What Are Some Good Skateboard Brands?

Skateboarding gives you one of the best feelings when you’re doing it. For most people, there are not enough words to describe the experience.
More people start to enjoy the feeling of their feet riding on the deck while gliding. It’s incredible how you can feel like flying in the air or roll smoothly every time you skate. But this pretty bubble may differ from one skater to another. You can effortlessly skate when you are a professional, while you may find it challenging when you’re a beginner. 
Your overall skateboard experience depends on the skill level you have and how great your board is. 
In this article, we’ll discuss some good skateboard brands out there.

Let’s say you’re serious about honing those skateboard skills. Now, what board do you need to choose to maximize your skate experience?

There are many skateboard brands in the market today, so that you may be looking at many options. 

Either you’re a beginner, a professional, or someone who wants to upgrade, the best board is the one that fits your needs best.   

So to help you have an idea of what to pick, I’ve listed good skateboard brands that you may consider. I’ve also added some bonus brands that are worth trying.

Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta is one of the oldest skateboard brands in the industry. When the business started in the 1970s, they always kept up on upgrades to provide the best decks for their loyal skaters. 

Their headquarters is in California, where the team conceives all ideas for their deck upgrades. Even today, skaters love Powell Peralta’s boards.

About Their Decks

Powell Peralta has a reputation for having durable skateboards. With their continuous improvement, they turned the boards to be more lightweight, slim, and flexible than other boards in the market. 

The company used fiber and epoxy resin to improve the durability of their decks which is essential to make a board long-lasting. 

The deck’s average concave has sufficient area for the skaters to learn new tricks and stunts quickly. Despite their slimness and lightness, their boards are strong enough to withstand intense temptations. 

About Their Maneuverability

Since the wheels and bearings highly affect the overall maneuverability of the board, they made sure to use high-quality parts for it. 

The company utilized ABEC 7 bearings for most of their boards to be shock-resistant and endure various weights. 

Since Powell Peralta is a long-standing company, they are familiar with the ins and outs of skateboarding. They provided a smooth skating experience for their customers through improvements.

Powell Peralta does their best to continue improving so people will see skateboarding as a fun activity rather than a challenging one. 

About Their Pros And Cons

Because Powell Peralta boards are one of the best, their only con is that it is more expensive to customize the board.

Meanwhile, the brand nailed most of the essential skateboard features. They have sufficient knowledge and experience in making skateboards, their boards are durable and lightweight, and they have customization offers.  

Punked Skateboards


Another widely-known skateboard brand is Punked. Many skaters also agree that they are one of the best skateboard brands out there. 

The brand started in Chino, California, and has been in the industry for some time now. Aside from their high-quality boards, they also sell other skateboard parts like wheels, bearings, and trucks. 

One of the Punked distinct strategies that Punked does with their boards is they turn them into an eye-candy and art piece. 

If you look up their site, they utilize different objects to turn a skateboard into fantastic artwork that you can even use as home decor.  

About Their Decks

Punked maintained its reputation as a brand providing high-quality boards. You can even get the boards in a complete package, so you don’t have to struggle to assemble them. 

Their decks are also 9-ply maple wood so you know that they are pretty durable. Meanwhile, the board constructed utilized bamboo so it can have better flexibility. 

These materials make Punked boards lightweight and easy to ride. 

Additional to that, Punked takes pride in the graphics they put on their boards. They are all exciting and unique, making them fit for skaters who love great aesthetics. 

About Their Maneuverability

Punked creates a board suitable for cruising and easy turning. Their decks allow you to control the speed and move around at an impressive response time. 

And because their brand released different wheel variations, you can be creative in choosing the shape, size, and colors. They’re the best options when you need a customized board.

If you don’t want to go through the stress of picking the best decks from Punked, then you can go for their pre-assembled boards.

Their trucks are large, while the wheels are hard so skaters can zoom around better on their boards. Also, they are very durable, so even the most complicated tricks can’t break the Punked board. 

But depending on the skateboard style and your skateboard skills, the hardware for the skateboard may vary accordingly. 

About Their Pros And Cons

The only con I can see from their boards is that they are lightweight. Some may consider this feature a good thing, but they find it harder to balance on a light board. 

On the bright side, Punked boards are durable to withstand the abuse from rough rides. Even the disadvantage of being lightweight can be advantageous because they help skaters perform better. 

Lastly, one of their best features is that they have creative graphics that attract many skaters. 

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Element Skateboard Brands


We started pretty high, and we’re continuing it with the Element skateboards. The company resides in Irvine, California, and is one of the most famous skateboard brands.

They have extensive experience and skills in making skateboards to master the construction, designs, and other needs of skaters. 

As one of the best skateboard brands, you shouldn’t be intimidated by their prices. They have one of the most affordable skateboards while maintaining a high-quality product. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying from Element, but you sure are getting the best out of it. That’s why it is one of the best options out there for you. 

