Top 27 Best Skateboard Brands In The Industry

If we’re honest, there can never be the best skateboard brand. However, many brands offer quality skateboard needs like shoes, wheels, trucks, bearings, and decks. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let’s attempt to show you some of the best skateboard brands out there.

The brands included in this list are primarily sought-after, even by professional skates. So if you are a beginner in skateboarding, you’ll love these brands as well.

Let’s talk about the different skateboard brands from A to Z (or maybe W) that offer quality shoes, wheels, trucks, bearings, and decks. 

Shoes, wheels, trucks, and bearings mostly have different manufacturers. However, that is not the case for the decks. 

Remember that it is essential to consider the materials used in making them about your board’s aesthetics. Don’t get easily swayed by design without checking the overall features of the board.

The common feature you need to look out for when purchasing decks are their shapes. The shapes differ in their purpose when riding the skateboard. 

Of course, you use skateboards to ride around; however, not all boards can perform tricks or are not suitable for skating on rails or bowls.  

Another factor to consider is the size. The sizes also vary on the skater or the purpose of riding. For example, the larger build the rider is, the wider board they need to get. 

Also, note that when you buy cheaper products, you compromise the quality of the materials. It applies not just to decks but also to shoes, bearings, trucks, and wheels. 

Now that we laid that out let’s discuss the different skateboard brands in alphabetical order. 

Take note that these brands are not the only quality skateboard brands out there, there are many other brands to look out for, but it’ll take us forever to finish the list. 

Almost: Decks

best skateboard brands

Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song, two extreme skaters, founded Almost in 2003. Mullen was originally from Enjoi but left and started Almost.

Almost decks are more costly than other deck brands because their products are of premium quality. 

The primary material used to make their decks is carbon fiber. It is durable, and light, so many skaters prefer buying them. 

The highly recommended decks for skaters that tend to use their boards for extreme activities are Impact Light, Impact Plus, and Impact Support. 

Rest assured that your decks will not break even if you perform complicated tricks or are on the heavier side. 

Not only are the Almost decks strong, but you can also choose from the plenty of excellent designs available in their store. You may even feel bad scratching them during your ride. 

You may also consider getting two decks to use for doing tricks and for a simple ride. 

Anti-Hero: Decks

Anti Hero best skateboard brands

Julien Stranger, a professional skateboarder, founded Anti-Hero in 1995. Since then, his company has earned more loyal customers because of its quality products. 

Even though the company’s name is Anti-Hero, the founder has protagonist qualities that helped him establish his brand. 

Skateboard culture changes from time to time depending on how the culture transitions. Most of the time, trends fade quickly through time as new trends surface.

The same thing happens for skateboard decks, too. However, Anti-Hero survived the sudden shifting.

Their patrons adore the brand’s quality and consistency of products to adapt to the new trends in skateboarding. 

While the main focus of the company is skateboarding, they also aim for equality and societal development. 

This advocacy is evident in their products such as their Plastics Pro Series, the Drive-In Pro Series, the Eighteen Team Series, the Budgie Price Points, the Mercantile General Pro Series, and a lot more. All of these are decks with various designs. 

Deluxe Distribution owns Anti-Hero decks, which symbolizes skateboarders’ personality and differences while providing the best quality decks and designs.

Anti-Hero uses premium-quality wood to make its decks. It allows all of their products to be durable and consistent in their different deck line releases. 

Aside from that, Anti-Hero decks are usually broad, helping skaters ride comfortably and with more control.

Even though I said that aesthetics should not be the first thing to look at when buying decks, Anti-Hero offers both quality and design, so you can always find a visually appealing board that’s high quality. 

Baker: Decks


Baker decks are fun to use, especially on street skating. Andrew Reynolds created Baker in 2000 to cater to beginner and professional skaters. 

What makes the Baker boards unique are the sizes and designs they offer. They have various widths and length sizes. They also have medium and steep concave boards. 

Baker decks are from pure Canadian maple wood; that’s why they are solid. Also, their decks are affordable, with plenty of customization and model options. 

Baker collaborated with Riley Hawk, a professional skater, and son of Tony Hawk. Baker created the Riley Hawk Halftone Pro Deck in 2014 with a size ideal for skaters on the smaller side.  

The decks on the Rile Hawk line are steep concave so that you can enjoy rail riding at best. It is suitable for street skaters that are continuously learning tricks as Reynolds and Hawk do. 

