Top 13 Coolest Skateboard Decks

When skateboards first emerged in 1950, wood planks and metal wheels made up the boards. Since then, the design and materials improved that encouraged more people to try skating. In this article, I’ll show you some of the coolest skateboard decks you can find. 

Each year, the number of skaters continues to grow as companies add new designs and technology to their decks. 

John Rodney Mullen, an American professional skater, introduced most skateboard tricks that skaters perform nowadays. Some of these tricks are the kickflip, 360-flip, flat ground, and a lot more. 

After a few skateboard competitions, many people showed more interest in skateboarding and started to try it. The growth of the skateboard community opened opportunities for brands.

Shortly, more companies started making skateboards along with their components. 

Nowadays, many people around the world skate while some are planning to try. While some do it for the entertainment it brings, some also find it a source of income. 

The production of skateboards and their components is non-stop as companies make thousands of them every day.

While there are hundreds and thousands of skateboard brands out there, this list will feature some of the coolest skateboard decks you can get.

Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop Skateboard  - one of the coolest skateboard decks I've seen

Alien Workshop makes skateboards that allow you to ride smoothly. The boards also have attractive graphics that skaters will like. 

They use maple wood to make the decks, so you’re sure that they are durable yet lightweight altogether. Also, their decks are best for street and pool skating.


Almost Skateboard

Almost have one of the coolest skateboard decks around because of the high-quality materials they use to produce them. The brand also included impact support on their decks to keep them solid despite complicated tricks. 

Their decks have a full concave shape that allows you to propel your board better from the ground. Aside from that, you can quickly skate through gaps with these boards. 

Overall, Almost decks give you a comfortable skateboard experience while providing a wide variety of board designs. 

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If you often like to do intense skateboard tricks, you expect that your board needs to endure the abuse it might experience. Baker offers you suitable decks for this type of activity.

Their skateboards are fit for grinding because of the high-quality materials used in their production. They are lightweight and have that satisfying pop.

Aside from the board’s performance, you can expect to have an exciting deck because it comes in different designs. 


Birdhouse - coolest skateboard decks

Professional skaters Tony Hawk and Per Welinder started Birdhouse. They produce decks that blend well despite the new trends in skateboards.

Though the founders experienced old-school skating, Baker adjusted to the demands of the present skateboard scene. 

The boards have a concave shape and solid pop that make them great for street skating and rides in the skate parks. Lastly, their graphics are also one of the best out there. One of the coolest skateboard decks for sure.



Skaters in Deathwish perform tricks that make their boards suffer hell. With that in mind, you can assure that the decks they use are durable enough to withstand insane stunts. 

Deathwish uses high-quality materials to keep their decks durable despite the intensity of skateboard activities. The boards are also concave in shape with great pop.

Like other brands, they have one of the most incredible graphics you can freely choose to have. 

Dirty Ghetto Kids 

Dirty Ghetto Kids

Dirty Ghetto Kids, or best known as DGK, is a skateboard brand that sells skateboards and apparel. Stevie Williams is a professional skater who founded DGK in 2002. 

Their skateboards are durable because of the quality materials used in producing them. They also have great concave shapes that allow skaters to ride while maintaining control on their boards comfortably.

DGK boards are best for street skating because they are durable, long-lasting, and have solid pop. Their graphics are also eye-catching despite the simplicity of it.  I’d place this one in the top 7 of my coolest skateboard decks.


Element - one of the coolest skateboard decks

Element applies new and various techniques in their decks to make them different from other brands. 

Aside from the materials they use to produce the boards, they also incorporated thriftwood construction in the process. It allows the skateboards from Element to be durable and appropriate for street skating. 

As for the design, Element didn’t fail in this aspect. The simple concave design of the decks makes flips easier to perform. 

Generally, Element decks are the most comfortable decks to skate on, either casual or performance. 


Enjoi - coolest skateboard decks with a rainbow

Enjoi decks are lightweight but still provide a solid pop when you skate. There’s nothing too complicated about their decks, but great for your skating activities. 

The slightly concave shape of the decks gives you more control over your board. Also, Enjoi offers various graphics that many skaters look forward to getting. 



Flip uses pure northern maple wood to make their skateboards, so you are sure that they are durable yet lightweight. The lightness of the boards makes flip tricks easier for skaters, along with pops. 

You can use their decks primarily for street skating because of the medium concave shape of the board. They are comfortable and smooth to use even at high speed. 

If you’re asking about how the boards look, Flip offers excellent graphics on their decks. 


Girl - coolest skateboard decks with art

Girl apply pure maple wood to their boards without incorporating any high technology features. Though their decks are 7-ply, they are still light as feathers making it easier to flip. 

The boards are in medium concave with a solid pop. That’s why it’s best for street skating and riding in parks. 

Additionally, Girl skateboards have unique and excellent graphics choices for their decks. 


Real - coolest skateboard decks

Real decks are best for flip tricks because they are light and slim. It gives off a nice pop and better control because of its concave figure. 

