7 Best Skate Pants In 2021 – All Time Favorite

In skateboarding, it is a typical scene for skateboarders to flop down or fall. That’s why many skaters wear protective gear to avoid serious injuries.

You might as well consider your skate pants as protective gear. It protects your skin from further wounds and also helps you skate comfortably. 

With a pair of quality skateboard pants, you can enjoy skateboarding with its help of flexibility and comfort. So to make the best out of your skate ride, it’s nice to have the best skate pants.

So if you’re looking for the fitting pants to buy, I compiled the seven best skate pants to try out. This article will help you find the best pants and choose the best one and other details you need to know.

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Rothco Camo Tactical BDU Pants

If you like military-style cargo pants for your skateboarding needs, Rothco’s camo tactical pants are the best for you. 

These camo tactical BDU pants are stylish and have more than 20 colors available. These colors coordinate well with the camo pattern design of the pants. 

Some of their available sizes are one size, x-small, s-long, x-large s-size, small long, small-medium, medium-long, medium-short, large-long, large-short, x-large long, x-large tall, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X. 

You may check out their shops to see more of the sizes because there are more than 20 options. It makes choosing the perfect fit easier for you with their size options and adjustable waist tabs. 

The pockets are one of the things you should look forward to when purchasing Rothco’s pants. It has two front slash pockets, two button-down back pockets, and two button-down pleated cargo pockets.

With these pockets, you can surely keep almost every necessary thing you bring when riding, like a phone, coin purse, handkerchief, and many more. 

These pants have 55% cotton and 45% polyester, so you can ensure that they are durable. It also has double-stitched seams so your pants can last longer and withstand any extreme activities. 

Some skaters prefer drawstring clothes when they go for a ride because it’s more comfortable. If that fits your taste, then Rothco’s BDU pants have similar material on the ankle, so your legs are more at ease. 


These pants underwent tests to prove their durability and resilience. Its design makes it possible to use even in a long ride and complicated tricks despite being lightweight.

It also has solid colors incorporated in various stylish camo patterns. There are many pockets for you to utilize so you can keep more things. 

Not only are these pants suitable for skateboarding, but you can also use them for cycling and hiking. 


The cons for this product usually differ from person to person as there’s not much of a general disadvantage when buying it. 

For example, some customers found the military button to break easily or didn’t fit them correctly. Make sure to look or ask for the appropriate pants size to avoid encountering the same problem. 

Unionbay Survivor Cargo Pants

Unionbay has been an established clothing brand in the U.S. since 1981. Therefore, their pants are stylish, durable, and well-designed. 

The Unionbay Survivor cargo pants are 100% cotton, so you can enjoy wearing them comfortably. They are soft and light so that you can enjoy your ride better and longer. 

It is a button fly type of pants so you can keep moving at ease and quickly without worrying about your fly coming undone. It also helps you to be more flexible while appearing invisible because of its flap cover. 

Also, pockets are on the side of the cargo pants, which is very useful for skateboarders. You can utilize them for different uses, like storing valuables while skating. 

It fits well as low waist pants, so it makes you relaxed. The pants’ waist part is not stretchable, so note that you must use a belt to get the exact fit. 

The leg opening is broad and it feels comfortable from the waist down to the legs. Additionally, it is flexible and stretchable when riding. 

They offer different colors too for these pants. There’s black, golden brown, grey goose, true navy, desert, rye, dugout, leaf, and saddle. 

You’re free to choose from these options but remember that they all look good!


Unionbay offers quality pants; therefore, these survivor cargo pants are specifically durable to survive extremities. 

The overall design promotes proper fitting, a stylish look, and well-designed pants. Its materials are soft to wear so that you can skate with ease.

These pants are highly suitable for tall and big skateboarders because they’ll fit nicely on your waist down to the legs with its wide opening. 

Also, the crotch and backside areas are not tight, so you can move with flexibility while skateboarding. 


There are not many belt loops in the pants, so you may need to buy the pants with a perfect fit or a quality belt that’ll support them.

Also, despite having many side pockets, some of them are small that they may be useless at some point. 

Volcom Frickin Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pants

When looking for skate pants, it is vital to consider the pants’ quality and if it fits you well. Naturally, you’d want to skate comfortably on your skateboard with your skate pants.

We have Volcom Modern-Fit Stretch Chino Pants to wear when skateboarding brings comfort, quality, and proper fitting. 