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Birdhouse: Decks


Pre Welinder founded Birdhouse that was initially “Birdman” when he teamed with Tony Hawk. Both were professional skateboarders and the name Birdman came from Hawk’s nickname in the field. 

Through Hawk’s video game series, Birdhouse managed to grow many followers while the company rose to be a famous skateboard brand. Not only is it recognizable in skateboarding, but also in the industries outside. 

Along with other reputable skaters that support the company, their range welcomed different skateboarding styles. 

The initial concern for Hawk was that not many skaters are into vertical skating. However, Birdhouse caters to all skateboarding styles, from vertical to street. 

Despite Hawk’s interest in vertical skating, Birdhouse’s decks do not limit to one purpose. They have different options for skaters, depending on their style and size. 

One of the best decks that they offer is the Tony Hawk Falcon 8.12 deck wider at 8.5. The boards are 7-ply maple wood, so guaranteed that your deck is high quality, lasts longer, and durable. 

The company is almost 30 years old now, and they started the aim of not clashing with other skateboard brands to raise the ladder. They did not plan on aggressively staying in the market. 

Instead, Birdhouse aims to provide a quality brand for skaters to give them the best experience and creative styles. You’ll see what I am talking about when you see their decks. 

Bones: Wheels 

Bones Wheels best skateboard brands

Bones is one of the best makers of wheels and bearings. They offer quality skateboard accessories so skaters can enjoy skating on various skateboarding styles. 

Their wheels are best to use when skating at skate parks because they have excellent grip and firm. Only a few brands offer Durometer B-scale for the wheels, and luckily, Bones is one of them. 

Not all the displayed hardness of wheels by many brands are accurate. Some use A-scale to measure the wheels, and it is not the best idea out there. 

The higher the A-scale is, the more likely their measurements are inaccurate. 

However, wheels from Bones don’t follow that. They have the best and most rigid wheels in the skateboard industry, but their versatility allows them to offer soft wheels for cruising and learning tricks. 

Bones’ range of offered wheels is for skateparks, street skating, and all-terrain boards. The high-quality wheels last for a long time and are also spot-resistant. 

Bones: Bearings

Bones Bearings best skateboard brands

On the other hand, the bearings from Bones are also the standard in skateboarding. Their bearings have been in the market for years, and many customers enjoy the quality.

Vertical skaters can use Bones’ bearings, specifically the Super Reds, because they can handle the acceleration from this type of skateboarding. 

If you are a more casual skater, you can also settle for Bones’ standard bearings like the Red bearings. They are affordable and durable, so they’ll perform just fine with your skating needs. 

Bronson: Bearings

Bronson Bearings

Skaters love Bronson bearings for their street and vertical skating needs. They work best even with high speed and quick acceleration.

Bronson G2 bearings are on par with Bones’ Red bearing. Both of them are affordable and firm. 

Meanwhile, Bronson Raws is on the same level as Bones’ Swiss 6 and Super Red. Maybe the most distinguishable trait among the products is that Raws perform better even with the rain. 

Chocolate: Deck

Chocolate best skateboard brands

Chocolate is a pretty odd name for a skateboard brand, especially one that sells decks. But Chocolate in the skateboard industry is quite recognizable by customers. 

In 1994, Rick Howard and Mike Carrol introduced Chocolate to the market and brought the skating scene to more audiences. 

This brand is an extension of another skateboard brand called “Girl,” which we will discuss later in this article. 

Chocolate decks are high-quality with a popsicle shape and a wider board to fit skaters with huge feet. 

Their boards consist of 7-ply maple wood to ensure durability and withstand the test of time. The tails also have a great “pop,” completing the overall package for a reasonable price.

The brand features their trademark graphics on the decks like cartoon characters and cars, wherein some of the designs are impressions of the company’s staff. 

One of the best decks offered by Chocolate is OG Chunk Skateboard, a simple deck with outstanding performance. It also has the company’s signature font as part of the design.

DC: Shoes

DC Shoes best skateboard brands

DC shoes are one of the most reliable shoe brands in skateboarding. Their graphics and designs stand out on every pair they have because all are distinctive. 

They are not like other shoes that have a subtle style because DC offers something different and exceptional for their shoes compared to other brands. Not to mention their shoes are of good quality too. 

The shoes also have a good grip and are good enough to lessen the impact when landing. Some skaters even said that the shoes feel like pillows. 

