Best Skateboard Completes That You Can Use As A Newbie

Buying the best skateboard completes can be a little tricky, especially if it is your first time.

There are various features to consider before getting the best one that can fit your needs.

Beginners and even experienced skaters find buying skateboards to be challenging.

You can look at most products and still not settle for one despite the many options. 

There is so much more to consider than just the components of a skateboard. There are the style, the ease in pumping, the glide, and more to check.

Each skateboard has properties that separate it from the other. Those properties may include the trucks, wheels, or even the price.

These things can help you modify the right skateboard for you. It is possible to find one and the other on different boards, but you can find most of the things you like in a complete set. 

Alongside the product, there are the properties and how well it can perform with its components. 

With that, you may know the board that can fit your desired skateboard performance.

So to help you with that dilemma, this post will guide you to select the best skateboard for you. 

CCS Skateboard Complete

best skateboard completes CCS Skateboard Complete

Let’s start this list with the simple CCS Skateboard.

California Cheap Skate, also known as CCS, has continued serving the public for more than 30 years.

They remain one of the best for skaters when buying top-notch skateboards.

CCS Skateboard Complete comes with a simple black or grey design on its grip tape. The deck uses the standard popsicle structure, which is ideal for street or transition skateboarding.

This board has non-branded components for its complete skateboards.

Although they do not use branded parts, they remain on par with top-notch features. 

The skateboard comes with 100a hard wheels, which are best on smooth surfaces. However, it makes the board shaky on rough surfaces.

Moreover, there are various sizes to pick from the CSS Skateboards.

They have mini options such as 7 inches for kids and large ones ranging from 8.5 inches. 

With that range of sizes, you can pick whatever works best with your feet. Even adults can use small decks because it still depends on one’s preference.

The complete set remains super basic and standard, so you can try this set if you do not want such a fancy board. 

Also, its simple set-up comes at a low price that people with short on a budget can buy to experience skating.

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Toy Machine Devil Cat – Best Skateboard Completes

best skateboard completes Toy Machine Devil Cat

In 1993, Toy Machine started producing high-quality decks for skaters.

The Toy machine uses Canadian maple to create the decks to ensure durability and increase its lifespan. 

Skaters can abuse the skateboard to perform many tricks with the material used. It also provides good flexibility, widening the function of the skateboard.

Toy Machine Devil Cat comes with a board of 7.625 inches in width, much smaller than most skateboards that are 9 inches wide. 

This skateboard will work well for kids and adults with tiny feet because of its small size. 

Additionally, Toy Machine Devil Cat uses lightweight aluminum core trucks, but it does not hinder you when you skate. 

Meanwhile, the axles with the grade 8 kingpins match the aluminum trucks mentioned earlier. You can assure that your trucks will remain durable as you rip around the city with all those components. 

The trucks, axles, and kingpins do not wear out quickly, making them last for a longer time. 

These boards use the 99a wheels, which are slightly softer than those used with CCS. They are suitable for smooth surface-like parts. 

However, it can also work on rough streets when you want to glide around the town. Paired with the 99a wheels are the ABEC 5 bearings that help in gliding and brake potential when skating.

Considering its top-tier components, Toy Machine prices Devil Cat much reasonably.

Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

The third on our list is the Powell Golden Dragon under Skateone & Powell Peralta. The Powell brand stays popular among skaters due to its cheap but high-quality skateboards. 

As part of the biggest brand within the skating industry, rest assured that their products will satisfy your skateboarding needs.

For beginners trying to figure out the right board, they can start the trial and error with Powell.

They provide high-quality skateboards and graphics while giving the option of staying within your budget. 

However, like the Devil Cat, Powell Golden Flying Dragon comes with a 7.625 inches width board. It means it can only cater to tiny feet that fit on the deck. 

Otherwise, you will not stabilize the board if you have a larger foot. However, it can help kids, in general, to help pick up the skating hobby since it has a smaller width.

Powell Golden Flying Dragon also uses aluminum trucks, steel kingpins, and axles.

The complete set-up does not use many brandings on its components, but you can still get a good performance.

Powell produces their boards in China and mainly uses unbranded components, making the production value and materials needed lower than most brands.

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Element Skateboards Section Complete

Element Skateboards Section Complete

Element skateboards use a high-quality deck with a width of 7.75 inches and 31.5 inches. Manufacturers use hard maple to produce the deft, proving excellent durability. 

It only requires a few plies of hard maple to produce a high-quality deck. Besides offering exceptional strength to withstand tricks, it remains lightweight, easily letting the skater ride it.

Since they produce the deck in the United States, buying this will help support the economy and the industry.

It can make skating sustainable in other parts of the nation.

Moreover, Element only uses the deck it produces and lets TGM set up the complete skateboard.

So after they build the deck, they deliver it to TGM to put the components together. 

Similar to Devil Cat, Element Skateboards also uses trucks from aluminum casts. They pair the aluminum trucks with the grade 8 steel axles and steel kingpin. 

Although the components used share similarities, they offer a better finish than the other trucks above. Thus, it looks better than others while providing better performance as well.

Element Skateboard also utilizes the 99a hard wheels, which remain optimal for park skating. Although you can still skate on asphalt and regular roads, you must expect to have shaky rides.

Also, buying the complete set will require you to set up the unassembled skateboard. 

Don’t worry because although it sounds like a pain, it can help you learn more about skateboards as a beginner.

In addition, that can serve as an opportunity to identify the parts and their location on the skateboard.

Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard

Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard

Loaded Boards Tan Tien offers excellent quality products making them one of the most prominent skateboard brands in the world. Many people recommend their boards to beginners.

Tan Tien uses a deck that Loaded Boards produced using the combination of bamboo and fiberglass. They keep them lightweight while providing skaters with a bouncier deck that helps absorb the vibration caused by rough roads. 

Moreover, the deck uses drop-through mounting, which helps lower the center of gravity while you ride. It provides better stability and does “pumps” while ripping around roads or brakes as well.

Furthermore, Tan Tien uses premium brands for its wheels and trucks, namely Paris and Orangatang. These two brands allow skaters to execute deep turns while maintaining balance smoothly and stability when accelerating. 

Also, the premium wheels provide a smoother ride as it helps roll over rough roads with ease.

These are some of the reasons why Tan Tien remains a premium skateboard. They do not hold back with all those branded components but expect to pay a more expensive board.

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Conclusion – Best Skateboard Completes

The right skateboard for you does not depend solely on the board’s components but also on your style.

You may want a skateboard that lets you glide properly or lets you perform tricks. 

It would help if you considered how you want to use the skateboard before deciding what to buy.

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