Best 9 Pickleball Paddles Guide

In this post, I will feature and review some of the best pickleball paddles. There are two types of paddles, namely graphite and composite. 

These paddles are either lightweight, heavy, small, powerful, or massive in terms of building. They can also have a more extensive reach.

Aside from choosing the right pickleball paddle for you, I’ll share some tips you can use to buy the correct paddle according to your needs and preferences.  

Whether you are just starting to learn how to play pickleball or taking it seriously, this post will help you be a pro in buying paddles. 

Before actually proceeding with the paddle brands and tips, let me introduce pickleball to you. You may already know about it, but it will help you better understand what you’re getting yourself for beginners. 

Pickleball is a paddlesport that uses some aspects of badminton, table tennis, and tennis play. You’ll mainly need good hand-eye coordination for this one.

Of course, buying excellent equipment can put you at an advantage, but skills are far more essential in this game. Don’t worry, as the extra edge these pieces of equipment provide you is still an edge after all. 

So if you want to earn that advantage, don’t make the mistake of buying a standard grocery pickleball paddle. 

It is easy to say that you need a pickleball paddle according to your needs, but if you are new to pickleball, you’ll ask yourself, “What do I need?”

It is pretty stressful to think about the new things you have to know before you can get yourself a decent paddle. But for the next part, I’ll show you the answer to your question. 

Pickleball Paddle Guide

Before we proceed to the paddle brands, you need to figure out what you exactly need to play pickleball. It has to fit according to your needs; thus, you need to consider many things first. 

Let’s go through this guide list one at a time so you can find the best paddle by the end of the article. You can show up confidently in your matches by using the best paddles you’ll find here. 

Pickleball Background

Some pickleball players may have played another paddle sport like badminton, tennis, or table tennis before pickleball. It is excellent because you have almost the same skills needed in pickleball. 

It puts you at an advantage because hand-eye coordination is vital here, like any other paddle sport. 

Aside from the skills, it can also be a factor in choosing and purchasing the equipment you use. For example, if you’re a table tennis player, you’re most likely using your wrist, so you need a paddle that can support that snap.

There are various paddles available for every type of player, whether you come from badminton, tennis, or table tennis. There are even pickleball paddles that look like table tennis paddles. 

If you’re more familiar with handling this type of paddle, you’d naturally grab one that is similar to it. It saves you the trouble of learning how to use it or time to adjust from using it. 

You can use your background in paddle sports as an advantage in selecting the fit paddle for you. 

Playing Style

The first thing to consider is your playing style. If you’re aware of how you play, are the overpowering types or a more precise type?

Naturally, you want to avoid pickleball paddles that do not align with your playing style because it’ll make playing harder for you. 

If you use more of your power during the game, you’ll need a fit paddle to support your strength. In that case, a medium to heavy paddle can help you maximize your power with precision.

It is okay if you don’t know your playing style. Sometimes, it takes a few games before a pickleball player figures out their style.

Especially for beginners, they had to get past the basic pickleball skills like actually hitting the ball before they know which style suits them. 

Have patience, and you’ll know what game you’re best at and what equipment fits your style.  


You can play pickleball indoors and outdoors, but most of the time, people prefer playing outdoors because it gives more space for movement. 

If you want to play outdoors more, you’ll need equipment that is fit for that environment. For example, humidity outdoors may affect your paddle’s performance and materials.

A wooden paddle may decay over time when exposed to too much humidity. Therefore, you may want to consider getting a polymer type of paddle. 

You need to consider many factors when playing outside, especially the weather and temperature, because they affect the paddle’s materials. 

As for indoors, there are not a lot of restrictions except space itself. 

Power and Accuracy

As a pickleball player, you would want both power and accuracy for your paddle. It’s nice to balance both so you can perform at your best performance. Because with better control of your movements, you can strike excellent shots. 

There are many paddles available in the market that provide just that balance you want. But aside from that, some paddles focus on either just the power or accuracy. 

