5 Best Paintball Tanks

Most paintball ranges offer equipment for rent, especially to newbies, but when a player gets a little too invested in paintball, they think of getting their equipment. 

Now, where do you go from here? First, you need a paintball tank to use, but you don’t know which one to buy. 

There are simple choices out there, but you need to determine which one you will use in the field: a CO2 tank or compressed air tank.

What Is A CO2 Tank?

Even now, CO2 tanks are still popular among players because they are very affordable. The refills for these tanks are also cheap, so it is a significant advantage. 

However, this type of tank is sensitive to cold weather because it quickly freezes. Mainly, it affects the internal pressure of the tank, which also affects the way you shoot. 

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What Is A Compressed Air Tank?

On the other hand, compressed air tanks have higher pressure compared to CO2 tanks. Nowadays, paintball players start to utilize the use of compressed air tanks.

Some players prefer a more consistent and dependable game performance which compressed air tanks provide through high pressure. 

For regular paintball players, it is advisable to switch high-pressure air tanks to improve your overall performance. 

Many fields are aware of the cons of this tank; that’s why they even offer refills for free.

What Is Tank Pressure?

High-pressure air is a vital component when refilling a tank, whether a compressed air tank or a CO2 tank. 

Players find compressed air tanks easy to use, but it also depends on the markers attached. Some markers affect the pressure levels, so you need to be cautious about it. 

It is the reason why regulators are crucial in an air tank. It helps moderate the pressure produced by the compressed air when it goes through the tank to the marker.

How To Choose The Right Tank?

Always consider the capacity of your paintball marker before buying a paintball tank. There is a specific limit as to what pressure a marker can handle. 

There are minimum and maximum indicators in the marker, so you know the pressure levels allowed to be input. By doing so, your gun will work perfectly fine. 

You should also check if the gun has an internal regulator or you need to attach one. It is to know if you can exceed the allowed pressure capacity of the marker. 

In this part, you need to focus more on the input pressure rather than the operating pressure. It is best to keep it not higher than 500 PSI of the allowed operating pressure. 

Of course, you need at least an input with 300 PSI above. Follow the proper ways to use it so you will avoid any massive accidents and mismatches.

Compressed air tanks, which is also a high-pressure tank, are the best option out there as long as it has a regulator and is adjustable. 

Still, there are exceptions when buying a compressed air tank. A low-pressure air tank like the CO2 tank would be suitable for a marker with a limited capacity of 150 PSI below. 

Types Of Tank Materials

Aside from the pressure levels of the tank, the materials are also vital in purchasing a paintball tank. 

You should also note that when a tank has low-quality materials, the overall performance will not be too excellent. 

Tank materials highly affect the weight of the whole gun, durability, and performance during a paintball match. So before buying one, look into the materials of the tanks. 


An aluminum tank is a great choice when purchasing a new paintball tank. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry around while in-game. 

You can see why many players love using aluminum paintball tanks. It helps them move around easier.

However, the lightness of aluminum also means that it can easily dent or damage. It can only handle 3000 PSI so expect that you have a limit.

Despite the cons, many players still choose aluminum tanks because they are affordable. If you know how to use it in the game carefully, then it can survive longer. 

Carbon Fiber

Another tank material is carbon fiber. It is one of the newest materials in the market today produced from innovating. 

Carbon fiber is lightweight but durable, making it an ideal material for an air tank. You can easily carry it around when playing, but it won’t easily break. 

Unlike aluminum tanks, it does not need extra care when you’re off the battlefield. Instead of worrying about the possible damage to your tanks, you can focus more on the game. 

Additionally, the tank can accommodate at least 4500 PSI which is higher than aluminum tanks. 

These enticing features are what players exactly are looking for in their paintball tanks. Most professional paintball players are switching to this option. 

But as you expect from something of good quality, the price is relatively high. It would be best to consider it an investment because it will last longer and endure better than other air tanks in the market. 

Choosing The Right Tank Size

There is no single size to follow in a tank, so you have the freedom to choose which size you should get. 

Initially, you’d think a large air tank can be a hassle because it can slow your movements when playing. It would help if you also didn’t look at the shot capacity of the tank only. 

Air tanks are an attachment to the gun, so you must think carefully if the size would be worth the lag in your performance. It can be a little heavy for you to carry around the field. 

Of course, you would want a paintball tank with the right size, weight, and total shot capacity. If you can find an air tank with such balance, you can get the best out of your game performance. 

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Tank Durability

Another thing to look out for in a paintball tank is durability, of course. If you want something that will last long to save you money from replacing, choose one that doesn’t easily break. 

If you are a professional player or practicing one, you must put your equipment under a lot of work. Your paintball kit may experience various tears due to playing, weather, and obstacles. 

Some air tanks are sensitive to temperature, so you need to get an air tank durable enough to handle extremely hot or cold weather. 

Either you are a regular or occasional player, do not compromise on a low-quality air tank. It will always have something to do with your safety, so if your budget allows you, get a good quality paintball tank. 

5 Best Paintball Tanks

Empire Paintball Basic Air System

Empire Paintball Basic Air System paintball tanks

This paintball tank from Empire has an appealing physical look that looks ready for any paintball combat. It has a 4500 PSI capacity with an output pressure of 800 PSI.

The Empire Paintball Basic Air System has impressive features that paintball players would love. The tank utilizes Pure Energy Technology to keep the regulator in its best performance. 

The tank is carbon fiber, while the regulator is aluminum. And while you may reconsider buying it because it’s aluminum, the aluminum used is aviation-grade. 

Not only is it lightweight, but the tank can survive the harsh nature of paintball when in the field.

HK Army Aerolite Air System

HK Army Aerolite Air System

If you’re on a budget but still want to get the best option in the market, the HK Army Aerolite Air System is your best friend. It makes our list today of the top 5 paintball tanks.

With the tank material being carbon fiber, you get the best of both worlds: lightweight and durable. Meanwhile, the regulator is aluminum which is also lightweight yet great in performance. 

IORMAN High-Pressure Paintball Air Tank

IORMAN High-Pressure Paintball Air Tank paintball tanks

This air tank is quite a mouthful, but its features will impress you. First, it is a high-pressure tank with quality materials used in production.

It has an aluminum alloy outer with a carbon-fiber body. It is indeed durable, and you can depend on it for your intense paintball games. 

The IORMAN Air Tank can hold at least 4500 pretty high PSI. The overall design of the air tank screams durability, so rest assured that it can last long. 

It is your best choice in the market for regular paintball players, which offers free HPA refills. 

Ninja Grey Ghost Air Tank w/ Ultralite Regulator

Ninja Grey Ghost Air Tank w/ Ultralite Regulator

If you’re looking for another high-pressure air tank, you may consider getting the Ninja Grey Ghost Air Tank. The material used for the tank is carbon fiber that ensures resilience and portability because it is lightweight. 

It also has a regulator, which is also lightweight, so you can easily carry it around when playing. The premium materials in this air tank make the reasonable price all worth it. 

Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank

Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank

The Tippman Empire Basics is an affordable option for players with a limited budget but still want a decent paintball air tank. It uses aluminum and cylinders to make up the overall design.

This lightweight can hold up to 3000 PSI which is a standard for most paintball ranges. Getting your money into it is something ideal because it has excellent capacity and is durable.

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Now you have all you need to know about paintball tanks. It should be easy for you to find what fits you best. After all, it is best to know what you’re about to dive into, especially with paintball. 

The first thing someone may consider before buying is the price, of course. But you don’t want to compromise it with a low-quality air tank. 

It is highly preferable if you could choose a lightweight and durable model, but still worth paying for so you won’t have to spend all over again.