Girls Skateboards

Skateboarding became more popular in 2020. In particular, girls grow fond of trying this active sport, as much as boys do. 

Because of the growing interest in skateboarding, I researched different skateboards that girls may prefer to ride. In this post, we will discuss the compilation of the best girl skateboards I found.

girls skateboards

7 Best Girls Skateboards

Similar to the boys, girls like to explore skating using different tools. Here’s the list of the seven best girls skateboards:

Landyachtz Dinghy 28 Inches Complete Skateboard

The Landyachtz is one of the most famous brands in the skateboarding industry. Their Dinghy board is also one of the best skateboard cruisers. 

Many skateboarders call the Landyachtz Dinghy a Penny Killer because the product is a crowd favorite. People who ride the board like it for all the best reasons. 

Like the Santa Cruz board, which we will discuss later in this article, it has high-quality components. 

The board has Bear trucks which are suitable for downhill rides and cruising in general. It also has Hawg wheels which allow the wheels to roll effortlessly. Lastly, it has Space-ball bearings that make your turns comfortable.

All of these components build the Dinghy cruiser board so you can have a fun ride. You can enjoy a comfortable ride with effortless carves, even at an increasing speed.

Dinghy lets you roll faster without the feeling of wobbling and sudden jerks.

Lastly, you can enjoy choosing from different designs that Landyachtz Dinghy offers. It is easy to customize in terms of designs, colors, and other visuals.

Penny 27 Inches Skateboard Cruiser

If you’re more of a cruiser, the Penny skateboard cruiser is the best choice for you. It is one of the most known skateboard cruises around the world.

The price you pay for is worth the high-quality components that the board has. It’s a bit expensive but rest assured that your board’s parts are in the best condition.

The design of Penny 27 inches skateboard fits the cruising type of skater. Its size allows it to be easier to carry around and put away after you finish riding. 

The board is also lightweight and pliable because of the durable plastic material, which is enjoyable to use. 

Additionally, the soft wheels and bearings allow the board to turn smoothly and roll quietly. You can ride for as long as forever, probably! 

Penny is genuinely a unique skateboard brand that has quality performance in cruising. 

As expected, the high-quality Penny skateboard is a bit costly. But don’t worry because the price speaks for its value. It is worth every penny you have. 

However, if you need a more affordable alternative, Santa Cruz can be an option. It’s cheaper and has good performance just like Penny.

Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer

Santa Cruz is a famous brand from California. They released a cruiser skateboard called Land shark cruiser with a classic pintail structure. 

The Land Shark Cruzer is a short but wide board, so it is more comfortable to ride, unlike other penny boards. This board is best for bigger riders who want a small board but can still cater to their size, so it is comfortable to ride. 

The skateboard has high-quality components with brands that have good reputations in their field. Some of these parts are Bullet trucks, Road Rider wheels, and Spray-On grip.

Additionally, the deck has a kicktail that allows you to learn more tricks if you like. It also helps in rolling the board smoothly on tight turns. 

For me, the Land Shark Cruzer has creative visuals. The design of the board looks like a surfboard that makes it unique and fun. 

The board completely stands out from the other skateboards because the others may look similar to each other. 

And guess what? The Santa Cruz Land Shark Cruzer is more affordable than Dinghy and Also Penny. However, its parts are still high quality. 

Rimable 22 Inches Complete Skateboard

If you need a more affordable board to use in cruising, Rimable is another way to go next to Penny.

The Rimable 22 inches skateboard is a mini-cruiser you can use to skate around the town quickly. You can use it to go to class, work, or just roaming around the neighborhood. 

The board’s size makes it easier to clean it up and store it away when done skating. 

There are different designs to pick from depending on your preference. 

Rimable skateboard has a durable plastic body that can support weight up to 200lbs. 

The complete skateboard has soft wheels with aluminum trucks that are durable. It allows the board to turn smoothly with little noise when it rolls so you can skate in comfort. 

However, buying a Rimable is still a matter of taste. Not everyone may like it because of its small size. 

For big skaters, the deck is not preferable for them to ride. But for the small ones, they can be more comfortable riding with this one. 

Lastly, Rimable is a good quality board for its price. Not only is it reasonable, but it also fits those who have budget limits. 

Element Skateboards Section Complete

The Element skateboards are of the best skateboards recommended for girls trying out this activity. 

