Five Best Roller Skates Recommendations for Wide Feet

Having wide feet should not stop you from enjoying roller skating.

If you’ve ever felt discouraged because your feet do not fit your skates, you shouldn’t be. 

Certain roller skate manufacturers cater to feet such as yours!

Now that you know this, you’re wondering, “What are the best wide width roller skates?” 

Stick around, as this article provides five recommendations that could work for you.

Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet

Best Roller Skates For Wide Feet

Bont Roller Skates Prostar Roller Derby

The Bont Prostar Roller Derby Skate’s thermoplastic heel enables skaters to sculpt their boots using a hair drier.

Bont was started in 1975 by Inze Bont, a speed skater who did it for fun.

The company is known for making high-quality products. 

He added fiberglass to the back of his leather to make it stronger.

Bont was the first shoemaker to use fiberglass, resins that could be shaped with heat, and thermoplastics. 

Also, Bont was the first company to make quad skate boots with lace covers, aluminum strengtheners, and Velcro.

In 1980, Bont won every quad race he entered by wearing the market’s lightest and strongest boots.

This Bont skate is made to be light and easy to shape with heat. It is also very responsive, so anyone can use it. 

It comes with a light plate made of fiberglass and metal.

The skate is more stable because it has a premium high-rebounding urethane ballistic wheel and top-quality bearings.

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VNLA JR. Zona Rosa Roller Skates

First, let’s look at how they were made. The denim and leather used to make the VNLA JR. Zona Rosa Jam Skates.

The mix of the two is both unique and comfortable.

The boots have a black VNLA denim upper, a stitched rubber outsole, and a metallic pink lace cover, which gives the skates a little extra personality.

There is also a Vanilla Gorilla Nylon Plate with Aluminum Trucks on these skates.

On the inside, they have a nice amount of padding.

The Zona Rosa Jam Skates are great at what they do.

They have ABEC-9 bearings and are a good option for skaters just starting out.

Even though they work for beginners, more experienced skaters have said they are reliable and excellent in quality.

The new Zero Flex Jam Wheels are comprised of urethane and provide a great skating surface.

This Stealth Wheel makes your ride smooth, quick, and free of obstacles.

Riedell R3 Cosmic Superfly Roller Skates

Riedell R3 Cosmic Superfly Roller skates are made in a pretty standard way.

They have a black mini round-toe stop that can be adjusted, which is not something that all roller skates have.

The bearings stay cool and smooth because the skates have nylon inserts.

These skate wheels are built for speed, but you do get what you pay for.

Since these skates are cheap, expect that you need to replace them more often than skates that cost more.

Regarding its functionality, the Superfly skates do the job.

They use high-quality Grip-Rite urethane to make Cosmic Superfly Wheels.

This wheel lasts long and has deep speed grooves to make it wear and grip the road well.

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Riedell Skates – R3 Derby – Roller Derby Quad Skate

The Riedell R3 Derby Roller Skate is a good choice for beginners learning roller derby.

These skates are made by hand and are made of solid vinyl, so they are breathable and will last a long time. 

The PowerDyne thrust nylon plate and metal trucks on these skates provide enough support.

They also have tough leather caps on their toes to protect them from scraping up while skating.

VNLA All-American V-Line Roller Skates

Properly Geared Participants On Roller Skates.

Check out the VNLA V-Line All American Plus Indoor Roller Skates if you want the best roller skates for men with wide feet.

These look like the old-school roller skates we remember, but they have all the new technology that has come along with time.

The V-Line, All American Plus skates are made to look like the first skates ever made.

The boot is slightly higher than the average ankle level, so you don’t have to worry about it being too high.

The top of the boot is made of manufactured materials and has a unique design that is different on both sides.

The tough Vanathane compound used to make the wheels of these skates makes them work better.

It is a clay type that helps you move on the indoor rink.

These skates are great for shuffle or rhythm skaters in the middle of performing specific skills.

They also come with Speed Master ABEC-7 bearings, which help you move quickly and smoothly on your skates.

Bont Quadstar Roller Skates

Check out the Quadstar Bont Roller Skates if you want skates for wide feet that work well for roller derby.

These skates are a great way to get good at roller derby without spending too much money.

The Bont Quadstar skates have a lot of great design features, such as the handmade fiberglass base.

The skate is light, but it still has a lot of power because it has a Prodigy plate.

The skates can also be shaped with heat, so you can heat them to get the perfect fit immediately.

This way, you won’t have to break in the skates. 

You’ll be able to wear them as if they were made for you.

To do this right, follow the instructions that come with the skates.

Before you look at how well these skates work, you should know that they are made to be roller derby skates.

This means someone who skates for fun will like these skates less than someone who skates in a roller derby.

Since they are roller skates, the best place to use them is inside.

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Final Thoughts

These are only five recommendations for wide-width roller skates.

As popular as these are for people with wide feet, it’s not guaranteed they will fit everyone. 

You still need to find the right one that will fit you.

At least now, we can point you to the right brands and models to look out for.

Once you obtain the perfect skates, remember to keep safe while you enjoy!