Aside from skateboards, they also sell components and apparel. They vary from skate wax, grip tapes, bearing lube, and many more essentials for your skateboards. 

Their apparels include hoodies, t-shirts, and even socks so you can complete your go-to skateboard look. 

Element provides almost everything for your skateboard needs because they even offer hardware sets that you can use to fix your board. 

About Their Decks

The Element uses thriftwood construction for its decks with seven layers of it. Despite being a little thick, the board is still flexible, so you can still do tricks easily with them. 

Another thing that Element incorporated in their boards is the air that increases the durability of the board. There are small compartments in the helium lines where they place the air. 

For the overall appearance, the brand has a variety of graphics and colors that skaters may like. Each board has unique designs with Element’s logo and name engraved; they stand out from other brands. 

About Their Maneuverability

The easier you can control your skateboards, the easier it is to ride smoothly. Their good-quality trucks can help you to bring the best out of your boards, 

Element skateboards need truck replacement after some time from riding them. You have to do it to upgrade the stability of the boards. 

They use ceramic and steel for their bearings; that’s why they are durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, they use urethane rubber for the wheels that add fun because of the color options. 

About Their Pros And Cons

Element boards are ready for any customization that you may want. Aside from that, you get the best quality for the materials they use for the skateboard components.

Another great thing about them is that they have a wide choice of products available. You can shop for decks, complete skateboards, components, and even apparel. 

However, some of their wooden boards peel off after using them for some time, and the trucks that need replacement. 



Tony Hawk and Per Welinder started Birdhouse in 1992 to put their experience in skateboarding into the market. When they’re near retirement, they turn their passion into a business. 

Since both skaters are famous in the skateboard household, their brand holds a reputable name in the market. Their expertise in the field made customers trust their skateboard products. 

Their boards are very stable, durable, and flexible, some of the best and essential features of a skateboard. 

About Their Decks

Birdhouse offers a lot of fun and creative graphics on its boards. They can range from a punkish style to scenery, so you have a lot of options. 

Their boards have 7-ply maple wood to ensure your deck is durable enough to endure tricks aside from their graphics. 

The universal concave shapes allow almost all skaters to use it comfortably and control it better when riding. You can practice tricks and stunts effortlessly. 

The brand always goes beyond when it comes to improving its boards. They utilize technology to improve balance and make the boards stronger. 

However, you may find their boards a little heavier than others because it prevents the woods from peeling off the board. 

About Their Maneuverability 

Birdhouse targets all skateboard parts for improvement because altogether, they help build a good performing board. When all aspects work very well, then they’ll provide skaters an easy ride. 

The company’s wheels are top-notch quality, and when you add their trucks and bearings, you get the perfect board coordination.

So whether you’re performing tricks or hoisting the board, the Birdhouse decks make it easier for you.  

About Their Pros And Cons

Birdhouse is almost similar to Elements when it comes to the pros and cons. Starting with their pros, they offer customization and use top-class materials for their products. 

Also, they have brand apparel that appeals to many skaters.

On the other hand, the two cons of Birdhouse decks are the trucks need replacement, and the wood may peel off after some time.

Zero Skateboards

zero good skateboard brands

Jamie Thomas, a professional skater, founded Zero. The brand is one of the most outstanding skateboard companies in California. 

The initial distributor of Zero was Dwindle Distributions until Thomas announced in 2017 that they’d continue as an independent brand. 

Zero is diverse when it comes to its product offerings. They can be this and that, but they’re consistent with the quality they provide. 

For example, their skateboards provide stability and better control to the skaters. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, Zero board is the best for you. 

Despite being independent, the company can still maintain its reputation because of the big names supporting it. Some of these names include Tommy Sandoval, Windsor James, and a lot more works in Zero. 

When you have a lot of experts in the skateboard fields, you know to trust the brand. They help develop the skateboards to be more fitting for skaters, newbies, or pros. 

It is no doubt that they’re one of the trusted and best skateboard brands on this list. 

About Their Decks

Zero’s main highlight for their brand is their fool-proof products. Experts and newbies can quickly learn how to skate using their boards because of this feature. 

Most of their decks are 8 inches wide with a mid-range concave. This type of structure is the best fit for street skating. 

Also, they use 7-ply Canadian maple wood to make their decks along with epoxy glue to make sure it binds well together and is shock-resistant. 

Another thing that stands out in Zero is their graphics. They offer various designs that skaters may like without compromising the overall skateboard performance and quality. 

Zero skateboards fit almost every kind of skater because their board’s structure optimizes the performance.  

About Their Maneuverability

The brand’s trucks and wheelbases have flexible materials infused in them so you can efficiently perform tricks. 

If you’re still planning to start to learn tricks, you can trust Zero on this aspect.

About Their Pros And Cons

Zero takes pride in their graphics and user-friendliness of their products. It makes their boards accessible for all types of skaters.

Having such professional names in the skateboard industry working in a team ensures that their products connect to users’ needs. 

