Best Pickleball Gifts For Pickleball Lovers

For over 50 years since pickleball came into existence to provide entertainment and sportsmanship, the sport is still significant and fun. 

Many people enjoy playing pickleball because of the learning process and making new friends from playing. 

And speaking of making acquaintances in pickleball, you may find yourself wanting to express affection and bond to your mates. Naturally, you’d try to give something memorable for them.

If you enjoy giving out gifts to strengthen and appreciate friendships, you may encounter difficulty finding the perfect gift. 

There’s no perfect specific time to give someone, but you may do so during birthdays, holidays, and a lot more. It is easier now to think of pickleball gifts because it is a lot available now. 

pickleball gifts

Why Give Pickleball Gifts?

Gift-giving is a way to express love, appreciation, and affection. When pickleball players are out of the court, players have friends they interact with over random things. 

Since most become friends because of playing pickleball, a gift that highlights their passion is the best clue to figure out what to give. 

It also becomes a subtle showcase of giving the best gift because it also symbolizes respect for someone. 

To be more specific, people give out gifts during Christmas, holidays, and birthday celebrations because they are special events. 

Still, it is up to you when is the perfect time and day to hand someone a pickleball gift. You don’t have to straight up follow the dates above because you can also be creative with surprises. 

Continue reading because you’ll see some of the best unique and relevant pickleball gift ideas that your fellow pickleball players will like. 

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Pickleball Books

Pickleball Book

Those who want to take their interest in pickleball to the next level can use a book or two to expand their knowledge. 

Many players or interested pickleball players want to learn the sport traditionally. They know from the book what they apply when in court, so it is perfect for them.

Some players prefer reading from a book to fulfill their thirst for finding new techniques to use. Most of the time, the best pieces of advice are in books. 

You can learn the history of pickleball, even the name’s origin, rules, and a lot more from reading pickleball books. 

For example, you can give someone the book written by Prem Carnot and Wendy Garrido, which is “Smart Pickleball.” It tackles the necessary information about pickleball which is perfect for pickleball starters. 

You’ll learn strategies for the kitchen line, the correct way to hold a paddle, and workouts. It pretty much discusses the entirety of pickleball with pictures and studies. 

Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball Paddle

I mean, what could be the next best pickleball gift? Of course, a pickleball paddle

There are tons of pickleball paddles you can use as a gift, but Onix Graphite Z5 is a great suggestion. It is the most popular unit among the Onix line. 

The paddle features excellent control on your ball, a honeycomb core, and lightweights. These are features that pickleball players love!

Additionally, the control and power offered by the paddle allow the player to create a fantastic spin. You have a lot of color options, and the overall structure of the paddle is vast. 

You’ll get extra speed, better movement, and impressive pop when you use the Graphite Z5. Your professional players will appreciate this one as a gift.

Pickleball Balls

You’ll need a pickleball to go well with your pickleball paddles. If you are giving someone a gift, a pickleball ball may be helpful for them. 

Day 1 Sports created these indoor and outdoor balls by the United States Pickleball Association Guidelines (USAPA).

The balls are in neon color, so it is easier to spot them while playing. Also, the size and weight of each ball follow the guidelines from USAPA, so their performance is consistent. 

The brand also boasts the long lifespan of their indoor and outdoor balls, making it an excellent pickleball gift. In whatever condition you are playing, this ball is perfect at all times. 

Also, Day 1 Sports made these balls durable and consistent with their specialized mold and polyresin.  

Don’t put too much thought into this gift. You can give it to anyone, regardless of age, gender, and closeness. 

Pickleball T-Shirt

Pickleball T-Shirt - pickleball gifts

For pickleball players who want to be a little creative with their go-to pickleball fashion, a t-shirt would be a nice pickleball gift. 

For example, a “Dink Responsibly” shirt will be an interesting one because of its mini pun. With more creative designs and statements, there will be tons of shirts to choose from as a gift. 

In choosing the best t-shirt, make sure to seek an excellent fabric, preferably cotton. After all, aside from the design, the quality of the material is what buyers want. 

You can get the shirts in five classic colors. You can wear it casually or when you are in your pickleball practice. 

However, do note that the shirt shrinks a little after your first wash. So it is best to choose the shirt size with an allowance to make sure it still fits. 

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Pickleball Cap

Pickleball Cap

Another pickleball gift idea is a cap that is suitable for both men and women. You can give them to your friends as a surprise.

The great thing about this cap is that it fits most heads. The buckle closure allows you to adjust it accordingly. 

Also, the NVJUI JUFOPL cap has quality materials, so it looks great and smooth. You and the person who will receive it will look good in it. 

Caps are some of the best fashion accessories in sports, so that any player will love them. It is a unique and solid pickleball gift to your friends. 

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

3d Rose offers their multicolored water bottle, which makes a perfect pickleball gift. It is simple yet functional and has an excellent quality. 