There may be stiffness for the first few times of wearing it, but it will slowly feel comfortable after several uses. 

Element: Decks

Element Decks best skateboard brands

Element is probably one of the biggest names in the skateboard industry. Element’s earth, fire, wind, and water logo is a famous trademark in and out of the skating scene. 

Johnny Schillereff, who is a professional skater, started Element back in 1992. Since then, the company grew to be a successful brand that offers various skateboarding needs like deck, shoes, and clothes. 

Despite being a successful skateboard brand, the brand still offers decks priced under $100. The boards are also environment-friendly because they recycle undyed wood and lessen chemical use during production.

The brand stands to produce artistic and eco-friendly decks through its manufacturing process while incorporating skating in the concept.


The Element Featherlight Deck caters to skaters who have smaller builds. It has thinner veneers which is why it is lighter compared to other boards. 

While it is thin and light, Element didn’t go wrong with the decks’ durability and quality. They provide the same condition as in the other selection while keeping it at a low price. 

On the other hand, for professional skaters or those willing to spend a fortune on their decks, Element offers decks made from carbon fiber. 

Additionally, the company introduced an innovative feature wherein a helium gas line is inside the deck. 

Element has Featherweight and Thriftwood with the technology used in the production for most skaters seeking an innovative concept in their boards. The quality is as good as all the other boards. 

Enjoi: Decks

Enjoi Decks

Enjoi is a relatively new skateboard brand. Initially, Marc Johnson started the company and co-created with Rodney Mullen but later left to try on a new business venture. 

Matt Eversoles manages Enjoi that continuously offers quality decks while being active on media platforms as well. 

Like other skateboard brands out there, Enjoi also produces videos representing them through social media like Youtube. 

The first video they released, “Bag of Suck,” earned the title Transworld Skate Video of the Year in 2007. 

Enjoi’s visuals typically focus on a comical black and white panda and other cartoon-themed design. They also incorporated humor which is quite different from other brands. 

According to some, the boards do not last as long as the other brand’s decks, but they are pretty durable. Even famous skateboard personalities support the brand.

So although China manufactured the decks, the quality of the boards remain excellent and solid. 

Dwindle owns and distributes Enjoi decks. It is a manufacturer that carefully created boards to ensure top-notch quality. 

By creating boards one at a time, Dwindle can achieve the deck’s desired shape and overall design like concaveness, lamination, and solid pop. 

They also use Resin-7 epoxy to make sure the decks are durable and perform their best. 

However, you need to note that Enjoi decks are best only for more casual skateboarding activities. Their decks may not be suitable for performing complicated tricks because they may break easily. 

Girl: Decks

Girl Decks best skateboard brands

Rick Howard, Megan Baltimore, Mike Carroll, and Spike Jonze started the Girl brand. They are a group of skaters who wanted to create a story and journey after being disappointed with the skating scene. 

You may be wondering why the brand’s name is Girl when the names mentioned above are guys. 

There’s no official answer to that but speculation that people refer to them as girls when they skate. I guess it probably remained in their heads for a long time. 

Even big names from the industry support this brand, so rest assured you’re getting quality decks for yourselves. 

Also, remember that the decks they offer are excellent, depending on what fits you. Their decks are more leveled concave and have pleasant tail and nose ends. 

The brand Girl has been around the industry for quite some time already. They already established a name even back in the 1990s. 

Their deck designs are also customizable to place their brand logo, which looks like the women’s bathroom logo, or the available designs. 

If you want a complete skateboard set, Girl comes in with a fully assembled board. You don’t need to purchase different components. 

Their boards’ quality is consistent with their boards, so their style and structure stay true to their name. Their boards’ foundations are 7-ply maple wood to ensure their durability, resistance, and lower cost. 

Grind King: Trucks

Grind King Trucks

Donald Cassel, an architect who became a skater, created Grind King in 1988. Cassel introduced the trucks suitable for high-performance skating. 

In street skating, the slamming of boards is quite common. Usually, the cause of wear and tear among boards are the boards banging against concretes. 

Therefore, if you’re a street skater, you expect that your board isn’t going to last that long. 

Cassel used this concern to create the Inverted Kingpin to help skaters with their trucks during street skate grinds.  

However, despite these trucks’ features being light and great for grinding, their biggest con is that they loosen pretty quickly. If your trucks do this thing, then it is not the best for street skating. 

