5 Best Shoes For Pickleball For Men And Women

Many pickleball players find it hard to buy the best shoes for pickleball for themselves. After all, entering a store does not entirely guarantee that they sell the best shoe you can find. 

Also, some stores do not state the benefits and the qualities that the shoes have. Because of that, you might find yourself regretting when the shoe you bought is not suitable for pickleball.

To help solve that dilemma, below is a list of different pickleball shoes that can help boost your game performance. 

This list will showcase the unique features and some famous brands to choose from for your pickleball shoe needs. 

Moreover, these shoes vary in the skill level you have in pickleball. That means the pickleball shoes on the list can either be for beginners or professionals. 

Some of the crucial features to check for are the soles, mesh, and lining. They highly affect the comfort and durability of a shoe after several uses. 

Now with all these reminders in mind, let’s dive in to decide which pickleball shoes fit you the best. 

1- Adidas Barricade Pickleball Shoes

Best shoes for pickleball Adidas Barricade Pickleball Shoes

Let’s kick off with one of the most famous pickleball shoes in the market: Adidas Barricade Pickleball Shoes. Adidas Barricade remains relevant due to the stability that it provides to the players. 

With all the running and folding of the shoe happening inside the court, it provides good durability. That means you can use it longer than most shoes can offer.

Also, Adidas Barricade fits well with your foot while providing a forged mesh-upper that significantly enhances the comfort it provides.

These shoes remain a viable option for Pickleball players who aim to play competitively due to their stability and durability.

The mesh on the toe portion provides versatility to the players as it ensures a variety of actions.

Equipping this shoe can let the player hastily jump forward or backward, perform lunges, and greatly enhance their agility.

Additionally, it helps give you the grip to ensure that you do not slip on the court. It has excellent support on your toe and sole area so you can control your grip. 

With their solid soles, you can play tons of matches while keeping yourself from accidents. Playing it outdoors or indoors does not make any difference as it provides a firm grip on the surface.

The strong wearing soles in the shoes assure players excellent traction in the court. Because of that, they can avoid slipping or accidentally twisting their ankle.

Finally, the mesh on the toe area ensures excellent ventilation for your feet. The great use of the material makes the shoe feel light for the players. 

Therefore, players using Adidas Barricade are an excellent pair for pickleball players who move around a lot.

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2- K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 Pickleball Shoes

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 Pickleball Shoes

For versatile shoes that you can use even when not playing pickleball, you should opt for K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 Pickleball Shoes. Like Adidas Barricade, it provides excellent durability and comfort while playing. 

Moreover, Hypercourt Express 2 uses Glideguide Technology’s outsole to have excellent traction on smooth courts while helping players attain stability. 

Also, it helps support the players’ stance whenever they start hitting shots during the game. You can also trust them to have breathable shoes for your feet and shoes.

Since it uses a super-sticky outsole, it works well during indoor pickleball games. However, you can still use it when playing outside.

Alongside the firm grip that it provides in the court, Hypercourt Express 2 also offers excellent comfort as you play. With its lightweight feature, you can quickly move from one point to another. 

Additionally, it provides excellent arch support that helps you provide stability as you stand on the court.

Another great feature is it uses high-tier padding so your feet will not wear out quickly when playing on outdoor courts.

Hence, your feet will not likely receive stress during plays, preventing foot and nerve injuries.

Although it is not as durable as Adidas Barricade, it can still last longer than most pickleball shoes.

The upper remains its weakest side as most players refer to it as not so durable. 

For a sport like a pickleball, the upper part folds most of the time, especially when moving forward.

However, as mentioned above, Hypercourt Express 2 still provides one of the best durability in the market.

Overall, K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 remains on the list of the best Pickleball Shoes. 

3- New Balance 696V3 Hard Court Pickleball Shoes

New Balance 696V3 Hard Court Pickleball Shoes

New Balance 696V3 features NDurance, which provides excellent grip to enable your potential on the court. 

NDurance uses rubber materials to form the shoe’s outsole while also applying a herringbone pattern. Therefore, NDurance keeps you from any slipping accident as you run on the court.

Also, New Balance 696V3 uses excellent paddings on the midsole. With the EVA midsole, this pair of shoes provides a comfortable surface for your feet to not feel stressed. 