The bottle is stainless steel, so it will last long in case of dropping it. It is ideal for almost any age, but the cap, carabiner clip, and drinking spout may attract kids to like it too. 

Also, the water bottle is in a simple glossy white color, but a cute print is in the middle. It represents pickleball players in a good way. 

However, do note that you cannot use this bottle in a dishwasher or microwave.

Pickleball Backpack

Pickleball Backpack

If you want your trip to the court to be more convenient, you may want to share a bag as a pickleball gift. Both you and your friend will enjoy going to the court more.

Athletico offers a sling bag that is small yet capable of carrying almost all the necessary pickleball equipment.

Men and women can use this bag and still be in style.

Whether you use it on your left or right shoulder, the crossbody sling bag is always comfortable to wear. It also has five pockets and a water bottle pocket.

Also, other features of this bag are the versatile strap, mesh padding, and fence hook. You can store up to six pickleball paddles inside, which is even better. 

Overall, Athletico’s sling bag is compact at a reasonable price. It is stylish because of its contemporary yet functional design, perfect for any pickleball players out there. 

You can even gift this one to yourself!

Pickleball Keychain

Pickleball Keychain

I think whoever or whatever occasion you’re giving; you’ll never see keychains slipping. Key chains are always part of gift lists, and there are pickleball keychains you can use as a gift.

People who like to put accessories on their bags may like this gift because it is cute and unique. This particular keychain has a small pickleball attached to the ball chain. 

You can hook it to your bag, keys, water bottle, and a lot more. It may serve as a mark to know that a particular item is yours and display your passion for pickleball. 

Pickleball Medal Holder

Pickleball Medal Holder

If you have joined many tournaments or training, you may have collected a couple of medals at home. You may not have a place for them at home, but think about displaying them!

This one is an excellent pickleball gift, especially for pro players. They can show off their achievements on their shelves or walls.

If your friend does not have many medals, you can still offer them as a gift. It can encourage them more in playing so they can display it proudly in their house or office. 

The pickleball medal holder is durable yet straightforward because of the stainless-steel frame and silver matte. 

Also, it is easy to install because you can hang it on your wall even by yourself. There are three layers in the holder to place the pickleball medals. 

License Plate Frame

License Plate Frame

Another unique way to show off your love for pickleball is to have a license plate frame. It will make you and your receiver smile because of its uniqueness. It’s a great pickleball gift.

The polystyrene plastic material of the frame makes it durable to use as a plate frame. It was recycled and molded to make it appropriate for the license plate.

You can display your statement in the frame with the “I’d Rather Be Playing Pickleball” text in an elegant font.


Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

This jewelry piece is a perfect gift for all the pickleball players out there, especially the women. The one carat in this zirconia stone is as precious as your gift receiver. 

The bracelet has a silver finish that makes the appearance classic and stylish. The strap’s design is in braids which makes it unique too. 

It is an ideal pickleball gift for all occasions, which women will love. But you can also gift it to men because the design is unisex. 

Pickleball Shoes

Pickleball Shoes

For women, the best shoes to give as a pickleball gift is from Saucony. They are stylish, comfortable, and flexible, which women like. 

The shoes have mesh material to make them breathable, soft fabric lining, and laces. It is best for indoor use, primarily because of its durable cushion at the heels. 

It is available in three colors which women will surely like. 

Learn more about the Pickleball Shoes here.

Wood Pallet

Wood Pallet

A wooden pallet can add a little pop to your home or office design while showing off your love for pickleball. 

This particular design has an “Eat, Sleep, Pickleball,” which is like a reminder of a pickleball player’s life. It can be your motivation to continue playing and doing your best every game. 

You can place it on the wall or your table, just anywhere you like. It is simple yet decorative, and many will like it. 

Pickleball Mug

Pickleball Mug

For all the grandma pickleball enthusiasts out there, this one is the perfect gift for you. They can use this for their morning coffee or afternoon tea while reminding them of their passion for pickleball. 

This mug has witty text nicely printed on the white ceramic. You can pop it in your dishwasher and microwave so you can use it in many ways. 

You can get this in a small and a larger size while receiving it quickly. Get your grandma this mug because she’s the real one!

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Don’t be constrained with this list in finding the best pickleball gift. Aside from Amazon, you can look in Etsy and Zazzle to find the best one for your loved ones. 

There are all sorts of pickleball gifts like clothes, equipment, pieces of jewelry, printed goods, and a lot more to give out to your friends. 

Giving gifts can also encourage non-pickleball players to try out the sport. The items may spike their interest and maybe try out and join you in playing. 

Hand out your gifts to pickleball lovers and non-lovers to show them your passion for the sport and share it with them. 

Aside from these items in the article, there are many more options out there. You have to be thoughtful of the receiver and think of the best one to enjoy it. 

It symbolizes friendship, appreciation, and celebration, making sure you get them the best and meaningful one.

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