Best Roller Skate Brands and Models To Check Out

Recently, wheel sports started getting a lot of attention, not in the form of biking but rather skating. Especially in skateboarding, the thrilling prospect of pulling up tricks excites the skaters. The same thing can occur in roller skating, although on a much smaller scale. After all, people cannot do many tricks with roller skating but still picked up the hobby for some reasons. The reasons may include providing exercise, or at least, being fun.

Picking up the hobby of roller skating requires a lot of things. The requirements mainly cover having excellent motor skills. Grabbing the right roller skates remain as the other part of the needed things to pick up the hobby.

The variety of roller skates to choose from comes with a range of qualities to compare. Although some roller skates can surpass the quality of others, picking the right one stays subjective. That means no matter how good a roller skate is, if it does not suit the skater, then it will not work. So to help skaters to identify the right roller skates for them, listed below are the models and their qualities.

best roller skates brand

List Of Model To Opt For

Riedell Skates R3 Quad

Riedell Skates R3 Quad

Riedell R3 provides good performance whether you want to skate outdoors or indoors. The friction offers when sliding on a rough road can give you better stability outside. It can also handle small pebbles to prevent you from falling when some are in the way. Moreover, the same friction lets you balance on smooth floors indoors. Without that, you might undoubtedly dash continuously without brakes.

Also, Riedell R3 comes with vinyl boots, giving enough room to not hurt your feet. Not only that, but it also provides better durability compared to other materials available. To give your ankles and soles a comfortable feel while skating, they added paddings in those areas. 

Moreover, manufacturers added a Velcro strap to ensure that the boots will not loosen up while you skate. Because they use a Velcro strap, you can easily adjust it according to your desire’s tightness. Riedell is one of the best skate brands out there.

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VNLA Tuxedo Jam Roller Skate

VNLA Tuxedo Jam Roller Skate

VNLA provides good performance if you want to conduct tricks with your roller skates. Its excellent bearings and aluminum trucks can give you flexibility. And by flexibility, includes simply skating and performing tricks.

Moreover, VNLA uses a nylon hub wheel that provides excellent stability for indoor skating. Also, its nylon plate improves the stability you get from the wheels.

However, you might want to buy outdoor wheels if you want to skate outdoors. After all, they designed the wheel for smooth surfaces, making it suitable for indoors.

Riedell Dart Ombré Quad Skate

Riedell is one of the best roller skate brands on the market. Their Dart uses the same bearings applied in the Riedell R3, which is the ABEC-5. That means the same quality of wheel rotation remains evident in this model. The wheels, however, become the most significant difference that they have as Riedell Dart uses polyurethane type. The type of wheel mentioned excels mainly in outdoor skating. However, you can use it to skate indoors as well.

Moreover, the paddings it provides on the same spot as R3 still give the same comfort as the mentioned model. Since Riedell Dart also uses vinyl material for the boots, you can assure that its durability is top-notch.

Also, to provide you the best support, Riedell Dart comes with casted aluminum plates. In addition, Riedell Dart uses the easily adjustable Velcro Strap to match the tightness that you want.

Roller Derby Men’s Sting 5500

Roller Derby Men's Sting 5500

If you want to try speed skating, then Roller Derby might satisfy your desire.

Roller Derby is known for being one of the best roller skate brands. Roller Derby uses Urethane-formulated wheels, which people consider speed wheels since they handle high rotation per second. It also uses race bearings, specifically ABEC-9, to match the mentioned speed wheels. RTX 6000 plating also supports the speed given by the Urethane wheels.

Moreover, Roller Derby utilizes memory foam in its padding to make sure that your feet remain comfortable and stress-free. In addition, since it uses memory foam, it fits the shape of your feet, further providing better control for the roller skates.

BTFL Pro Roller Skates

BTFL Pro Roller Skates

BTFL Pro remains suitable for light activities such as rhythmic dancing and rink skating. With its ABEC-7 bearings, you can enjoy a stable ride with these roller skates. Also, you will feel more comfortable as it partially uses plastic materials that result in less dense roller skates.

To give you better control of your brakes and acceleration, you can adjust its toe stopper.

C7 Cute Roller Skates

C7 Cute Roller Skates

As its name suggests, C7 provides a cute appearance for your roller skates, with its bright color. However, it offers more than a simple cutesy exterior as it contains top-notch specs as well.