Also, there are various attractive graphics from Real that skaters may like. Overall, Real is an excellent board for control and stability. 

Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz is undeniably one of the best skateboard brands ever. They’re in the game for a very long time now, but their decks are always on point despite their old-school reputation. 

They use pure maple wood to make their boards durable, while the concave shape makes flipping easier.

Santa Cruz decks give skaters better control and stability when riding. You can also enjoy their classic graphics design on the boards. 



Zero takes pride in their designs because they are crazy cool. Of course, they’re not all about the visuals because their decks are also durable. 

They use maple wood to make your decks withstand the craziest tricks you want to perform. You’ll see it still working great even after the abuse from your intense ride. 

Additionally, they are lightweight with an incredible pop, so it is suitable for street skating. 

These brands we just discussed are suitable for a wide range of skaters. You can be a newbie or a professional, and you can still find the fit deck for you.

Remember that not all skateboards are the same. Their shapes and sizes may look the same, but once a skater rides the deck, they know what makes one board different from the other. 

Each board has unique features that fit any skater’s preference. They can be a little heavy or lightweight, depending on if you love to use them for grinds, flips, and other tricks. 

If you’re a beginner, I hope you find the ideal deck for your needs. If you’re a professional skater, I also hope you gained insight into what to try out next if you want to explore more. 

It is vital to know which skateboard deck is right for you by identifying what skateboard style you want to pursue. And as always, keep yourself safe by wearing protective gear when riding. 

Checklists In Buying Skateboard Decks

There are various features to watch out for when buying a skateboard deck. It comes with the fact that skateboards have different components to make the skateboard work well. 

One of the primary things to check is the feeling when you stand on the board. It is essential for a skater to feel comfortable the moment they stand on their deck. 

Skateboarding comes in different styles because they vary in purpose as well. Because of that, the shape and size of the decks make a huge difference in buying decks. 

Some of the things in the checklist include the construction, material, shape, size, and style of the deck. They are essential in getting a well-built skateboard so you can enjoy riding better.

There are also minor yet vital details to keep an eye on when buying skateboards. For example, the climate of the area where you’re skating may affect the board’s shape.

In some cases, the shape of the deck also changes when it is rainy or cold.  

Now that we have a little insight into the skateboard checklists let’s dive into the specifics!

Construction and Material

The construction of the skateboard is a vital detail to consider when buying. It is the fundamental process of a deck, so never skip it. 

Remember that when a deck construction is not good, then you’re highly likely to get disappointed with the deck’s performance. 

Another thing that comes with construction is the materials used for the boards. Maple wood is one of the most reliable materials for decks; that’s why most manufacturers use them.

For a long time, brands have maple woods as their primary material, but other materials can also produce a quality deck nowadays. Some of them are fiber, bamboo, and a lot more. 

Construction and material heavily rely on each other to create a quality skateboard. The deck construction quality depends on the material because the process usually starts with 7-ply.

Manufacturers pile the woods on top of each other and then bind them together using a special glue. 

That is the traditional way of constructing a skateboard. They are reliable and ensure that your boards will give you nothing but the best performance. 

However, nowadays, new types of skateboard construction emerged with the help of technology. Some decks undergo the experiment for new methods to make more quality skateboards. 


When you delved into the skateboard scene, you might have heard of the different styles that come with it. 

Since there are different skateboard styles, you also need to think of various deck styles before buying.

Skateboards have four basic shapes with different purposes. You can modify it later according to your preference, but to put it out there, you need to at least know them before purchasing. 

Knowing the shapes can help you decide better on the skateboards to buy; it can also help you appreciate skateboarding more. 


As its name explains, it is essentially long and wide. It does not necessarily mean it is exclusively for skaters with a larger build, though. 

Note that longboards can also turn your skateboarding experience into a smooth ride because it is easier to ride. If you’re a newbie, you can build or buy the designed longboard shape for beginners. 

You may also notice that longboards have large wheels, yet they are soft. When you ride this type of board, you’ll smoothly ride around because it is comfortable. 

Skateboard Shortboard

We went first from the longboard, so now we will talk about the shortboard. Again, the name shortboard tells us that this deck is going to be relatively small. 

These boards are best for performing tricks because you can stay afloat for quite a long time. With more air time, you can show off more exciting stunts.

If you prefer doing fun tricks and intense stunts, shortboards can help you show off those skills. Most skaters even pair the shortboards with a fabulous pair of sunglasses. 

Not only do your shortboard and sunglasses make you look cool, but you can also be more confident in skateboarding.


Cruisers are best for cruising around, just like what its name says. Their design which includes the kicktails makes riding smooth for you. 

Old School Skateboard

The old school skateboards have flat kicktails and noses. They are also asymmetrical, but the noses are a little broad. 

If strolling and tricks aren’t your cups of tea and you prefer to dive into skating pools and ramps, consider getting this board. 


The board size depends on the size of the rider essentially. Along with your height, also consider the skating style you want to do. 

If your board is bigger than you, you’ll have to exert more effort to ride and do tricks with it. You may find yourself struggling to do a simple flip or control the board to turn. 

