The Significance Behind The Karate Belt Order

Karate Belt Order

If you took Karate, you know how meaningful karate belt order is. However, few people are aware of the meaning behind these colored belt systems. Judo started the colored belt system in martial arts. Students in Judo earned colored karate belts based on their achievements. In Karate, the same belt ranking system applies to the … Read more

A Guide On The Taekwondo Belt Order

Taekwondo Belt Order and Their Meaning

Since the 1940s, Taekwondo Belt System has been an essential part of martial arts history.  Taekwondo practitioners receive these colored belts and ranks to showcase their high level of talent and dedication to the craft. Students may see what they learned and how far they are in their Taekwondo journey. The Origin of Taekwondo Belt … Read more