How Much Does A Skateboard Cost?

how much does a skateboard cost

Skateboard beginners typically consider two things when they dive into this sport. First, you figure how frequently you’ll be skating. Second, find the skateboard types that you like.  Once you figure these two out, you’re off to building a nice skateboard setup that meets both quality and budget. So how much does a skateboard cost?

On average, a good-quality board costs around $170 or more. It may come off as expensive, but there are other alternatives to save half of the mentioned price. 

Just to give you a price range idea from Amazon, here are their results for the following:

Boards $25-50 (close to 800 of them)

Boards $50 – $100 (almost 1,000 of them)

Boards $100 – $200 (almost 400 options)

Boards $200+ (more than 4,000 options!)

As you can see from those stats, there are definitely more boards in the higher price ranges, which tells you that quality skateboards are going to cost a bit more on the higher end.

Several factors affect how skateboard components cost. One of the main factors is the material used in making the decks, wheels, bearings, and trucks. 

Another is the price depends on which brand you are buying from as it is also an important thing to consider. 

If you still don’t know how much a skateboard costs, keep reading this article. 

I’ll show you the necessary information, including prices, tips, and brands to consider in the skateboarding scene. 

You can also read some samples and different options to choose from to complete your skateboard experience. 

Where Can You Buy Quality Skateboard Equipment?

Where Can You Buy Quality Skateboard Equipment

Nowadays, more online retails emerge in the skateboard industry. That’s why several skate shops have to shut their doors.

The cost for running a physical store is quite expensive that most shops don’t compete with online retailers anymore. It may cause inconvenience on your part as a consumer and, of course, on the seller’s side too.

The cost for running a physical store is quite expensive that most shops don’t compete with online retailers anymore. It may cause inconvenience on your part as a consumer and, of course, on the seller’s side too.

Local Skate Shop

There might be fewer skate shops available in your area as more shops are switching to online platforms. Sometimes, the closest ones have the rarest products and seldom operate. 

If your area is a famous spot for skating, then you’re lucky because you may spot a few shops here and there. 

But if you can’t seem to locate any and find yourself in this frustrating situation, there’s another option available.

Online Skate Shop

Since local skate shops decreased in numbers, the number of online skate shops increases. But having a lot of online options doesn’t mean they are all trustworthy. 

Some of these shops have prices that are entirely different from their competitors, making them a bit risky. Other than the actual price, their stocks and shipping fees may affect their overall cost. 

On platforms like Amazon and eBay, many retailers and wholesalers sell skateboards for a meager price. It can be unsafe for buyers, especially if there are no ratings or reviews from customers. 

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How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Cost?

How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Cost

The brand is the first factor that determines how good the skateboard’s quality is. But in some cases, additional factors play a vital role in completing a quality skateboard. 

In this section, we’ll break down some of them. 

Brand Name

Decks released by brands are slightly expensive and even more expensive when they are from famous brands. It can go from $50 and up to buy a single deck. 

Like any other decks with a brand name, you’re paying for the visuals, a professional model of the unit, or any unique technology used. 

Blank Skateboard Decks

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, blank skateboard decks are for you. They function the same with professional decks with a brand name.

You can also choose different sizes and colors with blank decks. When you buy decks and complete sets in bulk, you can prevent them from being wrecked.

One way to support local shops in your area is to purchase decks. Aside from helping them not to close down, you can customize your deck. 

They do it by creating a logo and sending it to a woodshop to produce the deck. After that, the deck returns to the shop.

It will only cost you around $40 or more to have a personalized deck. 

Complete Skateboard Set

Aside from whether the deck is under a brand or is blank, the kind of deck you’ll purchase will also affect the cost. You can choose to buy a complete skateboard set rather than a deck alone.

When you opt for a complete skateboard set, it includes all the parts needed to assemble the board. Setting up the board should be easy for the whole package. 

When you need a board for casual strolling, or you are a beginner, then it is acceptable to get a completes. 

Sets like that are practical and usable; however, you’ll compromise the quality of the other components like wheels, bearings, and trucks. 

Despite that, they are still better than a grocery store board. They are also cheaper alternatives because a complete set won’t cost you more than $100.


If you’re a newbie or have a limited budget for getting a deck, it is best to buy a blank deck. You can also choose to buy a shop model deck because they are affordable too. 