If you still want to try Grind King, just keep in mind to tighten your trucks every time you feel like they are loosening. But then you also have to keep with you the right tools to fix it. 

Independent Truck Co: Trucks

Independent Truck Co Trucks

Many skaters may point to Independent Truck Company as one of the best companies that provides the best and quality trucks. 

In the skateboard industry, this brand is the standard for trucks, even when compared with others. 

In 1978, Independent Truck Co. entered the market to make a truck that can be reliable for skaters. During that time, trucks are not always in their best shape, so it was a problem. 

Until now, Independent Truck Co. provided the best and most reliable trucks for skateboards. They are also the brand to be based in the U.S. only. 

The best part about their trucks is that they cater to almost every skateboard style while adding strength and lightweight. Their Stage 11 model is 15% lighter than their other previous releases. 

As if almost every good thing in trucks poured over this brand, their trucks also provide excellent stability and control on turns. You can easily use them at vertical skating, at skate parks, and even on skate ramps. 

Their trucks are from kingpins and forged titanium; that’s why it is light and durable. It is probably two of the most important things you want to have on your board as a skater.

And because we mentioned that it is durable, you can expect it to be long-lasting even after extreme skate grinding. 

Lakai: Shoes

Lakai Shoes best skateboard brands

For skateboard shoes, Lakai is a solid brand that offers good skate shoes. The brand is quite popular, and with their latest release, the Sheffield, you’ll expect it to be good too.

Even people with wide feet find Lakai shoes comfortable because they fit well and smooth when wearing for the first time. 

Their shoes also have thick treads on the bottom, so even after wear and tear, your shoes can still have a good grip on the board. 

Additionally, the pointed toe part of the shoes allows skaters to have better flips. Overall, the shoes are durable, comfortable to wear, and a good cushion for low-impact skating. 

However, if you are on the extreme side of skating, you’ll need to add extra layers of padding on your Lakai shoes to have better support when landing with an impact.

Mini Logo: Wheels

Mini Logo Wheels

Mini Logo isn’t the best in quality, but they are one of the best in affordability. The brand offers more than what the buyers pay. 

I recommend Mini Logo for beginners as their wheels are lower in price but still do their job in terms of performance. 

Powell Peralta owns Mini Logo, so their products came from the same manufacturer. The brand also offers decks, trucks, and other skating components. 

But once you gain experience, you might reconsider getting a new wheel brand that can provide you with a more advanced and better quality. Mini Logo wheels may turn flat, especially if you skate on slides. 

New Balance: Shoes

New Balance Shoes

New Balance is another great shoe option for skateboarding. One of their best sellers, the Numeric, is a comfortable skate shoe with air holes on the sides and near the toes.

These shoes are flexible and durable. However, the weight is a bit heavier compared to other skate shoes. 

As for the support, they have a one-centimeter layer of cushion to lessen the impact of your landing. Meanwhile, the front part of the shoes is thinner, so you can feel the board better. 

Note that New Balance usually has narrower sizes, so people with wider feet may feel uncomfortable when wearing it.

Nike: Shoes

Nike Shoes

Of course, we cannot move on with skateboard shoes without mentioning Nike. It is a well-known brand even outside the skate scene. 

The skate shoes Nike offers are durable, comfortable, and provide good drip with your board.

Before, the standard issue in their skate shoes is the cushioning level and the heel support. Nike managed to step up their game and change some improvements on their Janoski shoes. 

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski RM has less padding on the toe part without an arch impact support. However, the shoes are still comfortable because the sole is not too thick.

Surprisingly, it can support your feet even after almost a day of wearing it. 

Powell Peralta: Decks

Powell Peralta Decks

The Powell Peralta decks are another featured deck in our list that provides quality boards. George Powell and Stacy Peralta started Powell Peralta in 1978 to offer lighter and high-quality decks. 

Their flight deck stands out from other board models because of the manufacturing process. They have a secret glue that binds the board together with epoxy and fiber-reinforced structure. 

So for skaters who tend to do extreme stunts, this board is perfect for you. 

Although their boards are a little costly, the quality of the boards is premium. They are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting compared to other decks in the market. 

Think of buying Powell Peralta decks as an investment. The initial cost may be expensive, but you’ll save more in the future because it can outlast even the most complex grinds. 

