How To Clean A Paintball Gun? A Complete Manual

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Paintball is fun butthe most time-consuming and challenging task is to clean your paintball gun.

However, you must not overlook this chore if you are an avid paintball player.

Performance on the range and its longevity depends on how well you take care of the gun.

If you don’t clean your paintball gun for an extended time, the paintballs might explode within the barrel.

If you take good care of your marker, you may avoid paying this price.

Buying a gun that frequently jams or gives erroneous results is a no-no, especially if you are trying to save money.

Other players on the pitch may lose their focus if one paintball gun is malfunctioning suddenly.

You use the most out of your gun by simply cleaning it.

The method you tend your marker, on the other hand, is quite essential.

So how can one clean a paintball gun by themselves?

Effectively cleaning a marker demands a specific process or set of resources for each one.

It is easy to ensure that you did the process correctly if you have the manual.

If you don’t take care of your paintball guns, they won’t last as long as they should.

Even though most paintball players take great care to keep their markers clean and dry, many are unsure how to clean the inside.

It’s good to go through the instructions in your marker’s instruction booklet or website before cleaning it. 

Its use may involve strict guidelines to avoid damaging it.

To get a sense of the components of your marker, check for anything that looks like your design.

This guide will thoroughly show you how to clean a paintball marker from outside to inside. 

how to clean a paintball gun

How To Clean A Paintball Gun – Things to Prepare

Cleaning a paintball gun is considerably more uncomplicated than you may imagine.

A cleaning kit is one of the first items you should get. 

You can purchase it at most sports equipment stores, and it generally comes with a squeegee and a wipe.

You should also have some paintball gun lubricant on hand if you need it.

You can also refer to it as a paintball grease, as some brands call them.

It’s always a good idea to own a few essential tools.

You’ll need to disassemble and thoroughly clean the gun. 

You’ll likely want a few standard hand tools, such as a selection of tiny screwdrivers. 

Another tool that you may find helpful is a camera or your smartphone.

It can help you disassemble and reassemble the parts if you take photos before and after cleaning. 

Meanwhile, you’ll need a tiny bristled brush to clean your gun thoroughly.

You can find an old toothbrush or buy a designated marker toothbrush for this one. 

The space should be set up and organized as well.

No one wants to misplace a screw amid all the little bits. 

A cloth or anything to protect the surface can do the trick to keep the tiny parts visible and clean.

Another item that you may need to consider is batteries.

Some paintball guns are battery-operated, so it is essential.

Ensure that you remove these batteries before cleaning because it is dangerous once leaked. 

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Things to Prepare

Well-ventilated and Spacious Work Area

If you want to store your marker’s parts in order, it’s a bright idea to have a spacious workspace.

You may get a tiny and affordable fan to let you ventilate and maintain the surroundings more comfortably.

Plastic Tray

When buying a plastic tray with several pockets, your wallet does not have to suffer.

You can get a good deal online.  

You may need a plastic tray to keep track of all the marker parts like screws, springs, and other tiny pieces.

You’ll need to disassemble your gun, so you need a place to store the parts to avoid losing small details.

You don’t need a plastic tray to clean your marker, but it may simplify the process.

Once all the little bits are in a tray, you’ll be glad you did it.


To correctly disassemble your marker, you’ll need a few basic hand tools.

Essential tools like Phillips screwdrivers, flatheads, and squeegees are multi-tool sets.

You may use a different squeegee to remove paint from the crevices of your paintball gun.

Ensure that the squeegee goes through the inside and then back. 

Instead of spreading the muck all over the marker, use a squeegee to wipe it all at once.

Marker Toothbrush

If you don’t mind pulling out a few more bucks on a marker toothbrush, you can simplify brushing your teeth.

You can reach all the crevices with these specifically developed tools.

They’ll help you in degreasing the trigger assembly and the slide groove. 


There are a wide variety of paintball marker lubricants on the market.

Use an oil suggested by the manufacturer.

If you don’t follow the recommendation, you risk damaging your paintball gun’s performance.


You can clean your barrel, frame, and magazine with a fresh patch.