Meanwhile, if you purchase a board smaller than you, you’ll have tons of problems remaining stable. 

Make sure to get the right size for you to remain stable even while wearing your skate shoes. 

Focus on the width of the deck rather than the length because most skateboards have decent sizes. However, the width can drastically affect your stance on the board if they’re too large or too small.

The standard width for decks is 7 to 8 and a half inches, but as mentioned, it still depends on your size and the skateboard style you want.


Rails are typically round in shape that you can see at the edge of the skateboard deck. It helps skaters do flips quickly and cleanly. 

However, some rails are sharp that may make your flips a little sloppy and harmful. 

Nose and Tail

The deck’s front part is the nose, while the back part is the tail, hence; the name nose and tail. There’s no right or wrong nose and tail for your board because it depends on you, as I always say.

It depends on what type of skateboard style you want and what kind of board you want to set up.


I mentioned that the back part of the board is the tail, but the curved end is the kicktail. These parts are appropriate for performing tricks and stunts, so try to look for a board with a kicktail if you want to do them.

One of the first tricks that skaters learn is the Ollie. You’ll need a kicktail to make it possible to do and the following stunts you’ll like to explore. 

Sometimes, kicktails can be on the front and back of the board because you can perform advanced tricks better in this way. 

There are many longboard variations, but typically, no skater does tricks with the best longboard. Meanwhile, a few skaters can do it on a dancing longboard. 

A particular type of kicktail makes longboards suitable for derbies and even skating on sidewalks. There is also a longboard designated for carving, which has unique kicktails that allows a better skating experience. 


Another critical thing to check before buying a skateboard is the wheelbase. It is the distance of the holes dedicated for the installment of the wheels.

Also, the wheelbase can be a basis for the distance of the front and back wheels of the board. The spaces of each hole from front to back and left affect your board’s performance right highly.

Effective Foot Platform

The effective foot platform or EFP is the entire standing area of your deck, similar to a wheelbase. But instead of being below the deck, the EFP is on the top of the deck.

You can check your board if it has a good EFP if your feet can fit comfortably on the deck. Ensure that you have enough area for your feet width-wise.

Camber and Rocker

You may notice that there is an elevated part in the middle of your board. Snowboards also have it, and in skateboards, we also call it a camber. On the other hand, the slightly downward titled part is the rocker.

These curves you see on your skateboards affect the performance more than you think. For every amount of curvature added or deducted, the skateboard performance also varies.

Some people confuse camber and rocker with a deck concave, but they are two different things. Camber and rocker affect the speed more while the concave affects the control more. 


To complete the checklist in building a great skateboard complete, check the deck concave. It is the slightly curved upward part of the board on the front.

Most boards have a flat middle part while their nose and tail are concave. These concave parts are not just for the deck’s appearance but play the role of allowing skaters to control the board better.

Like the other components, the correct amount of concave for a board depends on your preferred skateboarding style.

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Types of Concave Skateboard Deck

Radial Concave 

Most skateboards have radial concave, which is a subtle curve in the shape of U. 


The Tub is also similar to the radial shape, which has a slightly curved middle part on the deck. However, in the Tub, the rail curves more sharply towards the deck extension.

This concave makes every turn swift and better, so your skating experience will be more comfortable and enjoyable. So if you have any problems with taking a turn, then get a tub-shaped deck. 


Progressive concave is slightly similar to radial, but there’s a simple difference between them. It has a broader foot space, so your feet are more comfortable and safer.

But if we’re talking about safety, remember that protective gear can provide you the best protection. You can try getting a helmet, elbow pad, or knee pad for overall protection.


The W concave is at the tail area of the board. It allows the skaters to make better turns, so if you need to do a sharp turn, this concave can help you.


This concave has an elevated rail towards the front of the skateboard. You can also see it at the back of the deck. 

With this concave type, you can take more powerful turns every time you ride. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Know If The Skateboard Is In Good Quality?

Some of the things you need to look into when classifying a skateboard as good include its durability, weight, comfort, and a lot more.

For example, if you want to do many tricks and stunts, you’ll need a lightweight deck that is also durable. There must be no parts that need compromising as you need the deck to be in the best condition. 

Aside from the unique features that’ll add magic to your skating experience, the materials used in producing the board are also vital. The deck can be from maple, fiber, or bamboo as long as it’s of quality.

Which Skateboard Brand Has The Strongest Deck?

You cannot easily label a brand to have the most solid deck because, as I always point out, it depends on the skateboard style you pursue. 

However, this list provides insight into some of the most durable and quality decks in the market. Some of them are Enjoi and Skateboard, but there’s a lot more depending on your qualifications. 

Which Is The Best Deck Brand?

As of now, many brands are competing in the market with their unique decks. Some of them started for a long time now, while some are relatively new in the industry. 

Many skaters opt for the classic brands, but some also liked the new brands in the market. 

Many skaters favor one of the most preferred brands in Santa Cruz, but the other brands in and out of the list.