The only downside of Zero boards is that it may cost a little more to have a personalized deck. 

Enjoi Skateboards


Enjoi was a relatively new skateboard brand in the market starting only in 2000. Rodney Mullen founded the brand with Dwindle Distributions as their distributor.

Since its establishment, the brand continues to grow and build a name for the market with its impressive products. 

Despite being new in the game, Enjoi became a trusted skateboard brand, so you know that they offer excellent products. 

They use technology to their advantage as they market their products online to reach more audiences. It is worth noting that Enjoi targets skaters from all different skating skills, so it is an excellent way to market. 

About Their Decks

Enjoi uses North American maple wood for their decks with epoxy resin glue to hold them together. The use of this unusual wood makes their decks stronger than the others. 

Also, their decks are broad with a perfect concave shape that can cater to almost all skater needs. 

Lastly, it would be best if you also looked out for the graphics of Enjoi, which includes animated illustrations and their iconic panda logo that you can see even from afar. 

About Their Maneuverability

Beginners can enjoy using Enjoi skateboards because it is easy to learn stunts with them. In Addition to that, they are easy to hold and bring anywhere.

But even professional skaters like using their boards because of the exceptional quality. They offer ten sets of bearings with an ABEC 7 rating. 

As for the wheels, they don’t fall behind that too. They are durable and allow skaters to glide smoothly.

About Their Pros And Cons

Enjoi boards have excellent stability because of the overall structure that used a universal concave shape. Also, they use unconventional wood material to make their very durable decks. 

However, some people who purchased an Enjoi board found the prints to wear off after some time quickly. 

Alien Workshop skateboard brands

Alien Workshop - one of good skateboard brands

Mike Hill, Chris Carter, and Neil Blender initially started Alien Workshop in 1990. The company is US-based, with its main office in Ohio. 

Since the company opened in 1990, they continued to grow while introducing innovative skateboard products. 

They offer complete skateboard sets that use quality materials. They still work on improving their boards, but it does not compromise the prices of their products. 

Despite being a top-notch brand, they keep their prices affordable; that’s why they appeal more to skaters. You’ll get the best out of your money’s worth. Thus it is a good skateboard brand. 

For every type of skater, there’s a proper Alien Workshop board for you. They offer skateboards for different skill levels so they can be comfortable riding one. 

Also, Alien Workshop gives their loyal customers additional skateboard parts like bearings, so you get more than what you paid. 

Aside from skateboard accessories, the brand added sportswear as part of its product releases.

About Their Decks

Alien Workshop utilizes technology well with their products that they were able to adapt to the trends in the skateboard scene. Their boards have laminated tops and bottoms for stability.

They used 7-ply maple wood for their shock-resistant boards and can endure wear and tear even after using it for a long time. Also, it is lightweight and easy to use. 

Both professionals and beginners can use their skateboards with ease, almost as if there’s no effort needed because they are easy to control and balance. You can learn the basics and tricks better with Alien. 

Finally, the fixed graphics of these boards add extra appeal to the skaters, too, because they’re unique. With the various sizes available, you can find the best fit for you. 

About Their Maneuverability

With ABEC 3 rating bearings, their boards allow skaters to control their rides better. Also, the trucks used provide stability on the decks. 

Also, their wheels have different size variations and hardness, so that you can pick one depending on your needs. 

About Their Pros And Cons

The Alien Workshop has pre-assembled skateboards that’ll save your time. Their skateboards are easy to carry around but the deck sizes are still suitable for different skaters. 

A disadvantage I can see from their products is that they are just an average board.

Other Good Skateboard Brands You Might Want To Consider


Minority - one of the good skateboard brands

Minority offers a complete skateboard set-up, so it saves you the time and hassle to build your board. Aside from that, the boards are affordable yet great for learning how to skate.

The brand uses Canadian cinchona wood to create the deck, so it is durable and high quality. Also, they used tight wheels to make learning easier for you. 

Minority boards are best for newbies to intermediate skaters. 

Rimable Skateboards

Rimable - good skateboard brands

Rimable offers a complete cruiser set-up which is best for the cruiser type of skaters. The overall structure of their boards is durable and can hold up to 198 pounds despite being small. 

If you enjoy traveling around the block using a cruiser, then Rimable has something to offer you. The solid material of their cruiser makes it fit for transportation.

Even with their more than fifteen designs popular among teenagers and quality boards, Rimable has reasonable pricing for their products. 

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Final Thoughts on Good Skateboard Brands

We listed down seven of some of the good brands with an addition of two. I hope that you gained a little more insight on which brands to choose when you’re planning to buy one. 

These names are just some of the greatest in the market, but you can trust your research to find the perfect brand to fit you and your needs. 

Skateboarding will not be fun and thrilling if you’re riding a board that makes you feel uncomfortable. So please think carefully before mindlessly purchasing a board because it may not match your skating skills.

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, there’s a right skateboard for you.

So which one is your pick, and why is it the best brand for you?