The prices for skateboards under a brand name depending on how recent it was or in a promo. Set around $50 as your budget when you’re considering this option. 

For example, Mini Logo blank decks cost an estimated $30 with the grip. 

A lot of skateboard companies are now present in the industry. You cannot label a brand to be better than others because each one has its specialties. 

Remember that some of the prices mentioned here are still subject to change because promo, sales, or discounts can still be around. 

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Do Skateboards Easily Break?

Do Skateboards Easily Break

There are instances that decks can break easily even after just setting it up and doing a simple trick. 

As you may know, most of the skateboard components can be pricey. However, in some cases, skateboards unexpectedly break despite having quality materials. 

Tricks that involve down drops or skating down the stairs increase the chance of the board breaking. Therefore, manufacturers create decks that are resistant to this occurrence. 

You cannot solely rely on the board’s quality to determine how long your board will last. Other factors could be how intense you skate, how successful you land after doing tricks, and how often you check up on your equipment. 

The parts like decks, wheels, bearings, and trucks may last longer than usual if you know how to care for your board. 

When you skate a lot on rough edges, it’ll wear out your trucks faster. 

Also, frequent riding on a puddle of water will cause the rusting of your bearings. 

Lastly, skating on rough roads or power sliding can wear out your wheels too.

Skateboard Equipment To Consider

Skateboard Tool

Skaters need the appropriate equipment so they can ride safely and enjoy the fullest. It is not always convenient to rummage through the toolbox kept in the basement, especially when the tool is not available. 

For the amount of at least $10, you can already own a skateboard tool that can function as a multi-purpose tool for your skateboard needs. You can avoid the hassle of a broken board while being affordable. 

Protective Gear

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need this equipment when you are practicing. Also, skate parks sometimes require protective gear.

It is normal to fall and slip on your first tries while skating. So make sure to wear them to avoid any significant injuries while learning. 

Sometimes, skate parks, either indoor or outdoor, require protective gear before entering the place for liability issues. One of the essential gears is the helmet to ensure that your head is safe when skating. 

Other gears include the pads for elbows, wrists, and knees. Newbies usually use these gear to support themselves. Some find it comfortable, but it is still better than acquiring wounds or injuries from an accident. 

You can buy a set for the elbows, wrists, and knees at about $45, but the premium quality may cost a little more, up to $70, but that’s only for a pair of pads. 

Helmets are mandatory for some states, especially if they are twelve years old below and participating in skateboarding activities. 

For most indoor skate parks, helmets and a signed waiver are part of the requirements.

Skate Shoes

Another essential piece of skateboard equipment is the skate shoes. Skate shoes are not just typical shoes because they can withstand the abuse from skateboard activities.

Buying an excellent pair will save you a lot of money because you don’t have to replace them often. You can also save more from sales and discounts from different brands. 

A pair of skate shoes cost around $60, but if you’re lucky enough to score a clearance sale, it can lower down to $35. The availability of the shoes may also vary depending on your shoe size or the stocks. 

Generally, a skater needs to fit in a comfortable pair of shoes. Aside from comfort, the shoes need to be long-lasting, so make sure to choose a durable one. 

As a personal pick, Michelin Marana is one of the best brands out there. Since their release, they showed off an admirable reputation in skateboard wear in the industry. 

Skate Rails

A lot of online retailers offer rails, but some of them are low-quality rails. Ensure that you choose a reputable shop with quality products so your money will not go to waste. 

You can invest at least $150 for a quality rail that is long-lasting and durable. Another option is to have a welder customize the rail for you. 

If you have a pretty wild imagination, you can even turn a spare wood into your very own rails. 

Skate Wax

Skate wax is essential for those who skate for a long time now or plan to turn skateboarding into a serious commitment. It allows you to glide smoothly and boost your traction.m

When you do intense grind with dry trucks and bearings, there’s a great chance that you’ll fall flat on your face.

Candles can be an option, but you don’t want to bring an awkward-looking wax when you’re out in skate parks. Soaps are also a big no because it’s messy and can cause rusting. 

Buy a skate wax for under $10, and you’ll save yourself from the mistake of using the wrong equipment. 

Additional Skateboard Equipment

The pieces of equipment above are some of the essentials in skateboarding. Meanwhile, this section will cover some optional equipment you can use for skating, which is also helpful.