Most online shops, including Amazon, sell them at a reasonable price with excellent quality.

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How to Clean a Paintball Gun?

How to Clean a Paintball Gun

The popularity of paintball is steadily rising worldwide, and it’s just going to get better.

Paintballing is becoming increasingly popular, so you may be eager to try it out. 

You’ll need to understand how to properly clean a paintball gun to get the most outstanding performance possible on the field. 

Degas Your Gun

To start cleaning the paintball gun, you need to have your cleaning station set up, your gun degassed, and all batteries removed from the gun.

Remember to keep things as easy as possible by sorting stuff as you go.

One thing to keep in mind is that each gun is unique.

To know exactly how to clean your paintball marker, go to the user manual that came with it. 

When it comes to emptying your paintball marker, consider safety first.

Before beginning this procedure, be careful to open the CO2 or air tank to prevent any possible harm or fire.

When removing the air tank, remember that you are taking a step toward disaster, which might result in severe injury to yourself or others.

The degas feature on your gun is likely to be simple to operate.

Clean the Paintball Gun Barrel

Cleaning your paintball gun’s barrel is an easy initial step.

If there’s a lot to clean, have a second squeegee on hand just in case. 

If your barrel is easy to remove, cleaning it is just a breeze.

Most paintball barrels disassemble by unscrewing the screw. 

Then, slide a squeegee or wipe through the inside, drawing it out.

You’ll want to use a cleaner or water and make many strokes with it.

It would be best to allow the barrel to completely dry when you’re through using it.

Rather than using a blow dryer or letting it air dry, it’s best if you dry it yourself. 

Water left in the barrel can cause rust and corrosion, resulting in the need for a new barrel or marker.

It’s essential to remember that the barrel can jam because of muck.

Think twice about skipping out on this crucial maintenance because you’re rapidly blasting paintballs down a narrow tube. 

The accuracy of your shot will improve, and your barrel’s endurance can be longer if you clean out the filth and dirt.

Clean the Body of the Paintball Marker

You’ll be glad you have the cleaning supplies you need for small spaces when it comes to this process.

There may be a lot of crannies that have dirt that a typical tool cannot reach.

It’s crucial to ensure that whatever tool you use does not push into the places where you’ll be removing the dirt.

Damage can occur even with something as mild as a squeegee, which can even bend your pistol.

Use the toothbrush or barrel wipe you set up before to remove any remaining residue.

Don’t leave any tiny fibers left using cotton swabs and use warm water if necessary, but be careful to dry the pieces properly afterward.

Clean the Hopper and Magazine

Gun barrels are barrels, and you clean them the way you usually tend a gun barrel.

However, you cannot do the same to a paintball hopper or loader.

If you’ve never heard of the word “hopper,” it refers to the enormous, oval-shaped tank that pumps paintballs into the marker.

A paintball hopper wouldn’t get too filthy unless the paintball pellets exploded inside that, causing its damage.

There isn’t much space for a lot of mess because this part takes paintballs and pushes them down to the gun.

Even so, you’ll need to conduct some essential maintenance.

You need to thoroughly clean the tank to remove any dust or filth that might end up in your gun. 

The following steps get a little tricky when you get into the mechanics.

A variety of hopper configurations are available, although most paintball markers have spring-loaded hoppers.

If you decide to attempt this, you’ll need a screwdriver and patience. 

If the item is spring-loaded, you must practice extra caution to avoid the springs accidentally bursting out of their sockets.

If you find any creases, use a microfiber cloth to wipe them out, being careful not to leave any traces of your cleaning materials behind. 

Check your spooler’s string to ensure it isn’t fraying or malfunctioning.

Then, reassemble the magazine once thoroughly cleaned.

Clean the Bolts, Hammer, and Grip

To clean the bolt and hammer, take them apart and use a damp towel.

If you’re using a microfiber cloth, remove all fibers before rinsing.

If you’re using a microfiber cloth, remove all fibers before rinsing.

While you’re at it, you can also service your O-rings found in the bolt and hammer.

O-rings are small, round rubber rings that hug smaller pieces. 