The Element section deck has seven layers of Canadian Maple wood. The other parts of the board have high-quality skateboard grip tape, bearings, wheels, and skateboard trucks. 

For someone who just started skateboarding, this product has pretty impressive inclusions despite its affordable price.

The Element skateboard is best to use in skateparks or bowls. You can also use this board to learn new tricks. 

It is possible to make it a cruiser around the block, but it is not the best option.

Still, it would help if you looked out for its skateboard trucks. Although they are good enough for its value, it still isn’t the best one out there. 

There’s a significant chance that the trucks will break from using it all the time. So as a beginner, this board is the best bet for you.

You can learn easy tricks, carve, cruise on a limited distance, and skate at ease with this board. 

As highlighted, these boards are for beginners, so if you want to step a level higher in skateboarding, you need to replace this board over time. The better you get in skateboarding, the better board you’ll need.

Punisher Skateboard 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard

The Punisher skateboard has the exact dimensions of the Element skateboard. I included this in the list because, unlike Element, the Punisher skateboard comes in complete assembly. 

So if you are a beginner skateboarder who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of assembling your board, open your Punisher skateboard package and skate right away.

It has many similarities to Element skateboards: being affordable is one of them. It’s best for beginners because it can turn and roll with ease.

But it would be best if you watched out for the trucks and wheels of the board. Since it is a cheap board, the trucks are poor-quality alloy, and wheels are polyurethane. They still do their job despite that. 

For light riders, it is advisable to loosen the trucks a bit so you can turn smoothly. 

The board is suitable for doing simple tricks and use for a skate park. However, it is still best to utilize it as a beginner board.

The poor-quality parts may affect your performance in learning new tricks. But if you want to learn skating and the basic tricks, it is good enough. 

If you need to choose between Element and Punisher for doing board tricks, the former is the better choice. Meanwhile, Punisher is the better choice for simply learning skating.

One thing to also note is the cute design of the Punisher skateboard. The cherry blossom design is fitting for girls who prefer this design.

Amrgot Pro 31 Inches Complete Skateboard

Amrgot Pro in size 31 inches is an excellent alternative for a skatepark board with smooth turns and rolls. 

Although it does not have a premium quality out of the skateboards in this list, the value you pay for is still worth it. It has good quality maple wood for the deck, ABEC 9 bearings, polyurethane wheels, and high-quality aluminum alloy trucks. 

The board has various designs that make it look unique, and the deck is well-built. The graphics on Amrgot Pro can range from being edgy to flowery, depending on your taste.  

Amrgot Pro may sound appealing but not unique for some beginners. It is preferable for young girls who are starting to learn how to skateboard. 

It will allow new riders to adjust just fine with riding a board, like moving, turning, and rolling. Generally, the board lets you get the feel of riding a skateboard. 

Naturally, this option is not the best for those who want to learn new tricks because of their components. However, for its price, you may have to expect this drawback.

For an affordable board that’s good for trying new tricks and cruising, Rimable and Element are the better choices. But if you are starting on skateboarding, you can get Amrgot Pro.

Summary: Girl Skateboards

Overall, Landyachtz Dinghy is the preferred board that everyone will enjoy riding. It is not just the best option for girl skateboards, but even for guys as well.

With a premium quality board, the price will speak for itself. So if you’re planning to get a Dinghy cruiser, expect that it will be pretty expensive. 

The smooth and comfortable ride will be worth the price you’re paying for the Dinghy.

How To Choose The Best Girl Skateboard?

Before choosing the right skateboard for a girl, you must know the different variations of skateboards. 

There are small or big boards, and there are also flexible ones with a kicktail. They are not all the same. 

Aside from that, the structure of the boards also relates to their purposes. Therefore, choosing the right skateboard for girls may require you to know what skateboarding act they want to do.  

Girls can also try cruising around the town on their skateboards. So essentially, they’ll need a board that can roll for hours through the turns and roughs of the road.

On another note, girls may want to try skating in a skate park or bowl. Maybe they want to learn new tricks on the board. 

They can also skate down on ramps and over gaps. There’s a specific skateboard fit for those types of activities. 

While there’s a skateboard you can generally use for all these activities, it is much better to find a board whose features are custom-made for that.