They’re not necessary, but they can be helpful when you need to enhance something on the board. 

Riser Pads

Riser pads are additional equipment you can use to raise the deck. Depending on the kind of riser pad, you can also prevent any possible cracks due to pressure. 

Also, riser pads create a gap between the wheel and deck as it prevents a wheel bite incident. For only $5, you can have your set of riser pads. 


Bushings are rubber components inserted between your trucks. They have different variations, and every single one affects your ride differently. 

Some may be stiff to use in skating, but you can choose from soft, medium, to hard so you can find the right fit. There’s an original bushing in your board, and you can change it once it broke. 

A set of bushings cost around $10.

How To Save On Skate Clothes?

How To Save On Skate Clothes

Skateboarding involves the usual falls, and sometimes, falling off the board may cause your pants to rip. Not to mention how much you sweat when doing extreme tricks that turn your shirts into a bad condition.

Clothes are a bit costly so ripping one is quite unlucky, especially if it costs more than $30. 

The most effective way to save on skate clothes is not to buy expensive and large quantities. Of course, unless you’ll use it as casual wear or use it seldom, then it is okay.

Another tip is to find clothes that are on sale or come in a pack. The simpler that shirts are, the more affordable they are. 

As for the pants, it depends on every person’s taste. Some skaters prefer the tight ones, while some prefer the baggy ones. 

Still, it’s best if you can source the pants from a physical store rather than an online retailer. If you purchase online, there can be a possibility of receiving the wrong size to become a hassle to return and refund. 

Getting a pair of skate pants is not a bad idea at all because they’ll help you skate around while enduring any abuse from the activity.

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Tips On Buying Skateboard Equipments

Don’t Buy Poor-quality Skateboards.

Brands that don’t specialize in skateboards attract customers at a low price that comes with low-quality boards. There’s a high chance that your local supermarket sells boards, and they’re cheap. 

Even though they are big names, it is risky to buy boards from such companies. For example, Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart offer boards that may send you flying down to the ground. 

Their trucks can easily snap, and the wheels are harder to control. Overall, they make skating difficult, so be careful when buying from stores like them and online. 

Online retailers may sometimes deceive you by displaying good reviews only. The more you scroll in the reviews, you’ll find more honest feedback from customers. 

Wherever you may be bargaining to purchase a good skateboard, remain aware of the possible risks and be careful. 

Pick The Right Size For The Wheels.

A change in wheel size can drastically affect your whole skateboard experience. Probably at first, you’d want to remain using the original wheels you had, but as you progress, it’s fun to explore other sizes.

Changing up your wheel size makes your board feel a little more personalized. However, if you are a newbie, the dimensions around the range of 54mm can be acceptable. 

Don’t Overspend On Bearings.

You don’t have to spend a lot when it comes to the bearings. The premium bearings are suitable for longboards and cruisers.

Just make sure to keep them in the best condition so they can last for many years.

Check The Quality Of The Trucks

Getting new trucks is one of the best parts of customizing your skateboard. Just like the other components, there are different brands to choose from and sizes as well.

You can get different skateboarding experiences depending on the trucks you’re getting. So ensure the trucks you get fit the board you have.

Have Your Grip Tape Applied For You

If you’re a newbie in grip tapes, it is best to apply it for you if you have someone with the skills to apply it. Using a grip tape can be challenging for the first time because there may be bubbles and misalignment.

So for first-timers, I recommend you have it applied for you. You can, later on, try it yourself if you have enough knowledge and skills. 

But if you insist, start watching a video tutorial and prepare your materials to apply the grip tape. 

The essential grip tape costs just around $5, while the more complex designs will cost more than $10. 

Choose The Right Size For Nuts And Bolts

Hardware like nuts and bolts are essentials for your skateboard. You need the right size for them because short or long bolts affect everything else.

For example, if you have riser pads, you’ll need longer bolts. I suggest you get colored bolts so you can easily distinguish which is the nose and the tail. 


We tackled all the information you may need to have the best skateboard fit for you. There are various things such as size, design, and brands to consider before buying.

It will be a series of trial and error before you find the right equipment for you that supports your needs in skateboarding. 

Allow yourself to explore different styles and inspire others to do the same way. But also, make sure you’re having fun while doing so!