Some players prefer more power over accuracy, while some prefer more accuracy overpower. The great thing is that there are paddles that offer what they need. 

Usually, the heavier paddles are better for players who use more power when playing because it gives you more strength to do power shots. 

On the other hand, a lighter paddle allows you to have more controls on your shots to hit them accurately. 

But remember that these pieces of equipment are just a minor advantage for you. The sport still relies on your skill, so you can’t expect to be a power player with a heavy paddle and an accurate player with a lighter paddle. 

It would be nice if you have equipment that fits your style while having skills in the game so you can get the best out of your game performance. 


As mentioned above, weight plays a role in whether a paddle can support you better in power or accuracy.

Of course, aside from the weight of the paddle, the quality of the shots you’re hitting still applies to how you execute it. It can also mean how comfortable you are holding them.

We associate light paddles with being good when you aim for better control and accuracy, which is true. However, lightweight paddles also allow players to have better balance. 

But when can you say that a paddle is light for a player? The ideal paddle weight still depends on the player’s preferences and how familiar it is on their hands when holding and playing with it. 

Most of the time, the lighter the paddle is, the more swiftly you can hit. Again, it still depends on how it feels in your hands. 

There are other advantages too for paddles with a little more weight. As I said, heavier paddles help you to have more powerful hits.

It all boils down to what the player prefers when it comes to style and comfort when it comes to this aspect. If it feels good in your hands, then choose that paddle.

Also, consider any of your physical restrictions when buying a paddle. There’s a specific capacity a player has that can only cater to other pieces of equipment. 

Preferably, if you’re a bit strong and have a solid upper body strength, you can get a heavier paddle. But if you don’t have much power on your upper half, get something lighter.


Of course, the guide will not be complete without the pickleball paddle price. It is one of the most crucial things to consider when buying equipment. 

When it comes to price, you may be sick of reading this but, it still depends on you. It depends on how much you’re willing to spend to buy equipment.

If you’re still a newbie and still testing the waters, it is okay not to put in much money in purchasing the equipment. Some paddles cost under $20, and they still serve their purposes. 

Meanwhile, some paddles cost more than $20, or maybe even more than $100. There are many paddles available in the market within this price range. 

Most of the time, players will choose the mid-range: not too expensive and not too cheap. They want to buy a paddle that is durable with excellent materials that are worth its price. 

Too cheap might mean you’ll get a paddle with an inexpensive wood material that almost resembles a ping pong paddle. It is acceptable for beginners and for those who take pickleball as a casual outdoor activity. 

However, if you’re into pickleball more seriously, then those paddles will not be the best for you. You may have to choose a more expensive, but not too expensive, paddle with better material and build. 

How much you’ll spend buying pickleball equipment is up to your decision and interest in the game. If you want to play pickleball seriously to a professional extent, it’s better to invest more in your equipment. 

Don’t worry because I will help you find paddles from different price ranges and qualities to have an idea of how much you can spend on your pickleball needs. 

Pickleball Paddle Materials

While we’re on the topic of things to consider before purchasing pickleball paddles, let me show you the different materials used in making them. 

One of the most crucial parts of a paddle is its materials, of course. Since it compromises the entire paddle, it is highly likely to make contact with the ball. 

So when it comes to this aspect, you’ll need the best material to execute a successful winning shot. 

Pickleball paddles use various materials you can choose from depending on your style, preference, and venue. These factors are vital in finding the perfect paddle material for you. 


The standard material for pickleball paddle is wood. Before, the woods used for these paddles are a lot harder.

They feel refreshing in the hands; however, they are a little heavier than the usual paddles. But you don’t have to worry about it being too heavy because it is still bearable for the hands to control.  

Additionally, because it is a little unusual, they are a bit awkward to use during games. But that was then, and the wooden paddles now are easier to use. 

