps make storing your boards easier, so next time you plan on hanging more, it will be hassle-free. Most quality skateboard wall mounts are just under 10 dollars which is a great deal already. 

And the best thing, you need roughly five minutes to set it up. You don’t need technical skills or what not to display your decks. 

Also, aside from sliding it horizontally, you can try hanging it vertically. It’s all about your preferences so if you want to add more style to your decks and room, get some artsy goodies!