A Croc With Wheels? Introducing Croc Heelys!

You’ve probably had a pair of crocs in the past, whether from your parents or not.

You’ve probably heard of Heelys, too. 

Either way, did you know that a Croc with wheels exists? Yes, Croc Heelys do exist.

Continue reading, as this article contains details on how this happened and steps to make Croc Heelys.

Blue Crocs With Wheels On The Sand.


Crocs came out in 2002. Parents went crazy over how water-resistant and non-slip it was when it came out, and kids bought these ridiculously designed shoes.

The company was about to go out of business, but the brand made a revival when it worked with Post Malone. 

Post Malone wore these foam shoes and sang about them in his 2018 album.

As a result, sales of the Crocs Classic Clog on Amazon increased by many folds.

People wanted to feel good, look good, and go fast.

This made Victoria McBroom from Littleton, Colorado, think of Creelys for her 2019 design class.

The project stayed hidden in her online portfolio until the demand for Crocs rose again.

Then, the discovery of Victoria’s little project visibly shook the entire internet. 

Creelys was no longer just a far-off dream; they became real.

Victoria McBroom has since become a management associate, but her Croc Heelys or “Creelys” have inspired others to construct their own.

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Heelys are a brand of shoes that mix roller skates and regular shoes.

It came out in 2000 and grew in popularity over the next ten years.

One or two wheels are built into the sole of a Heelys shoe.

You can change from walking to skating whenever you want.

A Heelys shoe doesn’t look any different from a regular shoe.

So you can enjoy the fun of skating without having to wear big, heavy wheels.

How to Make Croc Heelys

Yes, you can convert almost any pair of shoes into Heelys. Crocs are no different.

You don’t need much time or complex tools to craft Croc Heelys.

It’s simple to do at home. Here are the things you will need:

  • Wheels
  • The Crocs themselves
  • A screwdriver
  • Duct tape
  • A permanent marker
  • A knife or cutter
  • Some screws

Once you have everything you need, there are a few more things to accomplish before you can start.

Before you turn your Crocs into Heelys, you need to do the following to make sure you don’t make any mistakes:

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Wheels for your Heelys

The first thing you need for your Heelys is the correct wheels.

You will also have to decide how many wheels you want. 

You can put one wheel in each shoe, or you can put two.

No matter what, your Heelys will need at least two wheels.

You can get wheels from a worn-out skateboard or roller skates.

Use a screwdriver to loosen the wheels on the skateboard or skates so you can take them off.

Check to see if the wheels are too worn.

You can also buy a pair of new wheels from a store or online if you don’t have any old ones.

The Thickness of the Crocs’ Soles

The first step is to cut a hole in the bottom of your Crocs so the wheels can fit inside.

But first, you’ll need to ensure the sole is thick enough.

You might have to cut through the shoe if the sole needs to be thick enough for the wheels to fit inside.

To ensure there is enough space, put a wheel next to the sole of the Crocs and see if it will fit.

After putting the wheels inside the sole, you must also ensure enough room is left.

You should leave a space of at least half an inch.

If the wheels are too close to the sole, they might poke through it and be uncomfortable to wear.

Height of the Wheels

After making sure there is enough room in the soles of your Crocs to fit a wheel, measure how much to cut out and where you want the wheel to go.

Remember that the wheel shouldn’t go all the way into the sole.

So that the wheel can move well, you should make a small hole in the shoe.

So, remember that there should be space for movement above and below the wheels.

If the wheels are not at the right height, the Heelys won’t be comfortable to wear.

Location of the Wheels

You’ll also have to ensure the wheel is in the right place.

This will make it easy for you to skate and won’t hurt your feet when you walk.

The wheel of your Heely should go slightly behind the middle of your foot, where the back wheel of a roller skate would go.

If you want to add two wheels to your Heelys, put them where roller skate wheels usually go.

Also, make sure that the height of both wheels is the same.

Marking Where to Cut the Sole

Before you start putting the wheels into the Crocs, you should figure out how thick, tall, and where they will go.

Marking the sole is another crucial step to help you cut it correctly.

Once you’ve decided where to put the wheels, mark them with a permanent marker to show where they should go.

That way, you’ll know exactly where to trim the shoe’s sole.

You can also use a ruler to make sure your marks are straight if you want to.

Place the wheels next to these marks once more to ensure they are the correct size.

Cutting Out The Soles

First, you’ll need to make a hole in the Crocs’ soles where the wheels can fit.

Since you already know where the wheel should go and have marked it, there isn’t much room for error.

Just get a sharp knife to cut through the soles and cut along the lines you made before.

When you make a hole for the wheel, there should be enough room to roll, but not so much that it falls out.

Make sure the hole isn’t any bigger than it needs to be.

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Placing a Screw Into The Wheel

Before putting the wheel inside the sole, put a screw in the middle.

The screw should stick out as far as the wheel’s width and touch the sole.

Then, you’ll need to cut off some space in the shoe’s sole to accommodate the screw.

So, the screw will hold the wheels in place inside the sole of your Crocs.

Because of this, you can’t make the hole too big.

Do these two steps again for each wheel you want to put in.

Attach the screws to the inside of the wheel.

Securing The Screws Within The Wheel

The Wheel Of A Black And White Wheelys.

They shouldn’t be screwed on so tight that the wheels can’t turn.

On the other hand, they shouldn’t be so loose that the wheels fall out or have too much room to move.

After ensuring the screws fit, use duct tape to secure them.

Simply wrap some duct tape around each screw to secure them.

Finish your Heelys

You need to make sure of two things before taking the last step.

First, the wheel needs to fit nicely inside the sole. The screws should also be strong anchors. 

This will make sure your Heelys are safe and comfortable to wear.

Last, put the wheels into the bottom of your Crocs.

You can also opt to put glue in the hole to hold the wheel more securely.

You now have a great pair of Heelys made from your Crocs.

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Final Thoughts

It’s relatively easy to convert your Crocs into Creelys.

We may not all agree about Crocs looking fashionable, but we can all agree that Croc Heelys are awesome.