There are still old wooden pickleball paddles, but people collect them as valuable items instead of using them in play. 

Technology truly helped in developing a more functional wooden paddle. We said goodbye to the chunky and awkward wooden paddle and hello to plywood paddles. 

Nowadays, plywood paddle is the most common type of paddle you’ll see in the market almost everywhere. Its advantage from the classic wooden paddle is it is lighter in weight.

An advantage I would highlight when it comes to plywood paddles is their affordability. The material costs cheaper but has decent quality, and you quickly find it in any sports shop. 

They are also durable and can last for a long time without replacing them. So you might want to consider getting a plywood paddle because it is affordable and reliable. 

However, plywood may be lighter than the classic wooden paddle, but it is not the weakest in the market. So if you tried other paddles, you might think that plywood paddles are a little heavier than them. 

So plywood paddles are best for players who just started learning pickleball and just want something affordable to help them get through the activity. 

But if you plan to take pickleball as a serious career that may lead to professional playing, then this might not be the best option for you.


A composite material is similar to polymer plastics because it uses different materials to produce a final product. 

Primarily, composite paddles have higher quality materials used, such as aluminum and fiberglass. These materials are famous for being durable, long-lasting, and lightweight. 

This type of paddle material features high-end materials: therefore, a lot of players prefer composite paddles. Not to mention that they are also reasonably priced. 

You get a good paddle that fits even professional players’ needs, and you pay a mid-range price. 


Polymer paddles are easy to find in your local stores. They are lightweight because of the materials used to make them.

The polymer plastic paddles are a mix of different materials to make them lightweight and affordable as well. 

However, polymer paddles are not the best choice for professional pickleball players. So if you plan to take pickleball to the next level, I do not recommend this one for serious games. 

But if you want to enjoy a game of pickleball casually, a polymer paddle is good enough for you. It is probably the most affordable one among the choices from here. 

The great thing about it, most players started with a polymer paddle. A kid may be holding a polymer paddle and evolved to be a professional player. 

Overall, they are good to have, especially if you have a limited budget for pickleball equipment. You can be satisfied as a beginner, or even as someone strict with their budget. 

Polymer paddles vary in quality, some paddles may perform weakly, but there are paddles with outstanding performance during a game. 


For sports like tennis or golf, graphite is a popular material in any sports equipment. It is one of the standards when it comes to upgrading any of your paddles. 

Graphite paddles replace the old kinds of a paddle with not too impressive quality. They make your pickleball experience better. 

With that assurance on hand, expect that they are a little more expensive than the others. Wooden paddles are cheaper, but they don’t have the technology infused in graphite paddles. 

You just need to shell out a few more dollars to get improvements on your paddle. 

Most players use graphite paddles in the professional field. Therefore, you know that graphite paddles do an excellent job during games. 

In general, graphite paddles are light, quick to swing, and quicker in response compared to other pickleball paddle materials. 

So if you’re ready to take your pickleball playing experience to the next level, this paddle allows you to have a significant edge in the game. 

Pickleball Paddle Types

After the materials, let’s proceed to the different types of pickleball paddles. You’re probably asking, “Why is there a lot to remember and consider?” but trust me because it will all be worth it.

Despite the various options of materials and types to choose from, rest assured that the diversity in options will benefit you. It is better to have many choices so you will not be restricted. 


This next paddle is what you precisely think it is: an elongated one. It is almost the standard paddle option, but with a longer frame, so you can extend your reach better when playing. 

It is not much different from the regular paddles, but it has its advantage, especially for players with a shorter reach. An elongated paddle will serve as your arm extension.


An edgeless paddle has more prominent spots that help with the load or power from the ball. Aside from that, the overall appearance of an edgeless paddle looks good because it is almost flawless. 

Many players like this type of paddle because it feels great on the hand. Not only can you play comfortably with it, but you can also enjoy the way it looks and feels. 


The next pickleball paddle type is a literal take on its name. It is the regular pickleball paddle but more spacious.

