What to Gift a Skateboarder in 2023

You could be wondering what to gift a skateboarder in 2023.

It could be a gift for your good friend or an acquaintance from a skateboarder community.

Either way, you’re in the right place! 

This article contains a list of recommended gifts for a skateboarder.

Stick around to see what skateboarders want or need in the current trend.

Solid Wood Skateboard, A Gift for a Skateboarder.

Vans Classic Old Skool Skate Shoes

Vans has long been a leader in skateboarding shoes, and these Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes are essential.

They have the brand’s signature side stripe, which is how they got their name. It makes them an absolute classic. 

Also, they are easy to put on because they have a low top, laces, and metal eyelets.

People also like that the collars and heels are padded, which makes them more comfortable to ride and do tricks.

The canvas used to make these skate shoes makes them durable, so you can keep flexing your kicks for a long time.

Skate Wax

Wax is a must-have for skateboarders who like to skate on the street.

Wax makes a rough surface smooth and makes it easier to grind and slide over obstacles.

Everyone needs a cheap gift in many different shapes and colors.

There are different kinds of wax, but even the worst is better than none.

Skate Tool

A skate tool is another gift that a skateboarder will like.

Tools for skating cost between $6 and $30. Both will work, but the second one will last longer. 

If the axle threads on your skates are damaged, you should use a skate tool capable of rethreading.

When skateboards land on their sides, the axle nuts often get crushed.

It hurts the axle thread and can make it hard to change the axle nuts.

Check out the Zeato skate tool if you want to buy a cheap one.

It may not be perfect, but it serves its purpose.

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Action cam GoPro HERO8

The GoPro HERO8 is a 12MP action camera that takes better HDR and RAW photos in all modes. It also has SuperPhoto. 

Also, you can shoot 4K60 videos with it, and its HyperSmooth 2.0 technology stabilizes the frames you take.

Thrill-seekers will love this camera’s TimeWarp 2.0 feature, which lets you use the auto speed feature to take time-lapse photos of your moves. 

It’s remarkable how its speed changes instantly based on movement and light!

You could even choose to slow down the moment in real-time and then tap it to speed it back up.

The GoPro HERO8 stood out to me because it has built-in fingers that let me attach it easily and switch mounts quickly.

Also, compared to its predecessor, the GoPro HERO7, its lenses are twice as strong and thick.

Skateboard Lights

These skateboard lights are great gifts for kids; Boardblazers sells cool lights that you can equip on the bottom of a skateboard.

They’re stylish, and kids are more visible when riding at night.

The Skateboard Lights come in many different colors, and there is even one that changes colors quickly.

The kids seem to like them, and they don’t even cost that much.

Boardblazers Skateboard Lights are available on Amazon.

StuntStick Ultimate Board Wax

With the help of this Ultimate Board Wax from StuntStick, you can grind, slide, and do tricks with ease.

It fills in cracks and other flaws to make the surface smoother and less sticky.

It lets you make smooth moves.

Each stick is different, handmade in the United States with brightly colored wax beads.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at tricks or just starting out, you need this for your board.

The fun thing about this board wax is how quickly it reduces snags when sliding down rails, hard surfaces, and curbs.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t make a mess because it comes in a stick.

It helps your board slide well and completely covers large areas. 

Just rub some wax where it’s most needed and let it sit.

The more wax you use, the slipperier it gets, so use it carefully at the beginning to avoid falling.

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Backpack for Skateboarding

Not a must, but very useful. T

wo straps on the front of a skateboard backpack can hold a skateboard. 

So, the rough grip tape on a skateboard won’t touch anything.

These are the best backpacks you can use for school and work and have a special place for a laptop.

Make sure to get a backpack with many pockets to store wax, bearings, hardware, change, a phone, and other things.

Gonex Skateboard Elbow & Knee Pads

Even though skateboarding is thrilling and fun, it can lead to severe injuries.

In addition to a helmet, these skateboard elbow and knee pads from Gonex will help keep you safe.

This safety gear comprises high-density oxford material, padded with a soft sponge for comfort and protection.

It has knee protectors, elbow guards, and wrist pads to protect you if you fall.

Safety comes first with the classic turtle-shaped protective PP shells, but style is a close second.

Even when you sweat, the fabric is still breathable and stays dry. 

Even though these are very protective, the way they are made allows me to move freely and keeps me comfortable.

You can also change how the twill-elastic straps fit around your wrists, elbows, and knees to make them more comfortable.

Since they are reliable and last long, intense moves and extreme contact sports can be made without worry.


Grip tape is the sandpaper-like material on your skateboard that makes your feet stick to it. It also lets you make those cool moves.

Most older skaters like plain black grip tape, but younger skaters LOVE prints with themes.

Jessup is the cheapest grip tape, but it is also one of the most popular.

Remember to check out Mob grip tape and Grizzly.

They offer a wide variety of distinct patterns for customers.

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Skater Trainer 2.0

It would be best if you practiced for hours to learn how to skate, lose your balance, and sometimes have strange accidents.

The main goal of the Skatertrainer 2.0 was to help beginners get past this stage and gain confidence simultaneously.

Each set has four skate trainers to put over your skateboard’s wheels.

If the size of your wheels is between 49mm and 65mm, you should be fine.

At first glance, these items make you feel like you’re standing on a skateboard with blocks for wheels.

It’s easy to think that you wouldn’t move or fall much. 

These trainers make it easier to learn how to balance on a deck for the first time because they make you feel safe and stable.

It can be easy to practice basic moves like an ollie and land a trick correctly.

It’s a tool for training that helps you remember how to take them off when you’re ready.

They are light, durable, don’t need to be adjusted, and, most importantly, don’t slip.

Just put them in and go; you don’t need any tools.

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Final Thoughts

It would be best if you still got to know the recipient more to learn more about their preferences.

These recommendations are great but keep your mind open to get the most suitable gift for your skateboard.