Like some of the ones mentioned above, C7 utilizes urethane wheels, making it suitable for speed skating. To match the speed wheels, it uses lightweight plates to maintain better stability while you skate. With its comfortable liners, you can skate as smoothly as you want.

Roller Derby Candi Girl

Roller Derby Candi Girl

For much smoother and faster skating, Candi Girl offers polyurethane wheels with the Bevo Silver-5 bearings. This equipment can give you good versatility while still opting for fashionable roller skates.

To provide good stability and control, Candi Girl uses lightweight aluminum chassis and metal trucks.

Candi Girl excels better during outside skating since they designed the wheels for outdoor purposes. Although you can still use it indoors, you should buy indoor wheels for a better experience.

Riedell Dash Skates

Riedell Dash Skates

With the soft paddings inside the boots, Riedell Dash assures comfortable skating when using this model. Not only that, the snug fit of the roller skates provides better ankle support compared to other models.

Riedell Dash also comes with a replaceable toe stopper. That way, people can replace it depending on what kind of toe stopper they want.

Its nylon plating ensures that the roller skates are durable. Thus you can use it for a longer time.

Moxi Skates Beach Bunny

Moxi Skates Beach Bunny

Like the ones mentioned above, Moxi Beach Bunny utilizes the ABEC-5 bearings to give you a smooth ride outside. It can also give you a comfortable experience when skating as it uses a sizeable padded tongue, proving a good fit.

Other than those already stated, Moxi Beach Bunny has a stylish appearance. Since that is the case, people opting for adorable skates should buy this.

Moreover, Moxi Beach Bunny uses a customized material known as Moxi Dri-lex. The said material increases the ventilation.

Chicago Boy’s Quad Roller Skate

Chicago Boy's Quad Roller Skate

Chicago Skate’s most notable trait remains as its adjustable boots. The company designed the roller skates for kids and until they grow up. That means they intended the shoe to be adjusted when the feet of the child grew. In a single roller skate, Chicago Skate can already serve four different sizes. With simply a single push on a button, the boot will adjust to whatever size you need.

Since it has that kind of function, Chicago Skate can provide you a comfortable experience for many years to come. The 608ZB bearings it uses provide kids better control but restrict the speed it can go to. That helps in preventing accidents from occurring. Moreover, it uses plastic wheels, which can quickly wear out, making sure to replace them with durable ones.

OTW-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates

OTW-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates

Like the Chicago Skates, the company designed the model to attract kids onto the hobby. And by drawing, it means that OTW-Cool has colorful lights, with many pinkish colors embracing the boots. Its appearance aims to give kids a cute but cool appearance for their shoes.

Aside from its appearance, it also provides excellent parts as it uses ABEC-7 bearings and urethane wheels.

Also, it comes with padded collars and linings to give kids the comfort they needed to skate around.

Best Roller Skates Brand To Look For

With all the top roller skates models mentioned above, let’s talk about the best brand to look for. By knowing what reputable roller skate brands are, you will see that you can trust the product. Therefore, despite the other models not being on the list, you can conclude that the roller skates are still excellent.

Roller Derby and Riedell quickly occupy the top two spots in terms of best roller skate brands.

First, let’s discuss Roller Derby.

Most of the time, Roller Derby produces quad skates or roller skates with four wheels. Quad skates may not serve suitable for doing tricks, but it provides well for the user. In addition, its stability can improve when paired with good wheels. 

As mentioned above, Roller Derby uses urethane wheels, which people used primarily for speed skating. Since it handles fast rotations, you can assure that the wheels are durable. Because of that, the wheels will not wear out that easily. 

Another band that occupies the top 2 spot remains as Riedell.

Riedell uses vinyl material to produce the boots of the roller skates. The vinyl material gives better ventilation and durability.

Mainly, Riedell utilizes PowerDyne Thrust nylon plating to provide better support and balance. The metallic trucks match the purpose of the mentioned nylon plates.

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The list above only aims to help you identify what roller skates suit your style. Whether you are a beginner, or a long-term acolyte of roller skating, knowing the right skates helps boost your performance. Other than talking about the components of the roller skates, we also discussed the appearances to stimulate your taste. Our goal was to show you some of the best roller skate brands that exist on the market.

However, remember that the process of improving in skating does not stop in picking what roller skates suit you. So make sure that after getting your equipment, you remain ready to glide the road.