Now, why are there oversized paddles in the market? It is because some players find it easier to play with an enormous paddle. 

A giant paddle may make a player feel more confident and assertive when playing. Aside from the physical appearance of the oversized paddle, it instills more positive energy in the player to make them play better.

Also, the broader space of this paddle allows players to have a higher possibility of hitting the ball. 

Pickleball Paddle Core 

One of the most vital parts of a pickleball paddle is its core. This part is responsible for the overall feel and performance of the paddle. 

When a ball makes contact with the paddle, its response depends on the type of core your paddle has. Just like the paddle, the core has a variety of materials as well. 

Here are some of the materials that manufacturers use to construct the core:

Polypropylene Core

This type of core material is new in the core technology industry. Despite its freshness, it has become popular in the field. 

Even though polypropylene is not a unique equipment material for professional players, many players still find it impressive. A polypropylene paddle is soft and does not make loud noises during hits. 

These features set it apart from the other core materials discussed in this section, like Nomex and aluminum. 

Overall, this paddle feels and performs excellent without the usual issues of cores. 

Of course, with all the advantages this paddle has to offer, except that you have to pay a bit more. Since it is a new technology, there’s no telling how impactful it can be in the future. 

As of now, polypropylene paddle cores have good reviews; that’s why it is also costly. 


Another material used for core construction is the Nomex. Sounds pretty new and weird, right? 

We are still not sure what the exact kind of material Nomex is. However, it is the original core material in a pickleball paddle. 

Unless you are an expert in core construction, you won’t get the exact description for Nomex. However, I know that Nomex is like cardboard in a honeycomb shape that makes it light and swift.

Over time, the material hardens, which makes the paddle solid and loud during hits. With the combination of power and loudness, many competitive players prefer this type. 

As for the casual players, I believe you won’t necessarily bump into a Nomex core anytime, so save yourself from worrying about the name. 


Out of all the core paddles in the market, aluminum is the most popular among players. They feel nice in the hands because they are lightweight. 

Also, the core is responsive when a ball makes contact with the paddle that’s making players feel more powerful with every swing. 

Additionally, aluminum cores are durable and can last for a very long time. If you get one, except that it will last you years before it wears out. 

So now you know everything about pickleball paddles, from the types to construction; let’s proceed with the best pickleball brands to buy. 

Remember that this list contains just some of the best so you can still research more on what’s the perfect fit for you. 

Engage Encore Pro

Engage Encore Pro - Pickleball Paddles

First on our list is the Engage Encore Pro. The design of this paddle is simple, but it looks stylish.

It has a broader surface, so you have a higher chance of making contact with the ball. 

The simplicity is one thing, but the highlight of the Engage Encore Pro paddle is its versatility. You can have powerful swings, flawless spins, and better control all in one paddle. 

Also, this paddle is light; that’s why you can have much power while the ball hits the vast surface of the paddle. Now you can overpower your swings with this one. 

On the other hand, the texture of the paddle’s surface allows the ball to create a spin. 

If you want to play with the right amount of versatility in every aspect, the Engage Encore Pro will help you obtain that. 

Furthermore, the Engage Encore Pro feels great in the hands. They used polypropylene as the primary material for this one with a honeycomb-structured core. 

However, you need to get used to one aspect of this paddle. Receiving the ball may be a little difficult for some players and may need time to adjust. 

But overall, this paddle is excellent for any type of player. You can get power, spin, and control all in one paddle that is Engage Encore Pro. 


The advantage of using Engage Encore Pro, as mentioned, is you get more control on your swings, with many spins and the right amount of power. 


On the other note, this paddle has a learning curve you need to study to find it more challenging. Also, Engage Encore Pro is a bit expensive compared to other paddle options in the market. 

Gamma Razor 

Gamma Razor

For a graphite paddle, we included Gamma Razor in our list. The paddle has a polypropylene core, while the surface of the paddle is graphite. 