Some skaters agree that the flight deck from Powell Peralta is suitable for professional skaters who care less about the boards’ graphics. The boards can endure any snaps and retain a solid pop. 

When you put it into numbers, Powell Peralta Flight Deck can last at least five years, even with street skating. 

As for the overall quality, expect it to bring you the best of strength and performance in their decks. 

Real: Decks

Real Decks

Real decks entered the industry when Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud felt they needed to be different from the 1990s’ skateboarding scene. 

The two created their brand, Real, to offer their boards, and until now, they’re excelling in doing so. 

The brand uses heavyweights technology on their decks, a thicker x-band ply with glue layers applied to make it more durable. However, the deck becomes heavier than the other boards because of it. 

Real decks follow the traditional popsicle deck shape but with a broader size, good enough to accommodate 8.5 inches. You can assure that it will last for a long time with its durability and stability. 

Another great thing about Real is that they give back to the community they were a part of by supporting non-profit organizations. 

Santa Cruz: Decks

Santa Cruz Decks

Surfers Richard Novak, Jay Shuirman, and Doug Hut founded Santa Cruz in 1973. With their best skateboard products, they manage to catch up with various skateboard trends. 

Their boards are one of the best available in the market. With their history in the skateboarding scene, the industry’s extensive knowledge allows them to produce the best-quality decks. 

Santa Cruz remains relevant amidst other brands rising because they perfected the skaters’ balance of quality and experience.

The company didn’t depend on a large business for them to operate. Santa Cruz managed to stay on the top, which makes the brand stand out to other brands.

Santa Cruz uses “Everslick” for their plyboards where the board design is under a layer of plastic. This unique graphic application makes their boards unique because the graphics can stick longer compared to before. 

As for the price, Santa Cruz is a little bit expensive compared to the other brands, but as typical in the skating scene, the higher price you pay, the more premium quality you’ll receive. 

Land Shark Rasta Sk8, Mahaka Rasta, and many more decks proved that the price you pay is worth it. Most skaters agreed that Santa Cruz has some of the most excellent boards to ride. 

Recently, Santa Cruz released Slasher Cruzer 80s. They used the traditional maple wood for the deck with a popsicle shape for easy movement and riding while keeping the design classic and exciting. 

Spitfire: Wheels

Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire has impressive wheels that street skaters like. Their wheels are great for skate park performance because they are durable. 

You can even bring them into skate bowls and, of course, the streets. The recommended Spitfire wheels for these purposes are the Conical Full wheels which are vital in this game. 

You probably might have second thoughts on buying Spitfire wheels because Conical Full is quite expensive, but hey, they’ll last for a long time, so you don’t need to replace them often. 

Their wheels don’t flatten quickly with the correct grip enough to hold onto the ground but still slides. Also, the wide contact patch allows skaters to enjoy a stable ride. 

If you aim to be a technical street skater, then I recommend you get their Classics. Spitfire is the number one brand for street skating wheels, with Bones slowly coming in next. 

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Thunder: Trucks

Thunder Trucks

Thunder is another reputable truck brand here on the list. They have trucks best for street skating that allows skaters to turn quickly and control the board. 

Also, the trucks are lighter compared to some of the trucks from Independent Truck Co. However, the con of Thunder trucks is that they quickly get shabby. 

But if we’re talking about the price, Thunder falls in the most appropriate category. It is not too expensive and not too cheap, but the quality of the trucks is excellent.

If you’re finding the best trucks for your board, you might as well put budget outside of the equation because skaters tend to put it as the last things to consider when buying. 

Regardless of the price, street skaters prefer trucks that allow them to take sharp turns and have more reactivity. So Thunder can still be part of your list when considering quality trucks. 

Toy Machine: Decks

Toy Machine Decks

Toy Machine is the hidden gem that doesn’t always appear in the top decks listing when it comes to skateboards. Despite their decks not making it into the list, skaters vouch that their decks are durable. 

Some riders who used Toy Machine decks find the boards solid and effective in retaining even the extreme pops. 

Opened in 1993, Toy Machine continues to provide quality decks for the skateboard community. They are not the toy skateboards you’ll find at the toy aisle of your local stores. 

Ed Templeton, a professional skater, created the Toy Machine decks to feature the subculture he experienced in the 1980s. 

Many loyal customers continue to support the brand. One of the crowd’s favorite features of the decks is the 7-ply maple wood that provides strength and durability to the boards.  