The comfy feeling you get from wearing their pants is because of the materials in the clothing piece. It has 59% cotton, 39% polyester, and 2% elastane, so the material is also durable aside from comfort.

You get quality pants so you can freely move when skateboarding. 

As mentioned, these pants fit well when worn, that you can even wear them without a belt, and it still hugs your figure. You can select from the available sizes for these pants from 28W x 30L to 46W x 34L. 

Therefore, the wide range of sizes allows you to choose the best fit for you. Aside from the sizes, there are also different colors to choose from, like black, blue, khaki, and many more.

If you need a pair of pants that fit your thighs and backside, don’t worry because these pants are stretchable. They’re wide enough that they will fit your thighs and not too tight on your legs. 


There are many good things about these pants. One of these pros is its adjustability, so you can keep skateboarding comfortably. 

The materials’ stretchability makes it flexible and appropriate for any skateboard activities. Its cut allows the pants to be more fitting on your thighs and legs.  


The legs’ length and size may not always be appropriate to the waist size, so it is vital to select the right one for you.

Dickies Original 874 Work Pants

Dickies original 874 work pants are great for your skateboarding needs. Aside from being versatile work pants, it looks striking to wear.  

For skaters, these pants are great for moving around freely while feeling comfortable despite them being fit pants. 

You may think that these traditional fit pants won’t be too nice to use when skateboarding, but don’t worry. Dickies have a reputation for having rugged quality pants. 

Its durability is because of the 65% polyester and 35% cotton material in the pants. You won’t have to think about it wrinkling and staining when skateboarding. 

For your long rides, wisely choose a pair of pants to accompany you, but not just any pants. Dickies offer flexibility, durability, and great fitting for you.

Also, you’re free from any flashing moments because the hook and eye of these pants are excellent. Rest assured your pants will stay in their place with this lock. 

As for the fit, the pants comfortably rest on your waist with a bit of tapering down the legs. 

There are various sizes available, too, ranging from 26W x 28L to 44W x 39L. Even a toddler or man has the option to choose from this brand. 

Additional to that, there are tons of colors available for you to choose from the site. With 19 colors available, you can select different ones for your other use: working to skateboarding.

Finally, aside from the mentioned specifications, these pants also have a reasonable price. A pair can only cost you starting at $11, while Volcom’s price is around $50.


The main highlight of the features of this pair of pants is its durability. You can wear it even on the most challenging tracks in skateboarding without worrying about it ripping apart. 

Also, they are easy to clean. If you know how to care for and wash the pants properly, they won’t shrink. It fits nicely already, so you need to be careful about cleaning them.

And while we’re on that, the colors are fade-resistant so expect you’ll have the same color from the beginning for as long as possible. 

For the significant advantage of this one, it is a cheaper option than Volcom’s.


The only con I can see from these pants is the size of their front pockets. They are tiny and a little shallow, so if you plan on putting things in them, they probably won’t fit them all. 

Dickies Skinny Straight-Fit Work Pants

We have other Dickies on our list, but it is their skinny straight-fit pants this time. 

We talked about how Dickies guarantees quality, resistance, and comfortable pants. Therefore, you can expect the same here. 

To differentiate this pair from the first Dickies pants we discussed, this one is a skinny fit while the other is a traditional fit. 

Usually, youngsters opt for skinny-fit pants to wear when skateboarding. So if you’re one of those who prefer this type, then these skinny straight-fit pants are great for you.

The Dickies skinny straight-fit work pants have 1% spandex material, so you can still experience flexibility when riding. Along with it are polyester and cotton materials to ensure durability and stain resistance.

As for the fit, these pants fit nicely on your waist, legs, and even backside. It provides comfort throughout your body, even when skateboarding. 

Also, it has a 2-piece waistband with belt loops. With all these features, you get stylish pants with a unique fit. 

Another feature that sets this pair apart from the first Dickies pants we discussed is the number of pockets. 

It has two back pockets, two front pockets, and a pocket on the leg’s right side for almost any use. You can store your phones, coins, or even handkerchiefs in them.


You don’t have to think about wrinkling the pants because they mix polyester, cotton, and spandex. 

The slim fit is possible because of the spandex material; therefore, it is still stretchable and comfortable to wear despite being a skinny fit. 

It is best for guys with a slender figure to fit easily in the pants so their waist down to the knees can fit easily. You can walk, run, sit, and even kneel in these pants. 


There are a few downsides to these pants. First, you can easily spot dust on the dark-colored pants, and their colors may fade over time. 