With these two combinations, the paddles give better and lots of spins when you hit the ball than other average paddles. 

With almost 200 grams, the average-weighted paddle allows players to have power over their hits. Consider it as your average paddle but with a more solid performance. 

This paddle is best for players who want to be versatile in their games with solid game performance. 

Another thing to highlight for this one, the design is ergonomic-friendly. The paddle’s grip absorbs sweat, so even after a long period of usage, your hands will remain comfortable. 

But you have to note that despite the outstanding performance of the Gamma Razor graphite paddle, it still wears out pretty quickly. It happens both on the surface and in the core. 

In a short period, the edges may crack, the design may fade, and the core will have dead spots. 

The Gamma Razor paddle has a good standing on your first few uses, but the drawback may occur shortly, leaving buyers unsatisfied. So if you want something that will last you long, this one is not the best out there. 

Overall, the paddle maintains a well-rounded feature of being comfortable and solid; however, it is not suitable for long-term usage. 


You can enjoy the ergonomic design of Gamma Razor so you can be comfortable holding the paddle in your hands. Aside from that, it gives the right amount of power, spin, and accuracy on your hits. 


As for the cons of this product, the edges and decals chip easily after some time. Aside from the external parts of the paddle, the core also breaks after too much use. 

Harrow P200

Harrow P200

Next on the list is a premium paddle that will boost your power and accuracy during games. The Harrow P200 focuses on the said aspects with some of the best technologies. 

The Harrow P200 paddle light because of the 4-ply carbon fiber face that contains the foam core. 

This paddle is best for competitive players because you can use it for all your pickleball needs: power, control, and spins. If you are a player with a specific playing style, it can be your best companion. 

But the lightweight build comes with a nuisance. The design makes it more vulnerable, especially when abused and used for a long time. The foam core is nothing compared to the durability of an aluminum core. 

Despite that, Harrow P200 has an edge guard that can protect the paddle from lessening the damage of the paddle. You can prevent a quick tear in your paddle with the edge guard.

Also, the paddle’s design is appropriate for professional players. Most of the paddles in the list have a broad surface, but this one is more on the average size. 

It fits consistent players with their hits even without the large spots for balls to contact the paddle. 

If you want to practice hitting on moderately sized paddles, then Harrow P200 is excellent. If not, you may find another option here in the list. 

In general, the Harrow P200 paddle is best for accuracy and power in your strikes. 


The highlight of this paddle is its capability to provide players with powerful and accurate strikes. 


Be careful with the Harrow P200 because, despite its versatility, it is somehow vulnerable. Aside from that, I mentioned that it is best for professional players, so beginners may find it hard to use this paddle. 

Onix Composite Z5 

Onix Composite Z5 - Pickleball Paddles

Even though the Onix Composite Z5 is cheap, its features are something you won’t expect from its price range. You will appreciate this pickleball paddle once you know about it. 

Since this product used composite as the primary material, expect that the paddle is lightweight and durable. Aside from that, you can maximize the striking spots with its wide shape. 

But remembering its price, you know that the deal may be too good to be real if there are no issues. Of course, some troubles come with the price. 

For example, the grip of the Onix Composite Z5 feels uncomfortable and cheap. However, it is not much of a big deal because the grip is replaceable.

For some, this issue may be a big deal, especially if they want a new paddle to use. 

As for the aesthetic value, their decals are not the best out there. They easily chip as they are fragile and deteriorate after some time. 

Meanwhile, the price of the Onix Composite Z5 seems reasonable with its features, including both the pros and cons. 

In conclusion, the budget-friendly Onix Composite Z5 is an excellent option for casual players but may not last that long. 


The pros of the Onix Composite Z5 are its oversized build and cheaper, so if you are budget conscious, this one’s for you. 