For Cruising 

If the skateboard’s purpose is cruising, you can choose between cruisers, mini cruisers, and longboards.

Mini cruisers are best for cruising because their size allows them to be compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. If you want to travel around your neighborhood within a short distance, this one is your best bet.

Also, mini cruisers are easy to store away. Since they are small, they can fit in your lockers, desks, and other storage spaces. Penny is one of the best mini-cruisers girls can try.

However, if you plan to skate for a long distance and for a long time, the mini-cruisers may not be the best fit for the job. The thing is that mini-cruisers are small, and big riders may find it hard to balance on them.

Don’t worry because there’s another board to choose from if you prefer general riding. Longboards are more comfortable to ride on long distances because they are larger. 

Think of a longboard as a Cadillac. The design is expansive, huge, and comfortable so that you can ride smoothly.

Like the mini-cruiser, they have soft wheels that make the board glide effortlessly even on rough roads and tricky turns. 

I suggest these boards if you want to enjoy a ride around with ease and fun and without the sudden jerks from pebbles and gaps.

For Learning Tricks

The best board for girls who want to try learning and doing tricks is the traditional skateboard. You may be wondering what a traditional board is.

Traditional skateboards are what usually come first in your mind when you think of a skateboard. It has kicktails and black grip tape with small wheels. 

Now you pictured it, it resembles the Element skateboard from our list above. Traditional skateboards are light, and the decks are from maple wood. Their wheels are polyurethane, while the trucks are metal.

These boards specify trick skateboarding because you can easily carry it and flip with your feet. It can withstand the knock around so expect that it is durable.  

However, since they are purpose-built for tricks in skate parks, they cannot roll smoothly for cruising. Therefore, the bigger the wheel is, the more suitable it is for general riding.

Frequency of Skateboarding

The skateboard to choose also depends on how often you’ll use it. Whether you plan to skate daily or just once a week, there’s a proper skateboard for you.

If you are a casual skateboarder who plans to skate once in a while, it is practical for you not to buy anything too costly. However, it does not mean you should also buy the cheapest choice because it’ll compromise the quality.

So if you are an occasional skater, you should buy a board that’s of decent quality: not too expensive and not too cheap. In this way, you can still enjoy skateboarding comfortably.

Meanwhile, for those who plan to use their skateboards every day or need to use them to travel, then you’ll need a high-quality board that can last over time. 

Also, while you’re at it, choose a board that’s appropriate for learning new tricks if you plan on becoming a professional female skater. 

Think of buying a pretty expensive board as an investment. The higher the price, the more premium the board’s quality, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out due to high mileage. 

But also, you don’t need to opt for the most expensive ones to get the quality you deserve. There are alternatives with excellent quality at a more affordable price. 

These boards may not be as great as the more expensive stuff; they still last long and work just fine. Note that you can always upgrade your board anytime.

Range Of Budget

Aside from the things we considered above, the most critical factor that lets you decide the proper skateboard for girls is how much you’re willing to spend.

If you have the means to spend a little more on this activity, then go all out. Skateboards can be either cheap or expensive, but it also means that they can be either poor-quality and high-quality. 

Some boards can roll and turn, but the cheaper ones typically work on young girls primarily. But if you have a bit more budget, the Element can be your quality board to buy.

Not only does it let you roll smoothly and turn comfortably, learning tricks in the Element is possible too. Generally, it is a mid-range skateboard that I highly suggest.

As long as you have the budget and ability to spend more for purchasing a skateboard, then don’t hesitate to spend more. When you pay more, you get the best option of boards, even if it is mid-range.

Naturally, you’ll want a board that lasts longer and worth your payment. 

Which Skateboard Do You Prefer The Best?

With more girls joining and slaying it on the skateboarding scene, it’s a no-brainer that more girls want to try the sport too.

Most of the time, we see skateboarding as a risky activity and intimidates us. However, skateboarding is nothing like that.

The skateboarding community is always open to people who want to join, regardless of age and gender. As long as you’re willing to learn, it will slowly grow in you.

If you reached this part and still unsure what board to choose, I recommend one for you. 

For a beginner cruise, the Rimable is the way to go. For someone who wants to learn and do new tricks, the Element is a good choice. 

Lastly, for those who have a little more budget and a little more experience, the Landyachtz Dinghy and Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer are your great cruisers.