The 2 Best Wrist Guards

Accidents are inevitable if you skate. Most of the time, skaters suffer from wrist injuries during these accidents.

It’s scary to even think about getting hurt that you need to go to the hospital. It is not an impossible thing, especially if you can get ligament tears or fractures on your wrists. 

You know how helmets are vital in protecting your head from getting severe head injuries because of these accidents. But did you know that you use wrist guards to protect your wrists?

At this point, you may be already interested to know which pair of wrist guards to buy. Just like any equipment involved in skating, there are tons of wrist guards available in the market. 

These wrist guards vary in price, brands, and specifications. So if you’re starting in skating, you may not be sure what to get yourself. 

Even skilled skaters tend to choose a new wrist guard if they had a change of heart. 

Hence, this post will help you select the best wrist guards for you. It will be straightforward as there are only two on the list, but you’ll have yourself a bonus wrist guard suggestion in the end. 

Here are some of the wrist guard brands you can choose from with their specific specialties:

wrist guards

187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Guard

Most of the time, wrist guards feel restrictive when worn. It can annoy you because it feels weird that you might even consider not wearing them anymore. 

So if you want a wrist guard that doesn’t feel uncomfortably restrictive when worn, then you should check out 187 Killer Pads Derby wrist guards.

However, the less restrictive it is, the less protective it is too. Compared to the other wrist guard in this list, it’s not maximum safe for your wrists. 

This wrist guard’s highlight feature is that it’s comfortable, which means a lot for skaters. 


These lightweight wrist guards feel comfortable as if you’re not even wearing them. 

Also, they are slip-on with two Velcro straps, so it’s easier to wear. The materials used are high-quality, and the stitches are well-sewn. 

It has thick padding and can last for quite some time. It is definitely worth the price you’re paying for, as some pads easily rip apart.  

Because this wrist guard promotes less restriction on your movements, it allows you to move around freely. It’s short on the wrist part while not being too high up the hands.

Your hands can move normally because the wrist guards don’t remain stiff in a particular position. 

However you may see it, it can either be a good or bad thing. But for most skaters, you’ll end up fine even after falling while using these wrist guards.


These wrist guards will not do too well, especially if you don’t want to risk any chances of breaking your wrist during a fall. 

Due to the lack of a splint in the back portion of the wrist guards, you shouldn’t use it if you’re prone to slips.

However, don’t let that stop you from trying this one. These wrist guards are not useless because they still offer wrist protection as they are a famous brand. 

As for the front, there’s a protective area that distributes the impact of a fall. But if the effect will target the back, then there’s no splint to protect it further. 

Overall, the usual slips and falls when skating are enough for the 187 wrist guards to handle. 


These pairs fit regularly, unlike the other pads with smaller sizes. You also have to expect that the wrist guards in this list are tight to wear as they should be. 

However, they fit just right and comfortable compared to other brands. 

Smith Safety Gear Scabs Pro Wrist Stabilizer

This all-around wrist guard provides you protection, comfort, and flexibility, which is quite rare to find in a wrist guard. 

Typically, a specific wrist guard specializes in one aspect: a wrist guard solely for wrist protection. However, the Smith wrist guard provides equal quality on the three mentioned aspects. 

Of course, every pair of wrist guards in this list deserve recognition in terms of quality. They are of excellent quality for flexibility, protection, or comfort. 

But this particular wrist guard has all of them. It can protect your wrist while being flexible and comfortable at the same time. 

Smith doesn’t have the flexibility level of 187 Derby, but Smith’s wrist guards balanced flexibility and protection very well. 


Their wrist guards are flexible on the front and back. That’s why the protection level is not as high as those with a restrictive and rigid splint. 

However, the product’s materials still give off split-like protection that keeps you protected while being flexible too. 

The back splint has tiny cutouts to allow the wrists to bend even backward easily, but not too much that you’ll turn it back.

It comfortably rests around your wrist because it is not restrictive, so you’ll experience both comfort and protection. 


These wrist guards are of equal priority to protection, comfort, and flexibility, so if you’re looking for a more flexible or more protective wrist guard, then you may have to pass on this one. 

Naturally, you’ll want the best protection for your wrist, so it’s acceptable that you may need another specialized wrist guard. However, these pairs are still significant in offering sufficient wrist protection.

If you want to replace the front and back splint of the wrist guards, it may not be possible for you because they have it sewn in the product.


The Smith wrist guards come in a small size. So even if you try to get the largest size for a big arm, this one may not fit. 


Many people have excellent feedback on these pairs, and they last longer than expected. But for some customers, there have been problems with the stitches.

Don’t worry as their customer service efficiently responds to any issues, so it’ll be fine as soon as possible. 

An Alternative: Triple Eight Slide-On Wrist Guard

The main feature of this wrist guard is to support the wrist. There may be circumstances where skaters already suffer from a wrist injury and want to protect their wrist. 

A support wrist guard naturally restricts you a little when it comes to hand movement. The Triple Eight wrist guard does just that. 

The materials of the wrist guard are well-built and of good quality. Rest assured that you’re using durable and secured gear because it has splints on the front and back. 

It’s easy to wear because it is slide-on, and it also has a shock-absorbing EVA foam to protect your wrists more. 

The Triple Eight wrist guards allow you to achieve maximum protection for your wrists. However, it will compromise the restriction of your hands. 

So I highly suggest using these wrist guards on sports that involve more foot movements than hand movements. 


The sizes of these wrist guards come in small, so you may have to add one measure of your actual size. It’s a bit hard to wear, so you need to make a slight adjustment.


The size may be the common concern for most buyers. Even if you add a size bigger than your actual size, it still won’t perfectly fit because there’s a little space left on your wrists. 

You would want your wrist guards to rest on your wrists perfectly, so you may also face a similar concern. However, it still does its job, so your wrists still have protection. 

Like other feedback on wrist guards, there’s the possibility of breaking the arm when wearing them. Since the wrist guards protect the wrists specifically, there might be less support on the arm. 

Despite these concerns, people still find these wrist guards valuable and worth it.