The Perfect Gifts for Rock Climber

Say your friend is into climbing, and you don’t know what to get them. This prompted you to go online and search “Gifts for rock climber.”

You can gift a climber many items, such as clothes and gear, but that’s not all there is to give.

In this article, you can find 12 recommendations for what climbers would like to receive.

Gifts for Rock Climber

Climbing Shoes

Potentially one of the best gifts for rock climbers, especially those who don’t have much gear.

If all you do is boulder or free solo, all you need is a pair of shoes.

Find shoes that fit your feet well if you want to climb.

Even if a friend says that their shoes with the stickiest rubber are the best, that doesn’t mean that those shoes will work for you.

The best option is to purchase a brand-new pair of shoes they already own and adore.

You should always still research before giving this to your favorite rock climber as a gift, though.

It’s always best to do some research to find out what kind of shoe will work best.

Is the person a boulderer, a sports climber, or do they like to spend long days on trad routes?

Shoes come in different styles and sizes, so it’s a good idea to find out what they like and what size climbing shoes they wear now before you buy them.

After all, you can’t have the best rock climbing gear without a good pair of shoes.

Chalk Bag

Having your own chalk bag is another great thing to have at the climbing gym.

Chalk bags have a simple purpose: they hold climbing chalk to keep climbers’ hands from getting wet.

If your friend does a lot of roped climbing, something like a Black Diamond chalk bag will be perfect.

A chalk bucket will also make a great gift if they prefer bouldering.

Climbing Chalk 

If you get your friend a chalk bag, they’ll need climbing chalk to put in it.

It cannot be understated how vital chalk is as a piece of climbing gear and one of the best gift ideas for climbers.

Even though it doesn’t look like much, they’ll be glad to have more chalk to add to their inventory.

You will never go wrong if you give this to a climber as a gift.

A climber will never say they have too much chalk, like guitarists and picks.

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Skin And Hand Care (Repair Cream)

Climbing is, of course, hard on your hands.

After every session, climbers use the Repair Cream, and when sore, they use a massage cream.

Also, people love a dry solution because there are some whose hands sweat.

After days and days of climbing, rock climbers’ hands get ROUGH, so they need to make sure they have an excellent way to fix them.

People search for the perfect hand repair balm which would heal their hands without making them feel oily or “thick.”


Whether they do Sports or Trad climbing, the climber in your life will love a new rope.

Different kinds of rope are used for different things, but you can find ones that you can use for more than one purpose.

Many climbers will agree that this is the best thing you can buy for them.

Everything else (shoes, hardware, etc.) is about the same, but you should spend the most on the rope.


Cell Phone Lanyard

Climbers reach some incredible and attractive locations.

It can be scary to pull out your phone to take a picture while you’re worried that you could accidentally drop it off a cliff.

Fortunately, a cell phone lanyard keeps your phone fastened to your pack or harness while you take a picture.

This is a terrific, unexpected present for a climber.

Portable Outdoor Spotlight

The best time to boulder is at night; you need a good flashlight to help you see your boulder problem.

This spotlight is small, but it gives off good, bright light.

It also has rechargeable batteries, which makes it an excellent gift for bouldering.

Belay Devices

It’s nice to know that if a rock fell on your head and knocked you out, the assisted braking system of the belay device should activate and keep you from falling.

Some people don’t get one when they first start climbing.

This is because it is usually expensive, but it’s a great safety option for both sports and traditional climbers.

Lightweight Durable Survival Knife

When rock climbing, weight is essential. Having gear that weighs less is better than having equipment that weighs more.

You need a knife that weighs almost nothing but can cut through the rope in an emergency.

Rocky Talkies

Rocky Talkies are two-way radios made for climbing and other outdoor activities.

These durable radios are built to last and have long battery life.

They are easy to attach to a harness or pack with the carabiner that comes with them.

Rocky Talkies are an excellent present for multi-pitch climbers whose companions are often out of sight and earshot.

Dry Ice Equipment

Not all climbing is done on rocks.

Most climbers head to the desert or the gym in the winter, but your crag-dwelling friends might also try ice climbing when the weather gets cold.

These Dry Ice tools are a new way to learn how to climb on ice.

Your climbing companions will be able to learn and practice ice and mixed climbing with them before deciding to buy outdoor equipment.

These tools are great for training and building strength indoors while your friends try a new type of climbing outside.

Rock Rings

Rock rings are a great, portable way for climbers to strengthen their upper bodies and fingers.

These can be added to a pull-up bar or any other stable point, making it easy to move from home to the gym and everywhere.

These Metolius rock rings come in various colors and make one of the best gifts for rock climbers who are always on the go.

They are small enough to fit in a gear bag for anyone who wants to train more before returning to the wall.

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Final Thoughts

These are only just recommendations.

At the end of the day, it would still be best to get to know your climber friend more.

This is so that you will learn more about their needs and preferences.

You wouldn’t want to give an item they already have too much of.

Maybe except for climbing chalk, you can never have too much chalk.