Best Skateboard Grip Tape That Won’t Destroy Your Shoes

Skateboarding became one of the fast-growing hobbies and stunts that many teens, and even adults, adapted. However, skating comes at a cost as it can likely rip the shoe of the skater. 

People with nice looking and even an expensive pair of shoes find this to be very inconvenient. To help you with that, this article shows you different grip tapes that you could use to make it convenient for your shoes. We picked suitable grip tapes that will not rip your shoes that fast. And maybe you’ll want to personalize your grip tape to make it original to you and your personality.

Skateboard grip tapes

Grizzly Stamp Print 9×33

Founded by pro skater Torey Pudwell last 2002, Grizzly immediately became one of the best grip tapes for aspiring skaters. Grizzly grip tapes currently hold a good rating on Amazon, with varying reviews that range from 4.4 stars and above. To understand why Grizzly is one of the most popular grip tapes, let’s look at its properties.

Grizzly Stamp Print 9×33

Grizzly easily sticks well to the deck of the skateboard, and its surface is not that sharp. Because of that, the Grizzly does not provide a super-strong grip. However, it still provides just enough grip for you to hold onto the board with your feet. And since that is the case, it will not shred your shoes quickly.

Other than the grip, Grizzly also has excellent adhesive strength. Because of that, it sticks easily. At the same time, it does not wear off quicker than other grip tapes. Also, its grip tape has a stamp that helps identify where the nose and the tail is. Some skaters find this helpful detail when installing the tape.

Grizzly comes in a 9×33 size. With that, it remains suitable for all sizes of boards.

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Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Mob Grip Tape boasts the strongest tape in the skateboarding world. If you are aiming for the most stable grip, then you should pick Mob Grip Tape. However, if you do not want your shoes to wear off very quickly, you should avoid buying them. With that said, buying Mob Grip Tape requires you to sacrifice your shoes in exchange for a better grip. For an alternative option, you should purchase high-quality skating shoes.

Just like Grizzly, you can easily stick Mob Grip Tape to your deck. Not only that, manufacturers made the grip tape from top-notch paper. Because of that, it will not wear off easily nor tear quickly. Also, it comes in 9×33, so people consider it an excellent option for most skateboards.

Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Jessup Grip Tape remains one of the most smooth grip tapes you can find on the market. Since it is softer than most grip tapes, people consider it the best in maintaining shoe quality. So if you want the lifespan of your shoe to stay long, then your go-to grip tape is Jessup.

Manufacturers of the product use silicon carbide, also known as carborundum, to produce the grip tape. Because of that, Jessup does not peel off easily from the deck. Not only that, but it is also not as sharp as other brands.

Jessup comes in different sizes, unlike the two brands mentioned above. Since that is the case, it fits a lot of sizes of boards, including longboards.

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Black Diamond Sheet

Black Diamond has served skaters for more than 15 years now. Although they remain not as popular as other brands, many believe this brand is a great option out there.

People consider Black Diamond’s grip to be on par with brands like Grizzly. It also has excellent strength and sharpness that it can maintain for so long.  However, it creates soft spots when it wears down. It happens most specifically in the location of the board when the foot rotates the board.

Moreover, unlike the brands mentioned above, Black Diamond easily rips up. That said, you should carefully apply it to your board, so you do not waste your purchase. Buying this grip tape offers you ranges of color, making it a great option if you want to match your deck.

Despite having a diamond in its name, it comes with low prices. So if you want low-cost grip tapes but can still provide you great qualities, then Black Diamond is your go-to brand. 

Shake Junt Grip Tape

Shake Junt Grip Tape

Established during the mid-2000s, Shake Junt became one of the top 3 grip tape brands within the skateboard industry. With their service that lasts for more than a decade now, Shake Junt made an excellent reputation for their different skate accessories.

Shake Junt has a slightly firmer grip than Grizzly, but it isn’t as sharp as Mob. Even though it isn’t as strong as Mob, it still boasts one of the sharpest grips within the skating industry. Because of that, it remains one of the best grip take-ups in the skating industry. Also, a lot of skaters consider its grip as better than average.

However, its durability remains one of its disadvantages. Since it does not last longer than most grip tapes, you can enjoy its grip for only a short time. Also, it smoothens as quickly as other grip tapes, which will be hard to invest in. Also, its edges wear off quickly and do not stick on the deck for so long.

Lucid Spray

Lucid Spray

Unlike the points above, Lucid Spray is technically not a grip tape but a spray-on. It comes with two sprays, one having sharp stones and an adhesive spray. To apply Lucid Spray, you scatter the sharp rocks on your deck first. After sprinkling the sharp rocks, you should spray the 

adhesive, making it stick on your board.

Lucid Spray only works if you are aiming for excellent grip alone. However, if you desire to do tricks with your skateboard, this gripping take will not fit your goal. Lucid Spray remains suitable if you only want to stroll around with your skateboard.

Moreover, its sharpness does not stand on the same level as the ones above. With that, it can help in maintaining the quality of your shoes when skating.

Black Widow Skateboard Grip Tape

Black Widow Skateboard Grip Tape

Black Widow remains relevant, especially for cruisers, since its manufacturers produce that kind of board. This grip tape has a suitable adhesive that will not wear off the deck that easily. Also, it sticks well it does not tear as fast as other grip tapes contender. A lot of people consider Black Widow to have a grip that does on par with Jessup. For regular boards, it comes with a size of 9×33.

Buying The Suitable Grip Tape

When picking the suitable grip tape for your board, you need to consider a lot of factors. To help you identify the suitable grip tape for you, listed below are the factors you need not overlook.

Right Size

Picking the wrong grip tape size for your board remains the simplest mistake that you can commit. Sometimes, it happens because skaters choose the grip tapes that precisely measure their deck’s width and length. The grip tape will not fit in that situation since a board has a concave and the kicktails’ shape.

That said, getting the exact size does not mean you picked the correct size. Choosing the right size needs you to select a scope with at least an inch of allowance per dimension. By buying a size with allowance, you get a chance to adjust your tape, making your deck look better.

The sharpness of the Grip Tape

Picking the sharpness of your board depends on your preference. Pro skaters prefer a firmer grip since it helps them do the trick easily as it provides better control. However, picking a firmer grip means sacrificing your shoes, for it can quickly wear off. That may cause you to buy a pair of shoes more often.

If you aim to do tricks without sacrificing your footwear, you should aim for medium-tier grip tapes. It can provide you better stability and will not wear off your shoe quickly. However, be sure to still invest in shoe goo to maintain your shoe quality. 

However, cruising around with your board might just need you to get a standard rate of sharpness.

Moreover, the Grizzly brand can help you identify what kind of grip you want for your board. Although it will take time to find the grip you prefer, it remains excellent to invest in the brand, especially beginners.

Price of Grip Tape

Most people aim to spend only around $10 for their grip tape. The price might seem cheap but in that range lay consistent grip tape brands. However, styling your grip tape might need you to spend more bucks for at least five more dollars.

When To Change Your Grip Tape

More often, skaters damage their boards than trash their grip tape for reasons like doing tricks. If you are part of the crowd that does that, you will probably not need to change grip tapes. That is because the deck will wear out faster than it, so instead, buy a new set.

However, skaters who aim to stroll around with their board need not replace their grip tape as long as they clean and maintain it often. Although if you think that your grip tape starts feeling mellow, then replace it as soon as possible. Having a smooth grip tape can potentially give you instability when skating.

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Conclusion: The Best Grip Tape

As mentioned above, naming the best grip tape remains subjective. It depends on the preference of the skater. However, the list above contains the top-tier grip tapes that you might want to check out if you still don’t know what suits you.