How To Play Pickleball?

How To Play Pickleball?

The game pickleball started in the 1960s, and it’s becoming more popular. Despite the pandemic, the sport didn’t lose its appeal to people. Pickleball is similar to tennis, badminton, and table tennis, but many features distinguish it from them. It has unique differences that are unique from other paddle sports. Want to learn how to … Read more

Pickleball Rules: General Rules of the Game of Pickleball

pickleball rules

Some of you may or may not be familiar with the paddle sport called “pickleball.” It started way back in 1965, but it is booming now during the pandemic. There are different theories on how the sport got its name. Some said it is from the phrase “pickle boat,” a mix of other teams in … Read more

Pickleball Scoring Basics: The Ultimate Scoring Guide

pickleball scoring

Beginners may get mixed up with the scoring system in pickleball. Even non-beginners get confused, too, because there’s a lot to remember from the rules. Usually, they are the position changes during service; those who score during a rally or call the score before service puzzles them.  Honestly, it’s quite a handful to memorize all … Read more

Best 9 Pickleball Paddles Guide

Engage Encore Pro - Pickleball Paddles

In this post, I will feature and review some of the best pickleball paddles. There are two types of paddles, namely graphite and composite.  These paddles are either lightweight, heavy, small, powerful, or massive in terms of building. They can also have a more extensive reach. Aside from choosing the right pickleball paddle for you, … Read more

Rules For Singles Pickleball

rules for singles pickleball

According to the Economist, pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. Its backyard game-like nature contributed to its increasing popularity. And with a lot of players around the country, the United States annually holds tournaments to cater to the best players of the nation. The rules for singles pickleball differs only … Read more

Racket Sports To Try – How Many Do You Recognize?

Racket Sports Badminton

With many people playing table tennis and badminton, racket sports grew as the most played in the world. However, racket sports do not stop in table tennis and badminton as there are 20 more variations. With the world being round and wide, different racket sports emerged from other places. That said, the racket sports umbrella … Read more

Paddle Tennis vs. Pickleball – How They Compare

Similarities Paddle Tennis vs Pickleball

In this article, we’ll dive into paddle tennis vs pickleball. Tennis is a famous racquet and court sport that many people enjoy playing and watching. Over time, it gained popularity, and more people are trying to learn it. Many court sports out there share some features with tennis, especially on the court sizes, rules, scoring, … Read more