Another thing to note is that these pants may shrink when placed in a dryer.  

Finally, since this is a skinny-fit type of pants, guys on the heavier side may not find this pair too appealing. It may be too tight for them to wear. 

Southpole Flex Stretch Basic Long Chino Pants

Another option you can choose from if you’re not into slim-fitting pants is the Southpole Basic Long Chino Pants. 

These pants are great for your skateboard rides because they’re comfortable and flexible. You can move more freely while doing skateboard tricks.

Also, you may use the pants even outside of your skateboard activities. Its design allows it to be versatile that you can even use them daily.

These chino pants have a variety of sizes and colors to choose from in the market. The comfy feeling you get when wearing these pants is due to the 98% cotton and 2% spandex fabric.

For the size, Southpole released a wide range of sizes for the pants so buyers can choose correctly. Hence, you don’t have to think about whether the pants will fit you or not. 

Aside from that, this pair of pants also has another advantage. It is probably one of the things people will look for when buying a product: the price. 

These Southpole Flex Stretch Basic Long Chino Pants are available at a reasonable price. Its affordability is definitely worth the quality you’re getting, so you’re saving a lot. 


Among the other brands, these pants are significantly cheaper, which is quite a significant advantage because people always try to save. 

Another thing you’ll love about it is that the pants’ colors do not quickly fade. This feature adds to the fact that there are various colors to choose from when buying.

Lastly, the quality of the pants makes them flexible and durable despite any skateboard activities. Additionally, the size availability ensures that buyers will get comfortable and fitting pants. 


If you don’t stuff a lot in your pocket, this is not a con for you. However, if you like to carry things in your pockets, this pair of pants doesn’t have many pockets. 

Adidas Originals Skateboarding Striped Chino Pants

Adidas offers their skateboarding striped chino pants for a more comfortable ride. They assure you that you’ll get the right fit and quality from these pants.

In skateboarding, a comfortable ride doesn’t only mean you’re using a good board. Your pants are also essential because it lets you freely move while riding and doing tricks. 

When worn, these pants let you feel relaxed and comfy. It’s stretchable enough for you to move in different angles as freely as you can when skating. 

The striped chino pants have 65% polyester and 35% cotton; that’s why it feels soft and adds comfort to your skateboarding experience. 

Your legs, backside, thighs, and hips will feel comfortable in these pants because it is not too tight. 

There are various size options to choose the best fit for you. If you prefer pants that look relaxed and suitably fit on your hip and thighs, consider getting Adidas skateboarding striped chino pants. 

Also, their colors don’t quickly fade. That means you can use it for as long as you can without worrying about its visual appeal. 

Let’s not forget the stylish stripes on the pants’ side that give it a fashionable touch, Adidas-like. 


The Adidas chino pants are comfortable and soft to wear, giving the skateboarders a more free feeling when riding. 

You can enjoy more tricks in these pants because it is durable, flexible, and stretchable. 

Lastly, you can select from a wide range of sizes so you can find the best fit for you.


As mentioned, the pants are comfortable because they are not tight on the legs. However, people who like slim-fit pants may not prefer this pair. 

The pants are a little baggy, so some may not find them comfortable to wear.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Pants Do Skateboarders Prefer To Wear? 

When buying pants for their skateboard needs, skaters consider a few things. 

They like their pants to be stylish, comfortable to wear, flexible and allows them to move around quickly. 

Specifically, they need a proper pair of pants for skateboarding. Young skaters may prefer skinny jeans. However, it may be too tight to wear. Also, jogging pants may be too baggy for them. 

That’s why you’ll see work pants, chino pants, and cargo pants in this list because they’re the perfect ones to wear when riding.

The pants I listed down may meet your choice of quality, comfort, durability, and flexibility.

Which Pants Are Suitable For Skateboarding?

Dickies is one of the best brands to go for when looking for a pair of skate pants. Also, Volcom and Unionbay can be another option for you.

They are just some famous skate pants brands, but you may also check out Southpole chino pants for quality pants. 

Which Clothes Do Girls Prefer To Wear While Skateboarding?

Most of the time, girls wear t-shirts and jeans when they are skateboarding. They may also opt for the options above if they like it. 

It is crucial for girls, or even skateboarders in general, to feel comfortable and relaxed wearing skate pants. 

Is It Possible To Skateboard While Wearing Jeans?

It is possible to wear jeans while riding; however, not every pair of jeans are appropriate to wear. If your crotch feels uncomfortable because of tightness, then it is not proper for skateboarding. 