As mentioned, the grip of the paddle may be uncomfortable to some. Note that even the grip on the paddle is a critical consideration in buying a paddle, so that some buyers may find this one a big issue. 

Also, the decals of Onix Composite Z5 quickly wear off, so take note of it as well. 

Onix Graphite React 

Onix Graphite React - Pickleball Paddles

Another Onix product in this list is their graphite paddle. The Onix Graphite React Paddle is a long paddle that allows you to have a more extensive reach. 

Also, the graphite material makes the paddle to be lightweight and quickly responds to the ball when it makes contact. 

The primary material for the core is Polypropylene with a Nomex inserted in the construction. 

The graphite paddle and Polypropylene and Nomex core is undoubtedly a killer combo because it makes your paddle more reactive. Rest assured that your shots will be powerful and accurate. 

With the design being lightweight, you can exert little effort with your strikes, but at the same time, you have control over it. 

But as a common problem with lightweight paddles, the durability of the paddle is somehow below average. However, you can mitigate the issue with an edge guard. 

Still, the protection provided by the edge guard is somehow temporary. Over time, it can incur damage that may soon affect the paddle itself. 

The better option here is to do some modifications to the features so you can extend the “life span” of the paddle. 

Aside from the graphite paddle material, Nomex also compromises the durability of the core. Just after a few months, the core may easily tear apart. 

Of course, it does not entirely affect the paddle’s structure as it can still hit the ball, but the core will leave dead spots. It somehow affects the way your paddle will react with every shot. 

There are many positive things about this paddle, especially if you are a professional player in paddle sports. The design of the Onix React paddle is similar to a tennis racket’s shape and grip. 

If you are a tennis player wanting to try pickleball, using this paddle will help you to transition into a new sport easier because it feels familiar to you. 

Overall, there’s no questioning the advantage of reaching better with its elongated structure despite the durability. 


A lot of perks come with this paddle. The Onix React paddle has a design similar to other paddle sports that makes it ideal for players transitioning from other sports to pickleball. 

Also, you can have a nice balance of power and control while using the paddle. However, the main highlight of Onix React is its long build that allows players to reach better. 

You can also take advantage of the reactive feature of the paddle because of its core construction. 


Meanwhile, the paddle quickly deteriorates. It may last you a few months, and you’ll find the decals chipped away and the core torn. 

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

Before we proceed with this one, I have to warn the budget-friendly players that this paddle is the most costly on the list. However, you get the best out of the price you pay. 

For its price, the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro has a pretty built paddle with excellent quality. The material used is graphite, so your paddle is light while the core is polypropylene, so the paddle is responsive. 

And when I say responsive, the paddle is very responsive. The product assures you that you won’t have a dead spot in the core.

Meaning, if the ball makes contact with your paddle, you get a quick response and strike it effortlessly. 

Finally, the grip has tiny holes that let your hands freely breathe, making it more comfortable to hold. Now that is one feature you can look forward to with this one.

However, you may not like the sound this paddle produces. So aside from the price, you need to consider this feature as well. 

The paddle has a screech-like sound whenever the ball makes contact with it. It may sound irritating at first, but if you don’t mind it, it may seem like it’s not there at all over time. 

It is still a nice paddle overall, especially if budget is not a problem when you’re buying. Players who prefer their paddles to have a solid core and comfortable grip may like it. 


The paddle uses graphite for its overall build, while the core utilizes polypropylene to make it solid. This combination can guarantee you an excellent surface for strikes, especially with no dead spots. 

Also, we cannot forget the comfortable grip the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro has. The holes in the grip allow the hand to breathe comfortably. 


Before buying this paddle, you need to consider the annoying sound it produces when it makes contact with the ball. 

Other than that, you have to worry about the high price of Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro, but with all these premium features you’ll get, I bet that you are getting the fair value. 

TMPR Oculus XT

TMPR Oculus XT

TMPR is a rising brand in the sports industry that caters to paddle needs. One of their best sellers is the TMPR Oculus XT that is truly well-rounded. 