With maple wood as the base, you can efficiently perform any skateboard tricks and in any style. 

Another good thing about Toy Machine decks is their variation in sizes. They offer different widths and lengths for the decks so even kids can comfortably ride. For every age, there’s the right board to fit. 

Aside from the size options, Toy Machine has exciting graphics. They highlighted their sense of humor by using comic themes, colors, and lines, so the decks look and feel special.


Vans: Shoes

Vans Shoes

Vans is one of the most famous shoe brands, even outside the skating industry. They are long-lasting and highlight their use on skateboarding. 

But Vans has many skateboard shoes, and you’ll need to find the best one to suit your skating needs. You’re purchasing from Vans, so you might as well look for the best pair – the Vans Pro Skate.

This pair of shoes have a suede material throughout the exterior with comfortable insoles good enough to provide you cushioning from impact.

It also has a heel and arch support to allow your movements to be more flexible and absorb the impact of landing during a trick.

The Duracap technology allows you to feel more comfortable when wearing the shoes while providing an extra layer to the common areas where holes may form from wearing them too often. 

Vans assure that their shoes are always ready for skateboarding use.

Venture Trucks: Trucks

Venture offers trucks that are light and more affordable compared to the other trucks in the market. You’ll experience solid stabilization from using their trucks because of the component placement. 

The axle is over the bolts near the end of your deck. Because of the stability, compared to Thunder trucks, there’s less reaction time, and it’s a little difficult to turn. 

Some trucks quickly wear out when used in ramps; that’s why skaters need to replace them frequently. But, Venture trucks are good to use in small ramps because they are stable and durable. 

The critical point of purchasing Venture trucks is their stability. Even when you are learning new tricks, even the extreme ones, they are a great choice. 

You don’t have to worry about your deck flying out from your feet if your land didn’t end up successful. 

But if you are an experienced skater, the trucks may feel slower when it comes to reaction time. 

Welcome: Decks

Welcome Decks

We’re now on the W. One of the best skateboard deck brands is Welcome. This brand is relatively new as it started only in 2010. 

Jason Celaya, a Californian skater, introduced the brand independently. It’s not a big and global skateboard company but rather a small growing business. 

The company doesn’t have any plans yet to compete with other big skateboard names. 

Welcome introduced a new variety of shapes of decks, steering away from the traditional popsicle deck. Some riders liked the change, while some didn’t like it. 

Nobody thought that the new shapes, no matter how weird they seemed before, would be a big thing in the skateboard scene now. 

Welcome aims to create something different for their customers by not basing it on an expected demographic or market. They focus on making a board better that is better than the board you’re using now. 

Their goal to be different was effective as the name Welcome became a popular name among deck brands. 

Just like any other deck brand, Welcome may be or may not be the right fit for you. It still depends on the skateboard style, your size, and the deck shape you prefer. 

But if you want something different, Welcome welcomes you to their unique deck options. 

World Industries: Decks

World Industries Decks

World Industries has its fair share of customer reviews and deck selections. For one, they are good boards for newbies in skating. 

However, if you are a professional skater, you’ll know that this is not the best bet for you. Most of the sturdy boards that can last even now are from the early 2000s. 

The brand had been a solid and reputable name in the market several years ago, but unfortunately, they couldn’t keep up anymore. 

But don’t worry, as World Industries can still provide decent decks, particularly for beginners. Their decks have excellent graphics that newbies may like. 

If you’re not into learning skateboard tricks or activities that include many pops, then you can still try out their boards. 

World Industries started in 1987 with their Flameboy and Wet Willy mascots. Their unique and exciting deck designs and graphics caught the market’s attention as they vary from one another. 

The boards used a 7-ply maple wood, so they’re pretty sturdy though quite heavy for some. Another great thing about it is they are more affordable compared to the average price in the market.

So if you’re a newbie trying to explore and learn the basics, you can give World Industries decks a try. 


The best way to determine the most suitable skateboard deck for you is to experience skating with it. 

The best way to choose the perfect trucks for your skateboards is to know which skateboarding style you want to pursue. 

Lastly, the best way to find a pair of shoes that will fit you is to check whether it lessens the blow of falling and grips nicely on the board. 

The best skateboard brands still depend on how comfortable you are when using them. So check the nearest skateboard shop to you and try any of the brands listed here to see which best suits you.