Your feet can avoid nerve damage on your soul’s feet, especially in the arch. These shoes will keep you safe even when jumping around.

Moreover, these shoes utilize synthetic leather for their upper, making the shoe’s overall weight lighter. Since it is light, you can easily lift your feet and gain speed. 

Another impressive advantage of using synthetic leather for this pair is that it provides excellent ventilation for your feet.

These great court companions offer benefits ranging from the grip on the court to the comfort that it provides.

Overall, New Balance 696V3 stays a reliable pick for players who want durable shoes with great comfort. Although the shoe certainly costs fortunes, its quality justifies the amount you need to spend.

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4- Asics Gel-Resolution 7 Pickleball Shoes

best shoes for pickleball Asics Gel-Resolution 7 Pickleball Shoes

Asics Gel-Resolution 7 provides excellent strength so expect it to be durable. Not only that, but it also uses a high-tier outsole to offer firmer grip on the court and top-notch stability.

However, most players recommend using Asics Gel-Resolution 7 for competitive pickleball. So if you want to play hasty matches and fast-paced games, you might want to buy this.

If you already have these pairs, then it goes to prove that it remains a top-tier pickleball shoe. It gives players a premier court shoe experience with this viable pair of shoes. 

Asics Gel-Resolution 7 uses the technology of AHAR+ rubber for the outsole of the shoes. The herringbone pattern of the outsole matches the technology AHAR+ rubber has. 

You can expect a good grip when playing with these two features combined. Along with the great grip, it also offers excellent stability to avoid slipping and accidents. 

Moreover, Asics Gel-Resolution 7 provides excellent comfort for your sole with the GEL cushioning system. It also uses Trusstic System technology to prevent the twisting of the midfoot so you can avoid getting a sprain. 

With the Trusstic System introduced, you gain better assistance on your foot whenever you perform a complex motor movement.

Meanwhile, these shoes also have FlexionFit Tru and PGuard material to provide excellent ventilation for the feet and protect the toe part of the players whenever they play. 

These features help maintain the shape of the upper part of the shoes so they will not wear and deform that easily. The rear part has a Personal Heel Fit that acts like memory foam for the back of your foot. 

Generally, Asics Gel-Resolution 7 works well on rugged and rough courts. However, you can still use it on smooth surfaces, but doing that makes you utilize the shoes less. 

5- Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Pickleball Shoes

best shoes for pickleball Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Pickleball Shoes

Recently, Nike released the latest version of their Vapor line, the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Pickleball Shoes. 

Since it is the latest release, it gives the best comfort that you want from pickleball shoes. It even scored five stars in comfortability tests conducted among shoes.

With the Dynamic Fit System applied, Vapor X provides a lightweight option for people looking for non-heavy shoes. The brand also makes it a luxurious pair of shoes for any players wanting to flex their style.

Moreover, it utilizes mesh material to construct the upper of the shoe. That lets the footwear have excellent ventilation for your feet and boosts the durability of the toe area.

Nike added a Zoom Air unit for your heel to ensure it does not receive a lot of stress. Also, it has a Phylon padding for the midsole to offer better cushions. 

With these excellent features, you receive comfort even on a challenging pickleball game. Additionally, the TPU shank boosts the comfort and support for stability. 

Meanwhile, the outsole uses a natural rubber material thickness of 7.5mm with a wear shelf that gives more grip. It improves your agility or ability to change direction for fast-paced matches.

However, it also has some downsides, like it is less durable than the options mentioned here in the list. 

Some testers mentioned that this pair of shoes remains prone to wearing and deforming when used for a longer time. 

With all that said, Nike Air Zoom Vapor X stays as a viable option if you want comfortable pickleball shoes. It fits well during casual matches where you do not need to move aggressively.

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The post listed some of the best pickleball shoes you can find in the market. With various brands and designs to pick from, these five shoes are some of the best out there.

However, if you think that the shoes mentioned above do not fit your style, then you should check the features of the models you are opting for.

Always check if the shoes’ cushion can provide you the comfort and the space you need. Also, test the traction to see if it can offer you the proper grip you want. 

Lastly, ask what materials make up the shoes and check if they provide fantastic durability. Those questions remain the relevant things you should ask the staff and check if it fits your style.