Also, many skaters use skinny jeans due to the stylish look you can get from them. Sometimes, they’ll show off their boxers with their jeans lose on the waist. 

Still, I highly recommend that you get baggy style jeans if you prefer them over pants. In that way, you can still enjoy riding while being relaxed. 

Why Skateboarders Like Using Baggy Pants?

Baggy pants are best for skateboarding for many reasons. Also, note that it is not just any baggy pair of pants, but a quality pair. 

In crashing or falling when skateboarding, the thickness of baggy pants helps minimize any wounds. 

Additionally, baggy pants let you comfortably move because they are not tight on your thighs down the legs.  

Low tops are usually standard in skateboarding, so you feel light when wearing baggy pants. 

Why Do Skateboarders Prefer Wearing Dickies?

As you can see, Dickies appeared twice on our list. That’s because skateboarders prefer Dickies qualities. 

Their pants are soft, stretchable, and flexible, allowing them to be perfect for skateboarding. Whether it is summer or winter, Dickies pants are durable and withstand the weather all year round. 

How To Buy The Right Pants?

You need to consider a few things before buying pants, so you won’t regret it later and get the best value worth out of your budget.

Check How The Pants Fit

Now, you may need to figure out which type of fit you like to wear. You may opt for a classic fit, or slim, or a relaxed one. 

Personally, a relaxed fit is a way to go. It rests nicely on the waist and has enough space on the thighs. 

However, the other two fits adapted to these demands, so they are now flexible, comfortable, and have the proper fit. 

Ensure That It Has Quality Material

The preferred material for skate pants is either cotton or denim. They are durable and comfortable to wear, so they make the best skate pants.

Also, to get the best out of your skate pants, you may want to look for a mixture of cotton and polyester so you can ride at ease. 

Be Sure That The Weight Is Comfortable

Commonly, the heavier the pants are, the more suitable they are for more demanding work. Meanwhile, the lighter ones are less durable, but they are best to wear when warm.

Make sure you test out weighted pants when riding, so you’ll know if it’s the comfortable weight for you. If you can, it is also good to buy different types so you can compare them. 

How To Choose The Perfect Pants’ Size?

When buying online, you must know your accurate measurement to get the correct waist, hip, and length size.

Some brands have their size charts, so you can refer to them when choosing. Sometimes, brands have different standard sizes, so make sure you check before ordering. 

If you have pants that you’re comfortable wearing, use them to measure your buying pants. But if you’re still not sure, order two different sizes to see which fits best. 

Lastly, check the pants’ specifications, like the materials, colors, etc., again before checking out the order.

Is It Good To Gift Skate Pants?

Skate pants are not just great for the personal purchase of a skater. They can also be a lovely gift to someone who just likes skate pants as a fashion piece. 

A pair of skate pants is an incredible gift because it is stylish, multi-purpose, and budget-friendly. If you are buying someone’s skate pants, you can refer to this guide to know what’s best.

What To Consider When Buying Work Pants?

It’s an advantage that work pants are versatile so that you can use them daily. You may want to consider some features when buying work pants for almost any purpose, not just for skating. 

The first feature to look for is the seams of the work pants. If a pair of pants has taped seams, bartacks, and triple-stitched seams, they are durable for challenging jobs. 

They will be able to withstand any stress on the stitches so your pants can last longer and will not rip apart easily. 

Additionally, you may want to look for metal rivets because they help the fabric to clasp together. 

Second, check the quality of the zippers. Instead of a standard one, work pants need heavy-duty zippers so they won’t easily acquire dirt and rip apart.

Third, the belt loops need to support the tools you need to carry. Most times, devices like a hammer, pliers, etc., latch on the belt loops so they can conveniently use them.

Belt loops for work pants need to be broad and durable, so even with the heaviest tool attached to it, it will not fall apart. 

Fourth, it is better if the pants are water-resistant. It means that the pants underwent coating and treatment to make the fabric resistant to water. 

Lastly, it is essential, especially in the working environment, to have high-visibility reflective tape and be windproof to ensure safety. 

Conclusion: 7 Best Skate Pants

Here’s my shot of providing you some of the best skate pants to try out. It is still about your preferences, so there may be some of these pants that you don’t like. 

However, there may be other pants you also prefer to wear because they are comfortable for you to wear when skateboarding. 

Overall, these are just some of the brands out there, and you can always try out different products in the market until you find the best fit for you.