A family is behind the brand TMPR, and they aim to provide the best paddles worldwide. With that assurance, you can guarantee that you get your money’s worth with their paddles. 

This versatile paddle maintains an outstanding balance with control and power in the right amount. The paddle is oval-shaped with a larger surface for receiving balls to have higher chances of hitting.

Its core is a polymer-based material that ensures a high-quality spot for taking strikes. Meanwhile, the use of fiberglass for the paddle’s body allows the player to have powerful shots without exerting too much effort. 

From beginners to professionals, the Oculus XT is a piece of excellent equipment for you. The large surface of the paddle lets you control it whenever you need to strike with the edges. 

This paddle features a unique technology on the paddle’s handle called vibration-dampening technology. It helps in preventing a more painful strain on your wrists, elbows, and arms. 

Essentially, a paddle is like an extension of your arm, and the Oculus XT aims to make players feel that way: you and the paddle working as one. You may feel powerful using Oculus XT because it allows you to move freely on the court. 

You can have your Oculus XT paddle in two weights and four colors. Now there are more options for different players.

USA Pickleball Association approves of this product which TMPR Sports designed and created in the US.


There are many advantages to using the Oculus XT, but let’s start with its quality and construction. The materials used for this paddle ensure durability so that you can use it for an extended time. 

You can get enough control and accuracy with your shots without using too much power. 

Aside from that, you can lessen dangerous strains on your arms with its vibration dampening technology. 

Also, the weight and colors of the paddles ensure that there’s a fit paddle for every player.


The overwhelming features of the Oculus XT mean that it will be a bit more pricey than the other paddles, but that is the only con of this product. 

TOPP Reacher Graphite Blade

TOPP Reacher Graphite Blade

Another favorite in this list is TOPP’s Reacher Graphite Blade, a graphite pickleball paddle. 

If you’re looking for an efficient yet light paddle, you better consider getting this one. 

As mentioned, this pickleball paddle has a graphite material engulfing the elongated-shaped paddle. When a paddle has an elongated figure, you will most likely get the benefit of reaching farther. 

The frame of Reacher Graphite Blade will help you return shots that you wouldn’t usually reach using a standard paddle. 

Again, the graphite material in this product allows the paddle to be responsive with each strike. Then add in its lightweight feature, and you’ll get an effortless and quiet shot. 

As for the other features, there are a lot of things to love about it. You can cross out whatever is on your checklist when buying a paddle because it has almost everything. 

I mentioned ‘almost’ because there’s one thing you need to look out for when buying this paddle. Because we said that it has all the great features, the paddle is more expensive than an average paddle. 

But if you have the extra budget to purchase one, you still get your money’s worth, especially if the quality is the same as the TOPP Reacher Graphite Blade. 

If you plan to be a severe pickleball player, you might also invest in a paddle that will last you long. 

The long list of pros from the brand TOPP is a reason to justify its price. You don’t only get a good pickleball paddle, but you’re getting a paddle designed to be perfect. 


The main pros of TOPP Reacher Graphite Blade are its lightweight feature, the elongated shape, and the use of graphics in constructing the unit. 

With all these features infused in one fantastic paddle, you get a quiet yet extensive shot and a great feel on the hands. 


The only con there is its high price. But you know what you’re paying for, and it’s worth it, right?

Wilson Surge Pro Paddle

Wilson Surge Pro Paddle

The Wilson Surge Pro Paddle is one of the most affordable paddles here on the list. So if you’re on a budget, you can try getting this one. 

Despite its price, you still get a decent amount of excellent features. The graphite surface for hitting has a soft feel. 

Additionally, Wilson designed the honeycomb core to have less vibration during play, giving you a better feel when playing. Overall, it improves the durability of the paddle because it reduces the shock. 

Also, the grip allows players to feel comfortable even after playing for some time because it absorbs moisture or sweat from their hands. 