If you find them worn or broken, it is best to replace them immediately.

Aside from the O-rings, you can work on the grip frame’s maintenance while you have everything apart. 

Cleaning your grip frame and barrel will almost certainly be a regular occurrence.

Because it’s so near the gun, it’s likely to get a lot of paint splatter.

On a bright note, it is pretty simple to clean because of its rigidity.

You can wipe the paint with warm water and a toothbrush, but let it completely dry.

Also, you have to know that you cannot disassemble the grip frame because it is hard to get them back together.

If you can’t help to put the pieces apart, it’s best to bring them to a professional cleaner so you won’t miss any parts.

Even professional paintball players find it hard to open this section and let the experts handle it.

Do an Overall Maintenance on Your Paintball Marker

You’re almost through cleaning your paintball gun if you reach this tutorial point. 

Sterilization is a critical measure to prevent the growth of harmful compounds on your gun.

If your marker spends a lot of time safekeeping, toxins are more likely to develop. 

Regardless, you’ll want to lubricate several of the weapon’s tiny components.

Throughout this process, you mustn’t go crazy with lubrication. 

As a side effect, a lot of the oil and grease may find up in places where they should not be.

Some manufacturers indicate a particular lubricant they prefer to use for the markers.

Using the specific lubricant can extend the lifespan of your marker and maintain it in excellent condition.

So it is best to consider the manufacturer’s suggestions. 

However, if you choose to use a different lubricant, make sure it works first.

You cannot use cooking oil or moisturizers because they are inappropriate for machines.

Please do not attempt to do this because it will void your warranty and harm your paintball gun.

Gas the Gun Back

You degassed your gun at the beginning of this guide.

It’s a great time to refuel the paintball gun.

For your safety and environmental reasons, avoid overfilling your tank.

It’s essential to ensure that you’re loading your marker tank correctly and paying close attention to the meter.

CO2 is exceptionally tricky since you must check that the gas does not enter as a liquid. 

The barrel should be pointed above and away from everyone or anything.

Reassemble the Gun

It’s time to reassemble your paintball gun back once you’ve cleaned it.

When using a new marker, it’s best to follow the design or instructions that come with it.

If you’ve misplaced any parts, your gun is no longer safe.

Even the tiniest springs and the heaviest bolts are part of it. 

Confirm you have everything you need before using your marker; if you don’t, it will sit on the rack until you can solve the problem.

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Do I Need a Professional Cleaner?

Do I Need a Professional Cleaner

If you’re not too confident that you can clean the paintball gun, you may always hire an expert to do it for you.

A professional paintball marker cleaner will gladly do the cleaning for you at a reasonable price.  

You may also ask to see the cleaning process so you’ll know how to clean your paintball marker through an expert.

When Do I Clean the Paintball Markers?

When Do I Clean the Paintball Markers

You should clean your paintball gun frequently if you regularly play paintball.

WhIts best to clean and apply lubricant on your gun to be in its best condition whenever you use it.

After thoroughly cleaning it, store it in a clean place where you can easily access it to check and do maintenance regularly.

Sometimes, dirt accumulates in the gun when you don’t use it.

There’s no need to risk the accuracy and performance of your marker when you can spend a few minutes cleaning it.

The ideal time to clean your paintball gun is after every two matches or two days if you are a frequent user.

Quickly removing broken paintballs and debris from your marker will prevent significant issues in the future. 

As a general rule, if you play paintball just once or twice a month, you should clean your equipment the day after you play.

The longer you leave the sludge and paintball splatter on your paintball marker, the more likely it will rust.

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Final Thoughts

After a day or two, cleaning your paintball gun may seem complicated but not overlooked.

It would help if you cleaned your gun more frequently and correctly to ensure that you can use it well for a lot longer and consistently perform at its best.

You should now be able to clean a paintball gun after reading this article correctly.

You don’t have to be a professional paintball cleaner when keeping your paintball gun in good condition. 

If you’re still unsure, you could choose to hire a professional paintball cleaner to do the job for you.

It’s never too early to begin learning basic paintball marker cleaning techniques.

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