What Is Teqball and What Does Its Future Hold?

Teqball's Future

It’s probably your first time hearing of teqball. Maybe you’ve heard of it online because of professionals like Neymar or Messi.  Either way, you’re asking yourself, “What is teqball?” The short answer is that it combines other sports to become its sport.  Please keep reading to find out how this works, its rules, and the … Read more

What Is Handball?

gameplay what is handball

The exciting sport of handball is enjoyed by nearly 180 nations and 19 million individuals of all ages.  It is one of the most thrilling Olympic sports due to its combination of speed, strength, stamina, agility, technical accuracy, skill, and collaboration. The point of the game is to score a goal by launching the ball … Read more

What is Spikeball? Get The Skinny Here

what is spikeball

So, what is spikeball? More than 30 years ago, Jeff Knurek invented Spikeball, also known as roundnet. It may not be a familiar game, but somehow, it survived and has surged back to popularity. More leagues host spikeball games around the U.S., which makes it more known to people. It’s a fascinating game to play … Read more