But as expected from its price range, the paddle will wear out over time. The honeycomb shape does protect the core; therefore, dead spots may not quickly appear. 

However, this very same feature will not protect the exterior part of the paddle from deterioration. The paddle easily tears on some parts, particularly the decals. 

Essentially, you receive the quality based on what you paid for, and this one is it. But generally, if you’re simply looking for an affordable option, the Wilson Surge Pro Paddle is still not bad. 

There are still decent features that will allow you to play with a good performance. 

So if you’re a fan of Wilson with a strict budget for a pickleball paddle, then Surge Pro is your best bet. 


For the budget-conscious, this paddle is affordable with some great features. You can still play with a good feel.

A bonus feature is that the honeycomb design of the paddle protects the core from getting dead spots. 


As for the disadvantages of getting this paddle is that it wears out quite quickly. The edges of the paddle chips while the decals distort over time. 

Wilson Tour Pro Paddle

Wilson Tour Pro Paddle

Another Wilson offering on this list is the Tour Pro Paddle. As we know, Wilson has a good reputation when it comes to creating racquets and just a great sports equipment brand in general. 

Unlike the first Wilson paddle, you need a little extra budget to buy this one. While you technically pay for the brand name, you still get decent features from it. 

Most of the vital features found in a paddle, the Tour Pro also has them. Aside from that, there are additional features that are indeed worth your money. 

Wilson constructed the paddle using fiberglass and polymer. These two components make the paddle lightweight so that you can maximize control of your shots. 

Players who like to make big shots will enjoy this particular paddle because it has a pretty wide surface. Also, the grip absorbs moisture making it more comfortable to hold.

As for the edges, you don’t have to worry about chipping because bumpers minimize impact. You can play with ease knowing your paddle will endure the wear and tear. 

Another thing that this product boasts about is its capability to produce a lot of spins. You can even consider it as one of the best pickleball paddles for controlling spins.  

There are just two things that you may not like about it. First is the price because it is more expensive than the average price of paddles.

Second, the paddle is quite loud during strikes. If you prefer your paddle to be more smooth and silent, this may annoy you over time. 

But the versatility and tons of perks when using the Tour Pro surely overpower this icky feature. You can still be in your best condition when you play with this paddle. 

You should consider getting this one if you have an extra budget to spare. 


To summarize its pros, the Wilson Tour Pro Paddle is overall good equipment, especially when it comes to construction. 

It has a large surface to increase the chances of making contact with the ball. Also, you have better control over your shots, so you can also control your spins. 

Lastly, the paddle feels comfortable to hold with its moisture-absorbing grip. 


The two things that you may not like about the Tour Pro are its high price. But if you have the budget to afford one, you won’t like the loud noise the paddle produces when making contact with the ball. 

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Conclusion: Pickleball Paddles

We hope this comprehensive guide in buying pickleball paddles will help you buy the right fit. 

We provided it here from all sorts of questions regarding material, types, core construction, and brands.

But when it comes to the question “What is the best pickleball paddle?” only you can answer that. The best paddle differs from person to person depending on which satisfies their needs the best.

When choosing the best pickleball paddle for a player, you need to prepare quite a few things. Not every aspect of a paddle can collectively impress people, but it can impress you. 

Although I provided a list of details on various pickleball, you should still have to figure out what you need when playing. As I have mentioned, it is an essential factor to consider before buying. 

You may already figure that there are many paddles out there.  

Some of their features differ depending on the types of players. Some are good for control, power, or spins. 

If you purchase a paddle that is insignificant on your skills and type of playing, you are putting yourself in a lot of trouble.  

But the variety in pickleball paddles, regardless of your skills, may be beneficial in the future. If you ever find yourself changing your play or focusing on a particular skill, then this list may come in handy. 

Now you have all the things you need to know about pickleball paddles. It’s time for you to pick out the best fit for you and strike in the court.